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Coyol is a collision of the old Southwest and the new Los Angeles. A seemingly contradictory duo, COYOL is a beautiful juxtaposition between polished and poignant vocalist, Céleigh Champan, and unrefined, avant-garde artist, John Isaac Watters.
Chapman grew up singing country standards in the juke joints of Bakersfield, California. Her first performance was “Home On The Range” in the third grade; years later, after watching her at the Crystal Palace, Buck Owens gave his approval. Watters was born in Mexico City, raised in Tucson, and spent some of his childhood in Coyol, Veracruz. He is an artist, architect, and musician whose rare lyrical talents and fearless approach to songwriting feel both fresh and familiar.
The seed for COYOL was planted when Chapman, Watters, and keyboardist Will Gramling met in college and gathered with a group of like-minded musicians in the evenings to play old hymns and folk songs. This collective of musicians eventually disbanded into multiple projects and Watters and Chapman started writing songs together. They asked Texas native and long time friend Gramling to produce their self-titled debut EP and join them on keys...thus, Coyol was born.
In the summer of 2010, they recorded their first album, a self-titled EP on 2″ tape at the Carriage House in Silverlake, CA. Coyol will unveil each of the EP’s six tracks individually, culminating in the full release on September 6, 2011. Each song’s story unfolds uniquely and will be accompanied by imagery designed by various artist friends of the band.
I just love the sound, can't wait for the rest.


Buzzsessions LA


Buzzsessions LA

You can hear the studio version here, or even download it for free.

Guano Apes

Guano Apes kick ass. They really kick ass. For some reason I was expecting Euro-pop, don't ask why, but no this is straight ahead kick ass rock.

The Guano Apes – reunited in the line-up which brought them their greatest successes to date (Henning Rümenapp, Dennis Poschwatta, Stefan Ude and Sandra Nasic) – are that rarest of phenomena, a German band which has gone global. “Proud Like A God”, their debut album alone went gold and platinum in various countries on the back smash hitsingle “Open Your Eyes”, seeing the band tour Europe and the USA for an eighteen month period. Even when the Apes had retired from active service, their “Big In Japan” single proved to be a self-fulfilling prophesy, becoming the official theme of the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2009. By this time, the idea of recording together again was taking shape.

Bet you can't keep your head still.  So check them out and look out for the new album, they are back and badder than ever.

Oh What A Night

Hives Song

July 24, 2009 Vella (CH) Open Air Lumnezia

Lords of the Boards

All I Wanna Do

another from that 2009 gig at Vella (CH) Open Air Lumnezia


Last week, Brooklyn's psychedelic space rock band, Chappo, unveiled their video for "Come Home" via Future Sounds. "Come Home" is the lead track off the band's debut Plastique Universe EP and landed them a coveted sync on an i-pod commercial.

Migrating from some of the most musically inclined cities in America, Alex Chappo (of Baton Rouge), and Chris Olson (of Seattle) came together in the lower east side of Manhattan courtesy of a craigslist roommate search. Similar interests and musical influence gave birth to a new sound that was crafted into a 5 song EP. Chappo is now joined by Zac Colwell (of Austin) on drums and production, and Dave Feddock (of Seattle) on guitar. The guys recently spent the month of January snowed-in at a remote Vermont cabin recording a full-length album. Release details coming soon.

That's the press release I found. My take on it? The 70's meets Dr Who in a psychedelic dream, with good music.  Too cool.  Enjoy.
Come Home

Directed by naftali beane rutter
Official Music Video for "Come Home" from the Plastique Universe EP
Also featured in the trailer for Ships Wrecked Cove

This next one is from last year.
Moon Pilgrimage

Check out the new EP right here:

"excellently overstuffed garage-psych sound" -Pitchfork

Brown Bird

Brown Bird has a tendency towards the dark side. And we all know how I love the dark side. Pulling from the influences of the blues, outlaw country, roots rock, early American folk, Gypsy and Eastern European music, they offer harmonized voices, haunting lyrics and diverse rhythm and instrumentation, which surges in waves that often swell into high-spirited, foot-stomping madness. Anything that brings out the Gypsy rhythms is great to me. For some real stomping Gypsy check out the third video "Cast no Shadow".

Brown Bird began in 2003, while singer/songwriter David Lamb (guitar, banjo, percussion, vocals) was living in Seattle. Lamb has since toured across the country multiple times, and now resides in Rhode Island with his partner MorganEve Swain (vocals, fiddle, cello, upright bass).  What is it about Seattle?  All the rain keeps you enclosed so you have to be creative?

Since the 2009 release of their fourth album, The Devil Dancing, Brown Bird has toured extensively in the US, and supported The Low Anthem on tour across Europe. The duo is currently working on their fifth full-length to be released this fall, but first they will release their brand new EP, The Sound Of Ghosts. The EP is currently available for streaming or purchase directly from the band at , in both digital format and on a hand silkscreened CD, limited to 500 copies. The EP will be released digitally and in stores on May 10th through Supply & Demand Music.


LIVE for the Green Room at The Spot Underground - February 6, 2011

Rat Tail File

Live Performance at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA; January 8, 2011

Cast No Shadow

from the same performance at the Midway Cafe

You can listen to, or buy the EP right here.

Gotta love Bandcamp

And just so you don't miss out on a great live opportunity :

(more dates to be announced soon)
Apr 06 - The Speakeasy at Local 121 w/ Tik Tok / Providence, RI
Apr 08 - The Apohodion w/ Al Scorch, Plains / Portland, ME
Apr 16 - Virada Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Apr 23 - WOW Hall w/ The Devil Makes Three / Eugene, OR
Apr 24 - Wonder Ballroom w/ The Devil Makes Three / Portland, OR
Apr 27 - Crystal bay Casino w/ The Devil Makes Three / Crystal Bay, NV
Apr 28 - Slim's w/ The Devil Makes Three / San Francisco, CA
Apr 29 - The Catalyst w/ The Devil Makes Three / Santa Cruz, CA
May 05 - Porter Belly's / Brighton, MA
May 07 - House Show w/ Sidewalk Dave, Plume Giant / New Haven, CT
May 19 - The Met EP RELEASE PARTY!! w/ The Devil Makes Three, Wooden Dinosaur, The Silks / Pawtucket, RI
May 20 - Bario-Neal Jewelry Show/ Marco Panella, Wooden Dinosaur / Philly, PA
May 22 - w/ Homemade Knives / Richmond, VA
May 26 - Rochambeau Library / Providence, RI
Jun 03 - Lily Padw/ Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons / Peacedale, RI
Jun 24 - Elysium w/ Audrey Ryan / Rollinsford, NH
Jun 25 - SPACE Gallery w/ Audrey Ryan and South China / Portland, ME
Jul 31 - Newport Folk Festival / Newport, RI

The Waifs

The Waifs have just emerged from 10 days in a Minneapolis basement recording their sixth studio album. After much deliberation and a short tour of the USA it was decided that a session in the studio would be worth the trip. A new set of songs and an itch to get back to it.
The Waifs have, through their various personal journeys, all ended up living in the USA. So it made sense to record there.
In recent years a touring career has played second fiddle to motherhood, marriage, and studies. However music has always remained essential, ongoing and entwined in their daily lives. As a result their new album presents a rich tapestry of melancholy parental laments, gospel pleas, "sweet as summer" love ditties and odes to addiction and marriage.
I know I did a post on them just last month, but I found some great new video (especially The Weight) and this new album, Temptation, has been on the player almost constantly. They just keep getting better and better. They are touring back home in Aussie this month, but I somehow think that they will be back in the States sometime soon. If they tour near you, make a point to see them. Meantime check out some of their tunes.

I featured a version of Lighthouse before where they were sitting around a kitchen table (in their motherhood/marriage mode maybe) but I felt you had to see this live in concert version.

Great performance by The Waifs on March 5th 2011 @ the Old Broadwater Farm, Busselton WA.

Moses and the Lamb

A new song called "Moses And The Lamb" Performed June 28th in Chico, Ca.

If you know this song, and who doesn't,then prepare for goosebumps.
The Waifs join the Levon Helm Band to perform this classic live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival last year. Amazing!
The Weight

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seven Swans

In the beginning Sufjan Stevens was going to make 50 albums about 50 states, along the way he made a detour to produce what many people consider his "ultimate" album. Seven Swans.
Personally it is a favorite of mine.

For this is an album that, in truth, is Stevens' most singular, coherent, united group of tunes. Instead of the starting-point of a state banding together a wild mix of songs, ideas, and topics, here things are banded together closely: in theme, in instrumentation, in intent. It may not be Stevens' most acclaimed LP, but it's his most satisfying to listen to. -

Well now there is a new version Seven Swans Reimagined by On Joyful Wings.
Joyful Wings as you can see on the track listing below is a plethora of new artists who have done a great tribute to the album.

And the proceeds go to a great cause.   So click on the Buy button and help the Komen for the Cure.

Profits from the sale of this album will be donated to Komen for the Cure

Where's Abraham?
We wanted to quickly address the question that many people undoubtedly have; "Why did we leave Abraham off the compilation?" Let us say that we never intended to release this album without one of Sufjan's great tracks. Unfortunately, things happened that we could not control. We kept pressing on with the hopes that everything would work out, ultimately we were wrong. What we have decided is that we would put out what we have, and as soon as "Abraham" is all set, we will post that for free on bandcamp to allow anyone who has purchased the album to download the final track. As this is being typed, we are in talks with some very talented musicians to get this track recorded and into your hands as soon as possible. Everyone who has purchased the album will receive an email informing them when the track is ready for download. Thank you all for your understanding, and we sincerely apologize for any disappointment this may have caused.

Artists who appear on the album:
 1. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands 
 2. The Gregory Brothers - The Dress Looks Nice On You  
 3. Derek Webb - In The Devil's Territory    
 4. Joshua James - To Be Alone With You    
 5. Unwed Sailor - Sister 
 6. Wakey!Wakey! - Size Too Small 
 7. Elin K. Smith - We Won't Need Legs To Stand 
 8. DM Stith - A Good Man Is Hard To Find   
 9. Half-Handed Cloud - He Woke Me Up Again 
10. Carl Hauck - Seven Swans 
11. David Crowder*Band - The Transfiguration 
12. Jason Harrod - I Went Dancing With My Sister 
13. Shannon Stephens with Gregory Paul - Waste Of What Your Kids Won't Have 
14. Inlets - Borderline 

Oh Land

Today another fresh faced young lady from Scandinavia. With a voice to match her looks this Danish singer looks to be making a big breakout in the USA. Having appeared on Letterman and Kimmel and now SXSW she is definitely on a groove.

Nanna Øland Fabricius, born November 20, 1985, in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a singer and musician most commonly known by her stage name Oh Land. She is currently living in New York City. Her video for "Sun of a Gun" has received over 7 million viewings on YouTube. She performed "Sun of a Gun" on the U.S. show Late Show with David Letterman on March 2, 2011.
Daughter of an opera singer and an organist, she is a former student of the Royal Swedish Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet. However, a fractured disk in her spine stopped her dancing career, which devastated her and prompted the move to the creation of music.
For her latest self-titled album release on March 15 2011, she has worked with producers Dan Carey, Dave McCracken and Pharrell Williams.
Oh Land is currently touring the U.S. as the supporting act for Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. [Wikipedia]

Sun of a Gun

Oh Land Performs "Sun of a Gun" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, another show I don't watch. Oh Well!


Music video by Oh Land performing "Lean" live with String Quartet. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Wolf and I

Here is Oh Land live at SXSW 2011.


Parlours are from Des Moines IA.

They are an indie pop band consisting of:
Dana Halferty - vocals, guitar, ukulele
Wayde Stover - drums
Erik Knudtson - guitar
Scott Yoshimura - bass, vocals
Becca Smith - violin, keys

If Parlours had to pick a genre, something like indie-folk-pop would suffice, but one could hardly stop at those three words. After several months in the studio, Parlours' self-titled EP promises to satisfy a diverse audience, ranging from '70s pop nostalgia of Fleetwood Mac with synth-dance rhythms to Iron-and-Wine-like ballads. The ukulele-driven "I Think I'll Call You Mine," featuring a hand clap solo and catchy group-vocals, is reminiscent of Noah and the Whale and often prompts listeners to sing along with the track, and continue singing long after the track ends.

Check out their EP if you can, you won't be disappointed.

I Dream of Chicago

Shot and Directed by David Poyzer

I think I'll call you mine

Busking with ukes in Minneapolis

Parlours in the studio live   Removed by user - replaced 9-1-2012 - Bear

I Don't Mind - In the Threadless Warehouse

 Des Moines indie folk rockers, Parlours, stopped by our office for a little tour and played this acoustic jam in the middle of our warehouse while our employees were fulfilling orders. Fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reni Jusis

Reni Jusis (born March 29, 1974 in Konin, raised in Mielno) is a female Polish pop singer, songwriter and producer. At first, Jusis recorded R&B music, which evolved into electronic dance style in later albums. After ten years of her career she switched to recording piano pop music.

I really like this piano phase, I say phase because who knows what is going to be permanent.
Here is a brief view of Reni making the new "piano pop" album.
Iluzjon cz.I

Reportaż z sesji zdjęciowej do nowego projektu Reni Jusis "Iluzjon". Premiera: 24 kwietnia 2009r.

Since I don't speak/read or understand Polish I'm not sure if this is a "music video" or a portion from a movie. Either way the music is beautiful. My bet is "music video".
A mogło być tak pięknie

This is a few years ago when Reni was doing the more dance/pop genre.

And finally today a track from Iluzjon Cz. I
Dwoje na huśtawce

Haroula Rose

Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful and talented young lady, not only does she sing beautiful songs, but she writes them herself.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Haroula Rose.
Haroula Rose grew up in Lincolnwood, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. She got her first instrument, the violin, at age 8. She could always sing and was involved in musical theater, choirs, a capella groups and bands. As a teenager she was drawn to the music of, among others, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Joan Baez, inspiring her to pick up the guitar and start writing her own songs. After graduating from the University of Chicago, an acquaintance heard her and asked if she would be interested in singing on commercials. Rose then spent nearly the next two years working at a recording studio.

Certainly the inspiration has worked, Haroula Rose has written some lovely songs. You just have to listen to her new album These Open Roads and you will be singing her praises.

Simple Time

"Simple Time" Official Music Video
Directed by Radan Popovic
Song by Haroula Rose
Album: "These Open Roads" (2011)
Produced by Andy LeMaster

The Leaving Song

Director: Joselito Seldera
Producer: John Paul Henderson
Camera: Andy Landen, David Lee
Album: "These Open Roads" (2011)

Free To Be Me

Album: "These Open Roads" (2011)

And finally something form an earlier album.
Close My Eyes To See

You can listen to the album right here.

Hanne Boel

Hanne Boel (born August 31, 1957 in Bagsværd, Copenhagen) is a best-selling Danish singer. She is a versatile artist and has sung in church choirs as well as gospel, soul, jazz, pop and rock, not to mention a short stint in techno.

Boel graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1980 and studied a year at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. When she returned to Denmark, she worked as a music teacher for several years, but at the same time she had also been a member of the group Blast from 1981 until 1986. After that she worked as a choir soloist until she released her debut album Black Wolf. The album became a huge hit and won her a Danish Grammy as the Female Singer of the Year in 1989. In the years that followed, Boel’s popularity as an artist continued with several successful record releases and concerts in Denmark and Scandinavia.

I really like Hanne Boel as a Jazz singer, she gives me chills. Yet she has a very warm voice, it's all in the presentation. I am just loving her new album "The Shining Of Things". There are some beautiful tracks on there. Check it out.

An interview with Hanne Boel.

As she say's she likes to interpret songs that other artists have sung/written. I think this is a beautiful version of a beautiful song.
A Thousand Kisses Deep
Sadly all you can find now on the web are ringtones.
One of Leonard Cohen's most evocative songs amazingly interpreted on her new album.

From an earlier album, another beautiful song, beautifully sung.
Mad World plus other snippets.

Different version, just a snippet sadly this time with Carsten Dahl - Live i Oslo
These two updates 11.28.2011

Rock? Jazz? Soul? Whatever you want to call it, this is a great version of Donovan's song.
Season of the Witch

The more I hear of this ladies songs the more surprised I am that she is not a world wide superstar.
Soundtrack of the night

Scarlette Fever

Scarlette Fever is hot!  (said with a Randy Jackson accent)
Scarlette Fever is from Hertfordshire in England.
Scarlette Fever records on Starfisch Records Ltd.
28 year old Hertfordshire-born pop chanteuse Scarlette Fever releases her debut album, ‘Medication Time,’ in Spring 2011, which features the classic-sounding ‘Crash & Burn’, out Jan 16, currently B-listed on BBC Radio 2.
Scarlette Fever is catching. She is catching everyones ear. If you haven't heard her yet, then just give her a listen. She is one talented lady. A totally fresh sound.
Blown away I am. Just amazing.

Crash and Burn


Live performance by Scarlette at her own exclusive pride party at the Green Carnation, Soho, London.

Scarlette performs a tribute to John Barry.

Written by John Barry and Don Black with Scarlette Fever vocals...
John Barry allowed Scarlette Fever the use of 'Give Me A Smile,' an instrumental from his 1999 album, The Beyondness Of Things. Don Black wrote new lyrics and, voila, here it is.
It is also hidden away as a secret track following on from "Looking Glass" (track 14 at 09:21 seconds) in Scarlette's new album, Medication Time.

An interview with Scarlette on Channel M.

Singer Songwriter Scarlette Fever joins Channel M in the studio for a performance of her latest single and a chat about her debut album 'Medication Time'.

Monday, March 28, 2011


If you have never seen or heard Camille be prepared to be amazed.
This young ladies style and talent is phenomenal.
Finally a valid reason to watch SNL occasionally.
I guess Camille was on there some time last October.
Sadly for me SNL has not been relevant in years. So I missed it, yet somehow stumbled upon this first video. And i was blown away. Camille is just so very different, and unique, and talented. Check her out.

Ta douleur

Au Port



Cats and Dogs

The Head and the Heart

Echoes of Mumford and Sons, I really love the sound of The Head and the Heart.
They hail from Seattle, WA. So much good music emanates from the great North West.
The Head and the Heart are:
Charity Rose Thielen - vocals, violin, percussion
Chris Zasche - bass
Josiah Johnson - vocals, guitar, percussion
Jonathan Russell - vocals, guitar, percussion
Kenny Hensley - piano
Tyler Williams - drums
From their Bio: Composed largely of transplants to the Seattle area, The Head and the Heart write and play songs that speak to the newness of a fresh start, of the ghosts left behind, of moving forward, all brimming with a soulfulness and hope for a better life than the one we've all been sold.

Stylistically, think a folksy Beatles or Crosby Stills Nash & Young with more instrumental force. Catchy piano melodies stand side by side with a tight trio of harmonies, and solid minimalist drums, groovin bass, and plenty of hand percussion and foot stomps make the live show inspiring and really goddamn fun.

Check them out, I think they got it right when they said: "make the live show inspiring and really goddamn fun". Cool stuff.

Cats and Dogs & Coeur D'Alene

The Head and the Heart perform "Cats and Dogs & Coeur D'Alene" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded 8/20/10.
Host: Hannah Levin
Engineer: Tom Hall
Cameras: Jim Beckmann & Luke Knecht
Editing: Luke Knecht

Lost In My Mind

Official Video - Directed by: Christian Sorensen Hansen

Down in the Valley

KEXP and Seattle Center present Concerts at the Mural with The Head and The Heart performing "Down in the Valley". Recorded 8/27/10.
cameras: James Bailey, Jim Beckmann, Justin Wilmore
edits: Zachary Young

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

Another group fresh of SXSW is Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. When I first heard the name I wondered if I needed a NSFW tag or a re-read of Xavier Hollander. Turns out neither Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers are a kick ass band hailing from New York city.
Think Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds with a female lead singer. And Shilpa Ray can really wail, plus she does amazing stuff with her harmonium.

The band consists of:
Shilpa Ray : Vocals, Harmonium
Nick Hundley: Bass
Andrew Bailey: Guitar
John Adamski: Drums

Check them out, then go track down their new album Teenage and Torture.

Heaven In Stereo

Official Video for 'Heaven In Stereo' off of Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers new album, Teenage and Torture, released on Knitting Factory Records January 18th, 2011

Here's some great live footage from San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill on March 24th 2011.

Thanks to Bob Duvet for upload.

And finally today some recent footage from SXSW 2011

Thanks to becingu for the upload.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Fresh from their success at SXSW we present today, Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Scala & Kolacny Brothers is a Belgian girls' choir, conducted by Stijn Kolacny and arranged and accompanied by Steven Kolacny on the piano. Formed in 1996 and winning the Belgian 'Choir of the Year'-contest in 2000, they have made five studio albums, starting with On The Rocks in 2002. They probably got into the American ear when their version of the Radiohead classic "Creep" was featured in the movie trailer for "The Social Network". Apparently their appearance at Stubb's Bar-B-Q during SXSW was amazing, and of course "Creep" was a highlight.
Well great news, they are coming to San Francisco, to The Independant. Dates are April 11 and 12 at 8pm.

Still the versions keep coming in, this has to be one of my favorite versions of one of my favorite songs.

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian girls' choir, perform their version of Radiohead's 'Creep' live On Dutch TV show the MaDiWoDoVrijdagShow. An edited version of this cover featured in the trailer for The Social Network.

I think Kurt would have liked this.
Smells like teen spirit

A perfect rendition of a true summer classic.
California Dreamin'

And finally today a wonderful version of one of Leonard Cohen's greatest song.
They are currently back in Belgium but will return for a North American tour next month.

Suzanne updated, the original version was removed.
[Updated 10.23.2013].

You can check out their current tour dates here.

Ice Music Festival 2011

Some very cool music today, soooo cool it's downright chilly.
So cool ABC News covered it, as did the BBC.
The IceMusic Festival is a unique, artistic and musical project. The Ice Music Festival is a festival where the stage, venue, instruments and decorations is built exclusively by snow and ice from the local area. This festival is an ovation to the nature, and to the most important recourse in the world; water; Frozen water.
The festival is held each year based upon mother nature and the full moon. It is held in Geilo in Norway, which is about 250k west of Oslo and 260k east of Bergen.
Trivia alert: Queen Sonja of Norway gained her ski instructors certificate in Geilo.
So, back to the music, it is all performed on ice instruments cut from ice that is so pure there are no air bubbles in it. You missed the concert this year, but you can make reservations for next year right here.

Day One

Ding dang dalang

Day Two

Day 2 at the Ice Music Festival 2011 in Geilo, Norway. We have an amazing performance by Bram Stadhouders (Ice guitar and electronics), Fatma Zidan (vocals) and the local musician and the main thinker of the Ice Music festival, Terje Isungset (Ice drum).

Day Three

The last concert of Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway. Terje Isungset (ice instruments), Mari Kvien Brunvoll (vocals) and Bram Stadhouders (ice guitar and electronics) perform the closing song.
A big thank you to Christabel Etheriel for uploading these to You Tube.

Header photo: Emile Holba Photography

Maria Minerva

Maria Minerva is Maria Juur (b. 1988) from Tallinn, Estonia. Currently she is a Masters student at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Maria Minerva’s debut cassette “Tallinn At Dawn” and the 12” “Noble Savage” were released in February 2011 by Not Not Fun. [Last.FM]
Maria describes her genre as "avant pop / chamber music". Not sure what that is, but I like it. Definitely smooth, haunting, charming and musically different. For a young lady of 22 she is wise beyond her years. The music is so different as are these videos. Have a listen, and I know you will be hunting down "tallinn at dawn" and waiting with baited breath for "Cabaret Cixous".

Unchain My Heart

track from the cassette "tallinn at dawn" released by not not fun in feb 2011

Soo High (censored)

track from the upcoming LP "Cabaret Cixous" to be released by not not fun in summer 2011

Strange things happening in my room

WORLD's most retarded music video
track from the cassette "tallinn at dawn" released by not not fun records in february 2011. [mariaminervamusic]

Honey Honey - ABBA cover

track from the upcoming LP "Cabaret Cixous" to be released by not not fun in summer 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Claudia Brücken

Claudia Brücken (born 7 December 1963, Berching, Bavaria) is a German singer who fronted the synthpop groups Propaganda and Act. Since 1996 she has been working with OMD member Paul Humphreys, first without a name, since 2004 as Onetwo. Together they also founded the independent record label There(There).

Check out her new album "Combined" if you get a chance, some nice tunes there.

Thank You

The recent video from Claudia Brücken, for the new single co-written with and produced by Stephen Hague (New Order, Blur, Pet Shop Boys). Taken from the latest album Claudia Brücken - Combined.


Delicious performed live at the Scala on the 2nd March 2011 by Claudia Brücken with Andy Bell.

Dr Mabuse

live at the Scala with Suzanne Freytag

Finally today a not very exciting video, kind of grey. But a really good cover version of a Kate Bush classic.
Running Up That Hill

with Andrew Poppy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Adya & Geisha

Messing with the classics. I love it. Some people think that anything classical music is sacred and should never be messed with. BS say I. Every now and then along comes something worth listening to in the genre of "altered" classics. I feel this song belongs in that category.
I believe it is roaring up the Dutch charts.

Cherubinos Aria

Cherubino's Aria - Non So Piu Cosa Son Cosa Faccio
From the Opera "Le Nozze di Figaro" (The Marriage of Figaro) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Absolutely nothing to do with anything, just an image I liked.  But it does have fire.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joyce DiDonato

I've just been listening to a new album - Diva, Divo - by Joyce DiDonato. Such an amazing voice. The ultimate in a mezzo-soprano. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. It's available at all the usual outlets.

Joyce DiDonato's capacity for characterization is as astounding as the range and flexibility of her voice. This new collection showcases DiDonato's multi-faceted art, and the wealth of opportunities open to a mezzo-soprano by presenting her as different characters- both male and female- from the same opera story.

As DiDonato explains: "This recital celebrates the vast and fabulous world of the mezzo-soprano. Aside from the obvious Toscas or Cio-Cio Sans, I've never regretted the length of my vocal cords! I have the privilege and unmitigated joy of playing boys and young men, as well as girls and grown women ... It's an exploration of the human palette of emotions."

Diva, Divo

The program features several roles that DiDonato has sung on stage, such as Rossini's Cenerentola, Bellini's Romeo, and Mozart's Cherubino. The 'flip sides' of those characters are roles that have not been featured in her repertoire: the Prince from Massenet's Chérubin; the Nurse from Berlioz's Roméo et Juliette, and both Chérubin (from Massenet's 'sequel' to Le nozze di Figaro) and Susanna. The Figaro connection continues with an excerpt from Il barbiere di Siviglia (Rosina, of course, later becomes Countess Almaviva), while the other operas on the program, include La clemenza di Tito (Sesto and Vitellia), Faust, La Damnation de Faust, Mefistofele.

Accompanying Joyce DiDonato in this tour de force is the Orchestre de l'Opéra National de Lyon under the company's Principal Conductor Kazushi Ono, another artist who successfully embraces an extraordinary diversity of musical idioms.
Video and quoted paragraphs from EMIClassics

One of my favorites from the album, although this is a gem from a performance in 2007.
“Contro un cor” (Rosina) from Rossini’s Il barbiere di Siviglia (1816)

Sounds Like Brisbane

I thought I'd try something new today. We've had a bunch of Australian talent on here over the past few months, and now I just stumbled on to this press release.
Yes, it's hot. Yes, it's wet. But Brisbane is also a city with one of the strongest independent music scenes you will find anywhere.
Believed to be a world first, soundslikebrisbane (SLB) is bringing together the city's indie labels under the one banner - already 17 independent labels are represented, with more to join the fold soon. They are giving you a taste of the collective with a free Brisbane music sampler available online now.
Covering every genre from garage rock and indie, to jazz, hip-hop, country and pop, the labels define the creative melting pot that Brisbane has become. Together these labels work with dozens of artists, promoting close to 100 releases each year.
Among them are some of the countrys most exciting new artists including DZ DEATHRAYS, Mr Maps, The Optimen, The Medics, and Jackie Marshall and Regurgitator.

Now a free sampler always sounds good to me, and a mix this diverse will definitely find something for everyone. So check out the stream below and then if you want to get the download move on over to the Sounds Like Brisbane page for it.

Sounds Like Brisbane 2011 Label Sampler by sgcmedia

And just for fun I found a video of one of the bands featured on the album.
I Heart Hiroshima - Old Tree

I Heart Hiroshima at the Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane February 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shanghai Woolies

A little songbird told me she is re-joining the Shanghai Woolies. Now You Has Jazz (to quote the old Cole Porter song). Khilmony Downs originally sang with Pink Martini, and she joined the Shanghai Woolies in the late 90's and then she left for Los Angeles a year later to pursue a career in cinematography. So now to make the complete circle Khilmony has rejoined the Shanghai Woolies.

They say about their music (which is from the 20s to the 40's)
We are on a quest to preserve the true, lauded musical experience of the early Twentieth-century. That experience was not so different from now. Your grandparents will surely like this, as will you and your children!

Of course the Shanghai Woolies have been here before, but I figured you needed the update, and besides they have this upcoming benefit for a really good cause..
They will be playing a huge benefit this weekend to raise money for the Mercy Corps Oregon Japan Relief Fund with Pink Martini. It's at the Aladdin Theater. Anyone in the Portland area should make a note to attend. You will not be disappointed.

In case you have never heard them I've tracked down some of their sounds. You can also hear some more at their webpage.
Sadly only a snippet here, but a little taster of the goodness of the Shanghai Woolies. And boy do they have some goodness.
I got what it takes


Maybe if we thank mvatenen for these snippets he may find some longer clips.

Why Don't You Do Right?

Clark Bondy Sax Solo Excerpt - Performing with The Shanghai Woolies from the cd "Jungle Nights", "Why Don't You Do Right?", tenor saxophone solo, recorded in Portland Oregon.

The Shanghai Woolies are:
Gavin Bondy (trumpet, cornet, vocals)
Clark Bondy (saxophones, clarinet)
Ben Medler (trombone, vocals)
Tyson Schmidling (lead guitar)
Nick O'Donnell (guitars, banjo, vocals)
Bernardo Gomez (string bass)
Joe Haegele (drums)
Khilmony Downs (vocals)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maggie Björklund

Maggie Björklund is an amazing pedal steel guitar player. She also has a beautiful singing voice. I think I mentioned once before that it always impressed me how much Scandinavians embraced American roots music. In fact I'm betting the Scandinavians are still bigger jazz fans than the Americans. So it should be no surprise to find a Danish young lady so steeped into Americana. But Maggie is beyond steeped, she is an absolute maestro of the pedal steel guitar. Have a listen, see what you think.


Maggie Bjorklund performs Wasteland from her album Coming Home (Bloodshot Records) live at Crackle & Pop! Studio in Ballard, Washington. Accompanied by Rachel Flotard, Rusty Willoughby, Barb Hunter, and Barrett Martin.

Summer Romance

Maggie Bjorklund w/ Rachel Flotard and Cobirds Unite perform Summer Romance Friday March 4th, 2011 at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle.

Someone had the inspiration to pair this beautiful track with some equally beautiful photographs and the outcome is nothing short of magnificent.

Insread we have a brilliant live version.  Updated 10.05.2014 Bear

Coming Home

Maggie Björklund teams up with the always soulful Mark Lanegan for a memorable experience.

In her own ABOUT MAGGIE BJÖRKLUND she wrote

Maggie Bjorklund, Danish Pedal Steel player, guitarist, & composer. Maggie is best known in Europe as a member of the group the Darleens and as a featured player with Lennart Ginman, Miss B. Haven, Nils Skousen and others. In the U.S. she is known for her work with Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands and as a session player for producers Johnny Sangster and Steve Fisk.

Maggie’s connection to Seattle Wa has led to playing on many records for US artists. Some of the recordings she has appeared on are Christy McWilson “Martini Mansion”, The Dept of Energy “Faster”, Mark Pickerel “Cody’s Dream” and “Snake In the Radio” and Rusty Willoughby “Cobirds Unite”.

Coming Home
In 2009 Maggie recorded her debut solo album, a collaboration with Calexico’s Joey Burns and John Convertino and singers Mark Lanegan, Rachel Flotard and Jon Auer. The record entitled “Coming Home” will see a stateside release in March 2011 on Bloodshot Records.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Miss Li

What a day for amazing female vocalists!
Linda Carlsson (born July 6, 1982), better known by her stage name Miss Li, is a Swedish singer. She was born in Borlänge, but now lives in Stockholm. Her single "Don't Try To Fool Me" has been featured on the Showtime original series Weeds, as well as Grey's Anatomy. Her song "Bourgeois Shangri-La" from the album Dancing the Whole Way Home was used by Apple in the iPod Nano 5G television commercial, and her song "Oh Boy" was used in a 2010 Volvo C70 commercial. Her track "True Love Stalker" was used in the television promo of an episode of Desperate Housewives.
Miss Li is one amazing singer, check out her tunes.

I can't get you off my mind

Two years after her success album Dancing the whole way home Miss Li returns with Beats & Bruises a new, powerful album! First single "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" was released in February, the new album Beats & Bruises was released 16 th of March.

Oh Boy

last year this track caused a stir in no time being the soundtrack of the new Volvo C70 tv ad. Also 'Oh Boy' is used daily in the late night show 'Villa Vanthilt' on national television. Straight from Scandinavia we present to you Miss Li!

I'm sorry he's mine

Official video for the single track "I'm sorry he's mine" taken from Miss Li´s second album "God put a rainbow in the sky"

This one is from a couple of years ago live at Popcirkus
I heard of a girl

Abbe May

Abbe May Alert!
The more I hear from this young lady, the more I can't wait for her new album. Everytime I think I've heard the ultimate, then the next thing she does tops it.

Design Desire

Second single from Abbe May's forthcoming album - Design Desire... Directed by Zena Loxton. Edited by Zena Loxton. Make up by Jade Balfour. Costumes by Ginger Fox. Dancer - Dosh Luckwell.

This is just an amazing performance, can you picture Nick Cave in a skirt? Wow she has balls.
Gonna Put My 25 55 In Your 7 17 24

Gina Sicilia

Wow! Gina Sicilia is a 26 year old Philadelphia blues belter with a big beautiful voice and the songwriting talent to match. With the sensibilities of an 'old soul', this young singer is BETTER than any other recent blues warbler I've heard.  Originally inspired by the legendary Bobby "Blue" Bland, she has honed her blues skills to the point that she sings with a great deal of confidence, passion, fire, and feeling. Gina writes her brand of urban blues 'in the tradition' and her singing operates in the Bonnie Raitt area-code with a dash of Koko Taylor, but with her own unique sound.

Gina Sicilia has just released her third album, "Can't Control Myself". And man, it's a belter.

Before the Night is Through

Gina Sicilia - Before the Night is Through - Live at the Psalm Salon - Philadelphia, PA - 5/28/11 --- added 9-8-11 due to the removal of the original for all the usual reasons. This is a song off Gina Sicilia 3rd Studio Release, "Can't Control Myself"

Don't Wanna Be No Mother, Don't Wanna Be No Wife

Gina Sicilia - Don't Wanna Be No Mother, Don't Wanna Be No Wife" - Official Music Video
written by Gina Sicilia. Directed and edited by Anthony Sylvester.

I Wanna Write a Little Song With You

Photo Montage - "I Wanna Write a Little Song With You" - written by Gina Sicilia

Finally today a song by her muse, Bobby "Blue" Bland.

Gina Sicilia - Poverty - Boulder, Colorado
At the Boulder Outlook Hotel "Shipless Blues Cruise" Festival on 2/18/11
Song by Bobby Bland

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Those Darlins

Four years have gone by since Nikki, Jessi, and Kelley Darlin spat in their palms and slapped hands in a three-way promise that would become Those Darlins. Since then, they’ve broken hearts and broken bones, all the while honing their chops and gaining a lifetime of experiences through endless touring: bros to the bitter end. Screws Get Loose is their second album--and the first to show off drummer Linwood Regensburg stepping up as a songwriter. Each song bears the scars of the highs and lows they’ve soldiered through together on the road, accentuating the realities of growing up in a rock and roll band.

Those Darlins are an amazing rock n roll band, that's for sure. Give them a listen, look out for thew new album.

Screws Get Loose

Those Darlins performing a new song ("Screws Get Loose") at The Earl on September 9, 2010.

Be Your Bro

Those Darlins bring you this revealing video for "Be Your Bro" the debut song off their upcoming album "Screws Get Loose" due in stores worldwide the week of March 29th.
Directed by Veta&Theo for Ovvio Arte

Tennesse gals Those Darlins play Criminal Records on Record Store Day 2010.

Eda Maxym

Eda Maxym emerged from New York, progressed to New Mexico and ended up in San Francisco. Along the way she visited many other places, not the least being Africa. She has been collecting the rhythms of the world, and now she has produced her album complete with these rhythms.  And the important part of the picture, she has an amazing voice.  Simply amazing, give her a listen..

Here are nine songs that resonate deeply with personal reflections of the mysterious, joyful, sensuous, and challenging nature of the journey, all expressed with the elegant and evocative songwriting and vocals of Eda Maxym. Blending genres and musical traditions, Maxym invites the listener on a numinous ride, along with the Imagination Club, a gathering of stellar Bay Area musicians.

Circle of Sparks was recorded at the Weaving Room in Oakland, California, and co-produced and mixed by master of the boards, Simon Tassano, well-known for his work with Richard Thompson. The Imagination Club is made up of frequent collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and digjeridu master Stephen Kent, Brent Stewart on guitar, Ed McClary on drums, and Chris Kee on Bass. Guests include Manose (Deva Premal) on bansuri flute, David Philips (Tom Waits, Nora Jones) on pedal steel guitar, Mark McGee (Greg Allman) on guitar, and Jane Selkye on vocals (Me Jane) on vocals.
With roots in alternative pop, reggae, swamp rock, romantic serenades and world groove, Circle of Sparks bridges genres in a cohesive collection of songs, ending with a languid cover of 'The River' by Ugandan musician Geoffrey Oryema.

Maxym says, "We all fall in and out of love. We're all searching for where we belong and whom we want as companions along the way. We suffer, we heal, we cook dinners with our friends, we sit around the fire--we're hopefully always learning and going deeper, with our 'knowing', with our healing, and with our love, in ourselves and with others. We all have our unique stories, our own songs, but we also share so much in fundamental ways." Circle of Sparks will likely take you to some interesting places.
[Eda Maxym]


Eda Maxym performs Everything, from her new CD, Circle of Sparks, at the Albany Bulb on the San Francisco Bay.

Red Rock

Recorded live at the Starwood Festival in Upstate New York this was the only live appearance of this particular configuration of musicians (only named Trance Mission at the insistence of the Festival organizers). The musicians are: Stephen Kent - Didjeridu/Percussion, Eda Maxym - Vocals, Geoffrey Gordon - Hand Drums/Keyboards, Peter Valsamis - Drums, Rufus Cappadocia - Cello. This song was originally recorded by Beasts of Paradise in 1995 and released on the classic CD, "Gathered on the Edge" (City of Tribes). 3/5's of the Beasts appear in this version - Kent/Maxym/Gordon. The rap Eda does towards the end of the piece is from a poem by environmental poet Drew Dellinger, whose voice and poetry also feature on Eda's first solo CD, "Imagination Club" (Family Tree)

Trembling Bells

Trembling Bells have a great new album, if you don't believe me check out the Guardian review.
Seem to me everything is turning around again, back to the future or is it Déjà vu?
Does this band not remind one of Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention?
Maybe it's just because they started out in the folk/rock arena, sang some traditional tunes and are a bunch of guys fronted by a cool female voice.

Either way I'm good with it. Check out their new album if you can, meanwhile here's some of their earlier stuff.

Trembling Bells live at The Vortex in London, 2 October 2009

Willows of Carbeth

Love Made An Outlaw Of My Heart

@ Le Guess Who Tivoli

Magic Pie

Some prog rock from a Norwegian band. Magic Pie will take you back in time to the heady early days of prog rock when it filled the airwaves. They are probably the most genuine sounding of the newer bands I have heard. They rate up there with the masters, ELP, Yes, Barclay James Harvest, and even King Crimson.
They have an amazing new album currently on release "The Suffering Joy".

To give you a bit of background of the band see what Progarchives says:
The band was born a bit after the new century around 2001 - 2002 by six experienced musicians from Moss and Fredrikstad two cities in the southeastern County of Østfold in Norway.
The members of the band are: Kim Stenberg (Guitars), the excellent keyboardist Gilbert Marshal who takes turns in the lead vocals, Eirick Hanssen (Lead Vocals), Lars Peter Holstad (Bass), Jan T. Johannessen (drums) and a third lead vocalist Allan Olsen.
They started in the early stage of their yet short career doing covers of Progressive acts playing always a couple of complex own material that they kept gathering until the year 2005 when they release the excellent debut album "Motions of Desire".

Here a video promo for their new album, something to whet your appetite.
The Suffering Joy - Promo mix

And another showing the making of the album. Cool stuff.

Here they are in concert a few years ago.
What if ....

Live at Symforce II

Friday, March 18, 2011

Taimane Gardner

Taimane is some serious Ukulele musician. She takes the instrument to new heights.
Taimane has some amazing skills.
As I found each video I was blown away more and more.
And she's only 22. Only one question, why is she not world famous?
Taimane Gardner was born on February 13th 1989 in Honolulu Hawaii and was performing by the time she could walk. Taimane has always loved attention and would sing and dance anytime, anywhere. At the age of 5, her father gave her an ukulele which gave her the perfect opportunity to add to her performances. “I remember the day I got it.” Taimane says. “It was lying on the table and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘rock star’. I picked it up and played in front of the mirror until I broke a string.”
At home, her dad would put Jake Shimaburkuro’s CD on for practice while Taimane would try to imitate Jake’s style and songs ….blindfolded. “The blindfolds have helped tremendously.” Taimane says. “It teaches me to rely on muscle memory and confidence which gives me the opportunity to keep eye contact with the audience.” ......more

Taimane's Toccata

From her :Circus Freak: Production, Taimane ends her show with Bach's Toccata but with a few twists and turns of her own.

Here she is at age 16 still practicing her skills. Wow!!!!! Serious goosebumps.
Ukulele Europa Toccatta

Serious competition at Mat Tai Rumble at age 16. Since it was a bar Taimane had to wait ourside until it was her turn to play.

A video Taimane made to promote her favorite instrument.

This video, or a portion of it, will be used to promote the greatest musical instrument in the world. ......the uke. I love the ukulele.

And thankfully someone recorded this from a few years back when Taimane did some street performing. A really sweeeeeet version of a Dick Dale classic.

And finally today some seriously cool combination mixed genre stuff.
Pink Floyd meets Simon and Garfunkel

Taimane had the honor to play for some great people on the Big Island @ Four Seasons Hotel. Kona Rotary does wonderful things to help people every single day.


Uh Oh it's shoegaze time again. This time it's from España.
Give a big welcome to Neuman.
I think you will enjoy their tunes, I know I did.
They have a new album on release called Plastic Heaven.
Check out three of the tracks from the album, then it's time to go searching.
[Hint scroll down]

First up a great tune with a "different" video.
Just a Lie

Videoclip de la cancion " Just I Lie " de Neuman , extraida de su album " Plastic Heaven " Dirigido por Pablo Aragües y rodado en Madrid.

This is another track from the album, in fact the title track.
Plastic Heaven

Nuevo videoclip de Neuman. Perteneciente a su nuevo álbum "Plastic Heaven".
Dirigido por Manuel Garcia De Otazo

So far

Tema "So Far" de la banda murciana Neuman

Listen to, or download the album.