Monday, January 31, 2011

Lisa Miskovsky

Once again we go to Scandinavia for a beautiful young lady with a tremendous voice.

Lisa Miskovsky was born on 9 March 1975 in Holmsund, Umeå, Sweden.
Lisa Miskovsky quickly placed herself on the Swedish rock music charts with her debut album "Lisa Miskovsky" and single "Driving One Of Your Cars", with Swedish releases in 2001. Following this release, she received two Swedish Rock Bear awards; one for Best Swedish Newcomer, and the other for Best Swedish Female Artist of the Year. She followed up her musical success with the album Fallingwater, released in 2003, which quickly climbed to number one in the Swedish pop charts, even reaching platinum sales. The album's success came greatly from two of its songs "Lady Stardust" and "Sing To Me" which both became hits. "Lady Stardust" was also a radio hit in countries like Germany and the United Kingdom. ....more

Check out these two songs from her new album, Violent Sky.

Got a Friend

Label: Columbia Records (Licensed by Sony Music Sweden)


Live Rosa Bandetgalan 2010

Finally today a music video from a few years back.
Lady Stardust

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne has a new album release called Horses and High Heels.
So i went out to see if I could find any video. Any recent performances regarding the new songs.
Sadly no, but then I found these two videos that were very thought provoking.
Thanks to Meli for her dedication to Marianne.

So here we go, part one.
Judy Garland and Marianne Faithfull

And here is part two.

And finally today, since this is what we came looking for a track from the new album. That track disappeared, but now there is an EPK. [7-26-2011]

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christina Rosenvinge

Christina Rosenvinge (b. May 29, 1964 Madrid) is a Spanish singer and songwriter born to a Danish father and English mother.
She was a member of the Spanish group Christina y Los Subterráneos, and previously Alex y Cristina, before she started a solo career with help from Lee Ranaldo, the guitarist of Sonic Youth. She moved to New York City in 1999 and her partner, Ray Loriga, took the photos of her album Foreign Land.

Review from translated via Google
The pop singer Christina Rosenvinge-rock published on 25 January with her album "The young Dolores' work 'very personal and sincere', dotted with its pop noventero and sung entirely in Spanish, with which the artist looks at some of female myths of religion. "Many of the songs are a natural impulse and immediate, as" George and I ", a topic with which I explain how important it was for me my brother during our childhood, but there are other myths about women such as Eve or Lot's wife, 'said yesterday' Efe. " The singer-in-picture goes into the depths of religion to send a clear message: "Everyone is master of his destiny."

This first video is very intriguing. Roughly translated it's title in English is "My life under water". Cool sounds, cool video.

Mi vida bajo el agua

© 2010 WMG
El video, de la canción "Mi vida bajo el agua", dirigido por DARÍO PEÑA, sirve como presentación del próximo album de CHRISTINA ROSENVINGE que lleva por título "La Joven Dolores" y que se lanza el 25 de enero de 2011.
Producido por MÓNICA BLAS y OSCAR ROMAGOSA, para NANOUK y COMMON, con la dirección de producción de ALBERTO LÓPEZ en MADRID. La fotografía la ha hecho NACHO LÓPEZ.

La idiota en Mi (Mayor)

Presentación de La joven Dolores en Madrid.


Christina Rosenvinge presenta LA JOVEN DOLORES en una actuación acústica en FNAC Valencia. Aquí interpreta Debut.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Diane Birch

With a childhood spent on the move, as the daughter of a preacher, living between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia, before her parents finally settled in Portland, Oregon when she was in her early teens, Diane Birch absorbed a unique and very cosmopolitan perspective on life that shines through her music and makes a simple categorization of it impossible.

Trained as a classical pianist using Suzuki methodology (playing by ear at a young age following Suzuki’s theory of language acquisition, where a child learns to speak before learning to read), Diane rapidly moved away from any confines of tradition, cultivating a very individual style and composing her own material. With an obvious abundance of talent and a passion for performing, it wasn’t long before she realized that if she wanted to pursue a career in music she would probably be better served in Los Angeles, where both the film and record industries could be explored. Last.FM

Whatever the background this young lady has a great set of pipes. I'm thinking we will be hearing much more from her in the very near future.

Sweet River Tree


Music video by Diane Birch performing Valentino. (C) 2010 S-Curve Records.

And from her most recent EP "The Velveteen Age (with The Phenomenal Handclap Band)"
Bring on the Dancing Horses


With the possible exception of The Mast's upcoming release, without a doubt my most anticipated album this year has to be the new DeVotchKa album due out in March. It's been a while, but sounds like it will have been worth the wait.

Here's a teaser / promo.

'100 Lovers,' the new album from DeVotchKa, in stores March 1st.
Want to pre-order it?


"Contrabanda" from DeVotchKa's upcoming album '100 Lovers,' in stores March 1st, 2011

All the Sand In All the Sea

Pure DeVotchKa power, love it.

100 Other Lovers

I can see it now, this will be on all players in the house, car and at work.

The Mast

So this morning, with a huge thank you to my friend Pendar for the introduction, we feature some beautiful music. This is so smooth, evocative and just too beautiful for words.
I am just in awe. These songs are from their forthcoming album in the Spring. I will be so looking out for it.
The Mast are Matt Kilmer, he with the wild percussion, and the dulcet tones of Haale who effortlessly switches from English to Persian with the drop of a hat.

Wild Poppies

The Lake

The Moon

The Mast performing 'The Moon Song.' Music and Lyrics by Haale, c. 2009. The Mast is Haale and Matt Kilmer. Filmed on January 1, 2010.
Video by Casey Meade, with Satya Jansen. Edited by Casey Meade and Ken Eng. Dancers Marissa Scirocco and Aarona Pichinson. Special thanks to TBird Luv, David Morrow, Anya Gandelman, Fabian Alsultany, Vanessa Kudrat, DJ Leeds, Cami Arrow, Michael Garrahan, George Morgano, Sascha Lewis, Nancy Fitzpatrick.


A bilingual word, pronounced exactly the same in English and Persian.

In English, it means...
1. The pole that holds the sail.....bringing to mind a journey
2. In immunology, mast cells, are cells of the immune system....bringing to mind healing
3. In botany, the mast is the fruit or the seed inside the fruit....the source of regeneration

In Persian...
1. Mast means intoxicated with existence, in a blissful state of wonder and awe.

SO...the English definitions taken together: 'a healing journey inward to find the source of regeneration' is like a roadmap, or at least part of a roadmap, to the Persian definition.

Thanks to TheMastMusic for uploading these videos.

The Mast have appeared on Jazz Night Of Tehran.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars were featured as one of the "Best of What's Next" in Paste Magazine.
And i couldn't agree more. What soulful harmonies.
There's no Civil Wars going one here, it is just too harmonious.
The Civil Wars are Joy Williams and John Paul White.

They have a new album out on February 1st called "Barton Hollow", and this is one of the songs from it.
Poison and Wine

"Poison & Wine" by The Civil Wars is featured in Grey's Anatomy, episode 609, "New History".
Video produced & directed by Becky Fluke.
Audio produced by Charlie Peacock.
Poison & Wine written by John Paul White, Joy Williams & Chris Lindsey

And here is the brilliant title track.
Barton Hollow

Video filmed, directed and edited by Becky Fluke.
Assisting and styling by Elise Yetton for Pennyweight.
Further assistance by Bradley Dean.
Audio produced by Charlie Peacock.

And here's one more track from the album, this time a live version as they "blogged" their way across the West Coast.
Forget Me Not (Live)

Last.FM says: The Civil Wars consists of the fantastic John Paul White, hailing from Florence, AL and the lovely Joy Williams, originally from Santa Cruz, CA, but now residing in East Nashville. The duo’s chance meeting a year and a half ago fueled an immediate songwriting chemistry and creative synergy. Their second show ever, performed at a sold out Eddie’s Attic, was recorded and released as a free digital album.

Evan Voytas

Anyone who can get Kate Moss to strut her stuff like this, has to have some magical powers.
Or is it just good music?  Cool sounds, and the video is bound to be noticed.

Kate Moss, İtalyan Vogue dergisi için seksi pozlar verdi. Evan Voytas - Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere

Evan Voytas is an LA-based singer/multi-instrumentalist. Born in rural Pennsylvania, Evan was raised on the oldies, listening to his father's cassette tapes of Elvis and the Righteous Brothers. As a teenager, he discovered jazz. At age 18, he moved to Harlem where he immersed himself in various religious texts and 70's new age paperbacks. He grew a beard, moved to the desert, moved back, shaved the beard, played lead guitar for a few pop acts, toured the world, moved to a farmhouse on a dirt road in Pennsylvania, started recording music, and finally ended up in Los Angeles.

Since then, Voytas has released a series of self-produced EPs and singles. His latest single, "I Run With You, Spirit Animal," is a 3-minute race through a magical realm. Set to a score of soaring synths, fun guitars, and fake-ass drums, Evan's lyrics typically address "feeling good" or "feeling bad," with underlying mystical themes of the unknown, nature, and outer space.

Supermodel Kate Moss has turned on her raunchy side starring as a prostitute in a new music video.
The 37-year-old runway beauty is a part of singer and musician Evan Voytas' new video 'Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere' directed by Jamie Harley, reported Mirror online.
In the video, Moss is seen posing as a street girl for a fashion shoot, lit by the headlights of a car as she presses her body against a wall.
It was originally filmed for a shoot by Nick Knight for Vogue Italia last year.
"Few people are as iconic as Kate, and the opportunity to work on footage by Nick Knight made it impossible to resist. I wanted the result to be as obsessional as possible," said Harley.

Lykke Li

Lykke Li, just can't get enough of her. This is her new single released today. She should be a world wide mega star. So much talent.

"I Follow Rivers" video is directed by Tarik Saleh, starring Lykke Li and Swedish Lebanese actor Fares Fares.

Following the footsteps of Andrei Tarkovsky's "The Sacrifice"
it is shot on the magic island of Gotland, Närsholmen to be specific.

A place like no other, a love like no other.
A love like a drug, she loves like the river, a love caught on fire, fueled by desire.
Where you running, who you running from?
A love story with no end and no beginning. Lykke Li

I Follow Rivers

The official video for Lykke Li's second single I Follow Rivers. Directed by Tarik Saleh. I Follow Rivers is taken from 'Wounded Rhymes' released on the week of 28th (Feb) globally.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel is the performing moniker of Ramona Gonzalez. She is a composer, songwriter, and multimedia artist from Los Angeles, California, where she has exhibited a number of video and sound installation pieces. A recent sound installation entitled “The Question Concerning Technology” has been transcribed to traditional notation by Human Ear Music founder, Jason Grier. She has collaborated with Julia Holter and Cole M.G.N. of Haunted Graffiti, curated two exhibitions at the Tiny Creatures gallery, and performed the work of Michael Pisaro. She was a philosophy student at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

The Nite Jewel project is a remarkable combination of revisionist Bronx pop and hazy musical impressionism. Like her ex-pop peers, Ariel Rosenberg and Geneva Jacuzzi, she records solely on portable 8-track cassette deck, often composing her songs by layered tape edits. In Nite Jewel’s case, however, the quality of her chosen medium seems to be neither a means nor an end, but rather a device to lend an ethereal kind of efficacy to the golden age of alternative disco. As influences, she has cited dance floor greats Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and Debbie Deb, 90’s R&B, as well as Experimental, New Age, and shoegaze. [Last.FM]
Talk about some surreal videos. With cool tunes. Check this one out.
We Want Our Things

Nite Jewel video for We Want Our Things.
Directed by Ola Vasiljeva.
Costume by Bill Bowers.
Makeup by Andrea Helgadottir.
Assistance : Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Peter Burr.
Supported by TaxFonds, The Netherlands.

Artificial Intelligence

Directed by Travis Peterson.
Edited by Emily Kuntz.


Directed by Travis Peterson.
Effects by JJ Stratford.
Wardrobe by Laura Grigsby.
Make up by Heather Cvar.

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins (born October 1, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter best known for her work with the band Nicole Atkins & the Sea. Her sound is known for its mix of traditional vocal styles and introspective lyrics. She has been compared to Roy Orbison and singers from the Brill Building era.
Her latest album, Mondo Amore, will be available on February 8th. From what I have heard so far - Amazing. Just Amazing.
So to tide you over until the 8th enjoy some of the tracks here.


Video directed by Mandy Bisesti and Lucia Holm.
Nicole Atkins has often cited director David Lynch, known for his surreal films set in small towns, as an inspiration. Like Atkins, Lynch studied art in college and moved overseas with the intention of continuing his studies. And just as Atkins worked as a muralist while developing her music, Lynch worked as a cartoonist on the side during the 1980s. Lynch’s cinematic style, which uses dreamlike sequences and montages, heavily influenced the video for Atkins' song “The Way It Is.” Atkins also feels a kinship with Angelo Badalamenti, who has scored many of Lynch’s films. She once emailed an mp3 of “The Way It Is” to Badalamenti, who is said to have replied, “I think our Sicilian great-great-great-grandparents must have laid down on a picnic blanket in the park and done something together, if you know what I mean.” Atkins subsequently received an invitation to Badalamenti's home in Morristown, New Jersey to talk music. [Wikipedia]
It strikes me that David Lynch could easily have directed this video.

Dark Magic in Your Eyes

Vignette #1 featuring "You Were The Devil" from Nicole's upcoming album

Nicole Atkins was born in Neptune, New Jersey overlooking the Shark River. Atkins has cited the river (technically a bay) as a major inspiration for her music, particularly the imagery of “the river in the rain” found in the title track on her album Neptune City. She started playing piano when she was 9 and taught herself to play guitar at 13. Her first music purchase, at the suggestion of an uncle, was a cassette of Traffic’s John Barleycorn Must Die. She eschewed more popular acts of the day for musical groups her parents listened to, such as The Ronettes and Johnny Cash. She has also cited The Sundays’ Harriet Wheeler as a major early influence on her own singing style.

Heavy Boots

Here is a beautiful live performance at Paste Magazine.

And finally today, one more from the Paste sessions.

You Come to Me

Spade Cooley

Yesterday morning they were reading out the "winners" of the Razzies on TV. I only half listened and when I found out my favorite, The Tourist, hadn't got a mention I tuned it out. Later I happened to visit one of my favorite bloggers, Musictraveler, and he had written this piece about the Razzies and Spade Cooley, not that Cooley won a Razzie.
It was today that I read the nominations for this year's Golden Raspberry Awards and noticed that Jessica Alba is nominated for four (!) films; The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete and Valentine's Day . Well done Jessica, wish you go for more next year.
Jessica's success, made me remember The Killer Inside Me, the only of the four movies that I've watched. An interesting, yet very disturbing film with an even bigger disturbing parallelism. Spade Cooley, whose music is heard is the film, murdered his wife, just like Casey Affleck did with Alba in the film. Cooley's music though, remains an essential chapter in country music, thus gaining him the title of the King of Western Swing.
On reading that I realized I had also seen that movie, and none of the other three.
I thought it was a good movie, not a great movie, but watchable. And I thought Casey Affleck gave one of his best performances as a stone faced killer. I don't think Jessica deserved a Razzie for this movie, she was smoking hot and somewhat interesting in the part.
So that got the grey matter active. I knew of Spade Cooley and his Western Swing, although we used to consider it just cowboy music when I was a kid. But then we went to see the action in the Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey and Hopalong Cassidy Movies. We started to squirm when they quit shooting each other and got to kissing or singing. Life was simpler then, the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats.

In later years I came to appreciate the Western Swing style of music for what it was, another kind of authentic Americana.
So I set of to Wikipedia to get all the juicy details.
The short version is this: Donnell Clyde Cooley (December 17, 1910–November 23, 1969), better known as Spade Cooley, was an American Western swing musician, big band leader, actor, and television personality. His career ended in 1961 when he was arrested and convicted for the murder of his second wife, Ella Mae Evans.
How does this sort of thing happen?
Here was a guy who by all accounts was having a great life. Appearing in all sorts of western movies, making records, radio shows, touring and playing live and having his own TV shows from 1948 to 1953.
And then in 1961, his wife Ella Mae, age 37, expressed her wish to be divorced, and a drunken Cooley responded by beating her and stomping on her body until she died. They had three children: Melody, Donnell Jr. and John. Although defended by prominent attorney P. Basil Lambros (1924-2010), Cooley was convicted of first-degree murder by a Kern County jury, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Then the story turns strange and local for me.
After he had served eight years, the state of California agreed to parole him on February 22, 1970. In November 1969, he received 72-hour furlough to play a benefit concert for the Deputy Sheriffs Association of Alameda County at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. After the performance, on November 23, Cooley suffered a fatal heart attack in the backstage area. He is interred at Chapel of the Chimes cemetery in Hayward.

The local connection? I work in Hayward, not the cemetery though.

Update: Sunday, July 27, 2014

The violin Spade used to play, a Roth, has an appraised value of around $10,000.  If anyone is interested you can contact

I recently came across this really cool poem about Spade Cooley by Joanne Kenzy and she was gracious enough to let me include it here. Enjoy.

He was born in Oklahoma
From an impoverished  family too
This family moved to Oregon
As many people were choosing to do.

Luck was with this young man
He was talent gifted
Learned to play a violin
With that his life was greatly lifted.

He made his way southward
Playing as he went
Striving to earn a name for his self
For that name, he was hell bent.

Parlaying his popularity
Now called the “King of Western Swing”
From the Santa Monica ballroom
To hit singles he did sing.

Vast wealth he amassed
A wife and children too
At one point becoming paranoid
As heavy drinkers sometimes do.

One day while in a rage
All came to a screeching halt
He beat his wife and then she died
A jury finding Spade at fault.

After serving just 8 years
Then Gov. Ronald Reagan knew
This talented model prisoner
Had one more concert he could do.

The song “Shame on you”
Very famous it was said
But just before Spade could sing it
Heart attack and Spade was dead.

Although it is another story
To Spade Cooley I am led
For now I have his violin
Gathering dust beneath my bed.

Joanne Kenzy
May 10, 2014

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Warplanes

Hot Flash!!! The Warplanes new EP is now available.
You remember the single from earlier this month.
Well now you can get your hands on the EP.    So what are you waiting for?

Written, Engineered, and Produced by The Warplanes. 2011.

Legendary Biru

This is like a video that you would get if Escher came back as a video director.

As much as I dislike commercials, my DVR is my favorite gadget, this is one amazing commercial.
I'm guessing it was not shown in the USA, because even fast forwarding through all commercials I think I may have noticed this one. This is for Sapporo Beer.  And is amazingly beautiful.
And I do like beer.

Laura Lee Bishop

Currently based in Austin, Laura Lee Bishop is a classically trained vocalist and pianist who came from humble beginnings in the small town of Gilmer, Texas. A passionate performer since the age of seven, Laura Lee has been heavily influenced by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman and the Dixie Chicks over the years. Ultimately, Laura Lee followed her dreams to New York City where she enrolled in New York University and received much acclaim as a songwriter in the school’s competitive Department of Recorded Music, founded by the legendary Clive Davis. Having honed her songwriting and performance skills in the historically cutthroat city over the last few years, Laura Lee Bishop is now ready to share her craft with the rest of the world. Her debut EP Fire was released via Laura Lee's own label Open Air Records in October and she is currently performing a slew of live shows in Austin. ReverbNation

Here we can see Laura Lee Bishop performing some of her own compositions at the 2010 East Texas Yamboree All-Service Club Luncheon.
Listen to "Fire" and consider if this young lady can raise such a ruckus with just an acoustic guitar can you imagine her with a rocking Texas band?
That would be something to see, and I guess you can if you are around Austin, Texas.
If you want to hear more with a full rocking band, you can stream/buy some of her other tracks at ReverbNation.


an acoustic version of "Fire" from her debut EP "Fire"

This Never Happened

an acoustic version of "This Never Happened" from her forthcoming acoustic EP


an acoustic version of "Change" from her forthcoming acoustic EP


an acoustic version of "Homicide", an as-yet unreleased track

Armadillo Hall says: While the doe-eyed Laura Lee may look like the quiet girl next door, these unabashedly straightforward lyrics reveal an assured force behind the guitar, determined to stand out in the crowd as a capable musician and a strong woman. A Texas native with Southern charm and an independent attitude, Laura Lee brings to the table a driving blend of southern rock and pop sensibilities. Boasting powerful, raw vocal chops and the ability to unfold a captivating lyrical tale, Laura Lee Bishop commands attention.
Thanks for the tip Michael.

Chapel Club

Chapel Club is an Indie band from the UK. I just saw a couple of their videos, thanks JC, and I kinda dug their sound. Their videos are also pretty cool.
They have their initial album out at the end of this month. It's named Palace.
Check out track two from the album, not really sure where the link between Surfacing and serpent handling in some Pentecostal church exists. But it makes for an intriguing video.


Here's another great track from this album. This is the extended version.
All The Eastern Girls

Sydney Sprague

While we are in the Austin area here is another singer who is working on an EP.
Michael recommended I give Sydney Sprague a listen. I'm sure glad he did.
She is as talented as she is beautiful.  Great combination.

Her EP is called Paper Crane and here is a "sneak peak" at the making of it.

It is due out any minute now.  If you need proof here it is in Sydney's hands.

One of the songs which you get a brief snippet of above is sung in it's entirety here.
Pretty cool.


with Shane Hunt - Carolina November 21, 2009 at Modified (Phoenix, AZ)

Here's Sydney on her own with another original composition.
Nobody Cares

Michael Nance

Michael Nance is a singer / songwriter who hails from Tahoka, Texas. A place I've never been, but currently Michael is chasing his dream in the music capital of Texas - Austin. As fine a music and fun city as I've ever been to.
If you ask me for the top three music cities in the USA I would list New Orleans, Memphis and Austin. On any given day depending on the music mood I'm in the sequence could change.
Anyway enough of the geography, let's get back to the music.
Michael is currently recording his first EP, and personally I'm looking forward to it. In the mean time, in between time, here's a couple of the songs he's working on. He say's they "aren't even finished yet", but they still sound pretty good to me. I'm sure the EP will feature more instrumentation, but a good acoustic version is always cool.
So be my guest and check out the sounds of Michael Nance.  And I'll keep you informed when the EP is released.


I really like this one, and it has nothing to do with the fact that it first showed up on my birthday. Just coincidence.
Luv on me

25 Years

Michael singing about his life experience.
                                                                 Michael Nance Music.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I really don't know much about this band at all. I found this video by accident. The song was being featured on a video I found by searching for "scooters"+"texas", don't ask.

So from what I found I think they come from Portugal. And they are João Loureiro, Mariana Matos, Paulo Faro, João Pedro Ferraz and Rui Fernandes.

And this video/tune is totally contagious.

Mod Girls

Then there is the updated club version.

And finally the "making of" video. Provide your own translation.

Sleeping Cat

It was way back in May last year I had my first piece on Sleeping Cat.
Now he has gone full circle and finally released an "official" video for one of the songs from his first EP.

Happy World

Por fin estreno video, y tengo el placer de contar con un equipo técnico de lujo:
Luis Avilés ( Retornos ) en la dirección
Marcos Creo y Javier Uhía en la fotografía
Álvaro Dosil como técnico de sonido
Juan Ramón Vidal en la iluminación.
Nice hat man!!!!

He also recently featured a new song, not sure if it's available for download anywhere.    This went away, usual resasons I guess.
Letter to God

So what is better than a Letter to God?  Why a cover of a Prince right?
Updated 5.24.2013
Purple Rain

Keep up the good work Jerry.
BTW: You can listen to all of Sleeping Cat's tracks right here.

Terry Springford

The good news is that Terry Springford is working on a new album.
He already has a preview of four of the tracks.
Give them a listen.

Last year I did a piece about Tezza and his album Pretty Girls, so what did he do. He found himself a pretty girl to sing along with him on some of the tracks.

Monster's Ball

Terry Springford (with Briony Mackenzie) at Kelly's December 15, 2010.

When I need to

No winging it.

Serena Tideman

Serena Tideman is very different from the previous cello post. But then again she is another out of the "mold" of what we expect from cello players.
Her latest album is nothing short of phenomenal. Check it out here.

Serena Tideman is a cellist and composer and sometimes singer from the far reaches of the NW Coast…
Born in Forks, WA, she moved to Seattle at the age of 7 and began playing cello shortly thereafter. As a teenager she became influenced by no-wave and rriot girl punk ethos as well as minimalist classical music and began composing.
She has collaborated in live performances with such artists as Múm, Rasputina, Eyvind Kang, and Amy Denio. Her first concert experiences outside the classical world were playing with experimental rock and free jazz ensembles and playing for circus shows. She toured with Evyind Kang and as a part of Mum. Shas played shows opening up for Calvin Johnson, Miranda July, Kria Brekkan, Amy Denio, Bright Eyes, and many more. She has also made multimedia performances incorporating Super-8 and dance.
Her first solo album, “Kalakala: Songs From A Parallel Universe” was recorded by Ryan Hadlock on the Kalakala abandoned ferry boat and has been released as Cd-R, but will be re-released in early 2011. “Secret Musik” was released on on July 31st, 2010.

While we are here check out a couple of earlier performances.

Serendipity Lemonseed @ 108

Filmed by Daniel Michael Viox . Featuring Serena Tideman AKA Serendipity Lemonseed @ 108 (#3) in " The Ghostship Lollipop " Seattle 2006 .

Same personnel as above.

An Alternative to Shopping

A performance piece, you have to wait until about half way through the video for the cello. But boy is it worth it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tara Linda

Today we feature a local beauty, with an amazing voice and mad skills on the accordion.
Tara Linda hails from Oakland. I just ran across her most recent album Tortilla Western Serenade and was blown away. Give her a listen.

Equipped with a sultry voice, button accordion, and baritone ukulele, chanteuse Tara Linda plays original roots rock; blending spaghetti western and Latin torch. A Hohner-endorsed artist, she writes new tangos, waltzes, and boleros, and skirts global genres to blend them into a style uniquely hers.
Influenced by the early torch singers of American and Latin American cultures, Tara writes original music grounded in the Texas traditions she grew up with; Americana, blues, rock, and jazz. She has a world music heritage (Indian) and sings in Spanish and English. Tara Linda's performances are described as "mesmerizing" (Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News) and her vocals “rich” and "sultry" (The Muse's Muse).
Tara Linda came of age as a drummer in rock and punk bands in Austin Texas, all the while soaking up the region’s Americana, blues, and Tex-Mex influences. She later fell in love with 1930’s Latin torch, and picked up the accordion. "The accordion takes you around the world like no other instrument," Tara says, "from Argentine bodegas, through French cafés, and across the borderlands of South Texas. As a singer, the accordion is emotional and endlessly expressive."

Let The Ghost Go

by Tara Linda. Live performance by Rafael Herrera (drums) Jeff Hobbs (violin) and Tara Linda (bass, vox)

Los Coyotes

live @ Rhythmix. Tara Linda (accordion) Az Samad (guitar) Rafael Herrera (drums) Jeff Hobbs (violin) & Federico Zuniga (bass)

Tara Linda & the Gila Men - Performance Reel

Muses' Tango

performed at the Cotati Accordion Festival with Reid Whatley (stand-up bass), Az Samad (guitar), Rafael Herrera (drums) & Jeff Hobbs (violin). Video by Creative Light Productions (Rohnert Park) & Batik Fine Art.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer went down under, and immediately discovered Vegemite.
And the rest as they say was history.
Of course she's been there a few times before, but I think this is the first time an album evolved from it.
And what an album it is. Run out an get it now.

Vegemite (The Black Death)

Amanda Palmer - Vegemite Love, renamed to Vegemite(The Black Death) at request of the artist herself. Performed here live at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne.
A fierce and heated debate rages on twitter as to the taste of vegemite and/or marmite. Some love it, some hate it. Get on twitter and have your say #vegemitewars

if you insist on putting that foul death paste in your mouth
you're in my heart but put yourself inside my shoes
i have to know, it shouldn't be that hard to choose
i know it's tearing you apart but it's the way it has to be
it is the vegemite my darling,
it is the vegemite my darling
put down the vegemite fucker
or i'll leave.

Henry Lee

Amanda Palmer, Paul Kelly & Mick Harvey cover the Nick Cave/PJ Harvey duet.

High And Dry

A cover of Radiohead on the ukulele from Amanda Palmer's secret show, live at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne, February 2010.
Filmed by Jim Batt

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic

OK, this is officially Awesome with a capital A.
Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic playing Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson for two cellos.

Smooth Criminal

Arranged by Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic.
Directed by: Kristijan Burlovic
Director of photography: Kristijan Burlovic
Camera: Igor Burlovic
Editing & post: Ivan Stifanic
Technical support: MedVid production

Shostakovich: Prelude

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic playing their arrangement of Prelude by Dmitri Shostakovich

Now to see them individually.
First up Stjepan Hauser
Galeb i ja

(Z.Runjić) Split HNK, October 3, 2010

And finally for today here is Luka Sulic.

Rogelio Huguet y Tagell: Flamenco
Luka Sulic - cello

Stjepan Hauser (15 June, 1986 - ) is a Croatian cellist who has already performed as soloist in the venues in Europe and with many of the major orchestras. He performed in Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Albania, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand, United States and the United Kingdom, with sensational debuts in Wigmore Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, St. Martin in the Fields, Kings Place, St John's, Smith Square and South Bank Centre.
He is laureate of UK's most prestigious international competitions and awards.
All together Stjepan collected a total of 21 first prizes among national and international competitions and as consequence he was invited to perform twice on Gala concerts for H R H Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace and St. James's Palace.
Stjepan is one of the very last cellist whom the great Rostropovich heard during his life. As one of the last student of Maestro Rostropovich, Stjepan played in four concerts dedicated to him: a gala concert in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (Britten Sonata); a performance of Shostakovich's Cello Concerto No 1 with Orchestra Sinfonica del Friuli Venezia Giulia in Teatro Comunale "Giuseppe Verdi" in Italy; a recital in Auditorium al Duomo, Florence in the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival; a performance of Kol Nidrei with Metropolitan Sinfonia in a gala concert in St George's Bristol.

Luka Sulic is a young cellist whose international reputation grows with every performance. He won series of prizes at international music competitions including first and special prize at the VII Lutoslawski International Cello Competition (Warsaw, 2009) and first prize at the European Broadcasting Union “New Talent” Competition (Bratislava, 2006).
He has given a number of solo appearances in Europe, South America and Japan and performed as a soloist with orchestras such as Australian Chamber Orchestra, Warsaw Philharmonic, Wroclaw Philharmonic, Russian Symphony Orchestra, Slovenian Philharmonic, Slovak Philharmonic, Zagreb Philharmonic, Zagreb Soloists and others. Among his chamber music partners were Radovan Vlatkovic and Boris Berezovsky.
He studied with Valter Dešpalj in Zagreb, Reinhard Latzko in Vienna and currently he is studying with Mats Lidstrom at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
He regularly performs at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Ljubljana Festival. He also took part in Vladimir Spivakov Foundation Concerts in Moscow, featuring young talents and laureates from all over the world. At the International Holland Music Sessions 2007 Festival, he was chosen to participate in “New Masters on Tour” concert series, presenting young artists in prestigious concert venues all over Europe.

Phoenix Hart

If you missed my previous posts on Phoenix Hart, then shame on you. It was your loss. This young lady has an amazing voice. And what's more she knows how to look after her fans. Something the "suits" at the major record labels should take heed of. Check out the video of "Angels" she released yesterday for her fans. And then I found a couple of songs from an amazing House of Blues gig that are certainly worth a viewing.

Angels (Where Are You Now)

Released yesterday to YouTube only, a new song from Phoenix Hart "Angels (Where Are You Now)". Acoustic version.

Let It Rain

Phoenix performed "Let it Rain" at the Dallas House of Blues on Oct 28th 2010. The song is taken from her album "Save Love".


Another song from that great Dallas House of Blues gig in October.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ellie Goulding

Ran into a few of songs by Ellie which I couldn't resist posting.
First up the beautiful Elton John song from back in the day.

Your Song


Only Girl (In The World)

Why is she not a mega-star?

Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel is an Alternative / Folk / Pop singer / musician from London UK.
Her first album, The Broken Wave, will be released at the end of this month.
From what I have heard of it she has to be really proud of it.
It is a work of art. Check out this review if you don't believe me.

The Almond Tree

performing at Cargo September 2010

Blue Monday

live at Manchester Fallowfield Trof, 29th Nov 2010

And finally today she teams up with one of my absolute favorites, David Ford and they sing one of his amazing classic songs.
Song for the Road (live at Boogaloo)

Further reading informs me that Hannah Peel was in fact David Ford's backing multi-instrumentalist/vocalist before she took off on her solo career.  What an awesome time that must have been.

Sarah June

Sarah June is a rising star in the alternative / indie music scene.
She has a new album out called "In Black Robes".
She is a young lady with a cool voice who has traveled the same route I have.
She came from Detroit to San Francisco, good decision.     No snow!

Sarah June is a sharp-as-a-tack lyricist, prodigal guitarist, and has a haunting soulful child-like voice. Sarah appears as a tiny tattooed-pinup girl, but backs it up with a very innovative and powerful sound that is unmistakably her own - created only with her voice and guitar. Sarah has two commercial releases: "This Is My Letter To The World" (2008) and "In Black Robes" (2010). Sarah grew up in Detroit, and now lives in California. June is quickly gaining notoriety for her undeniably distinct sound. Her second album "In Black Robes" is now available on Silber Records. as well as on iTunes. In 2007, Sarah began writing songs to compile into her debut album This Is My Letter To The World, which was released on Hand·Eye Records in August, 2008, and was met with excellent reviews. Sarah June will be performing in a town near you soon! Stay tuned!

Here's a few tracks from the album to whet your appetite.

Crossbones in your Eyes

The Reaper

Judgement Day

Official Music Video for Judement Day, from Sarah June's 2010 album In Black Robes
**words and music © 2010/2011 Sarah June**
cinematography and post production by Bosco X
set design and costumes by Kirstin Bianchi

You can listen to some more tracks here.

Tired Movie

Check out this trailer for a new scary movie. :0)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As I said last November, Adele will be releasing a new album, 21 , soon.
Well now it's really soon, like next week. Yay!!
Meantime some more tracks from it to get you over the waiting period.

Someone Like You

Adele performing a brand new 2010 album track "Someone Like You" live on "Later... With Jools Holland"
Second Album "Adele - 21" release: 24th January 2011
BBC 2 (c) 2010
Updated 8-26-2011 because:

Rolling In The Deep - Studio Footage

'Rolling In The Deep' is the first single from ADELE's new album, '21'.
This is studio footage from the album recording sessions in Malibu, California.

If It Hadn't Been For Love-

One and Only went away courtesy the Web Sheriff (as did many others).

But thanks to live concerts, maybe we can enjoy it again.

Updated 12.27.2011

Electric Lady Lab

Electric Lady Lab are Stine Hjelm Jacobsen and Martin Bøge Pedersen and they hail from Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the worlds beautiful cities.
Electric Lady Lab is a Danish electro-pop duo consisting of producer and songwriter Martin Beech Pedersen and singer Stine Hjelm Jacobsen. They released their their debut album, Flash! on  January 7, 2011.
Electric Lady Lab was formed in March 2009. Martin was previously a part of pop duo The Loft , and Stine has a history with indie pop band NOW. They have known each other since 1990 when they went to high school together in Køge .
Electric Lady Lab debuted with the single "It's Over Now" in November 2009 but had its commercial breakthrough with "You & Me" in June 2010. The sampler theme from "Rhythm Is a Dancer" (1992) with the German Eurodance group Snap! The single has been # 2 on the charts and has sold more than 25,000 copies.
Electric Lady Lab has been highlighted as an example of the new wave of modern Danish dance music.
And now they are coming to conquer the new world.
These three tunes are all from the new album, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


You & Me

Electric Lady Lab is the first band ever to get permisson from SNAP! to use "rhythm is a dancer". Video directed by Isak Hoffmeyer & Olivia Neergaard-Holm. Shot In New York May 2010. 5500 still pictures turned into a video

It's Over Now

Video directed by Michael Sauer Christensen. Shot in Copenhagen October 2009.

Chelsea Wolfe

Today an amazingly beautiful voice. Chelsea Wolfe is a ghost. Chelsea is from Los Angeles, California.
She has a new album out, maybe. It is called Ἀποκάλυψις or in English Apokalypsis.
And from what I have heard of it so far it is amazing.
Here's a sampling of Chelsea's sounds.


Chelsea Wolfe performing "Flatlands" in San Francisco,CA

Bounce House Demons

This is track two from the new album

And finally todays some live session take for

You can listen to the new album right here: