Thursday, December 8, 2011

Texas Microphone Massacre

Texas Microphone Massacre, Austin, Texas, United States.
An ever-evolving music experiment now in its 3rd incarnation, Texas Microphone Massacre is the brainchild of Chris Veden and Heath Tull. In the summer of 2010, the group added accomplished stringed instrumentalist Gilbert Sanchez to the fold and began production on its newest album, Fantasy Rolodex, with respected producers/engineers Tim Gerron and Mark Dufour.

Fantasy Rolodex, which you can hear below, is a pretty amazing album. I don't think there is a bad track on it. On Flood (In the House of Thieves), and a few more tracks, they had me doing a double take thinking that maybe Ozzie had been brought as a guest singer. Not a bad thing, the sound is a bit like Black Sabbath sans the metal plus the trip hop. Then it changes and it is something else. All in all a pretty unique album. One I think that will be on my Winamp for quite a while. See what you think.


There is also video, of course.
Giants on Stilts

LIVE at Loft718 Austin, TX, Planet Earth September 1, 2011

Then we have the music video for track ten, and we can see where the name comes in useful.
Warning not for the easily offended puritan souls out there.
Last December

The epic music video for "Last December", performed by Texas Microphone Massacre.
Album: Fantasy Rolodex
Artist: Texas Microphone Massacre
Director: Kyle Day

Some other recent reviews they had were in The Austin Post,  Austin Independent Music Noise, and The Yay or Nay.  Seems like this band could be going places.
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