Monday, September 5, 2011

Josie Charlwood

An amazing cover of the Gorilla number by Josie Charlwood, alone.
Josie Charlwood is an amazing young talent from Brighton (UK version).

Feel Good Inc

Josie says: "This is my live loopstation cover of Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz. The video is shot from two cameras, one main camera and one showing my footwork."
BOSS RC-30 (for loops)
TC-Helicon VoiceLive2 (vocal effects and harmonies)
FS-6 Dual Footswitch
CME UF-80 Keyboard
Left Hand Fender Stratocaster
Roland XV-5050 (for synth sounds)
Sonar X1
and a lot of cabling... "Any technical questions don't hesitate to mail me :)"
You can download it here:

And here's another great cover.
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall Cover)

Boss RC-30 Loopstation cover of KT Tunstall's Black Horse and a Cherry Tree, with extra harmonies triggered by TC-Helicon's VoiceLive 2 unit.

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