Monday, February 7, 2011

The Fierce And The Dead

What we have here is an amazing piece of music. I'm not sure how Matt has the time to make all this what with Yonks and his own stuff. But he got together with Kev Feazey and Stuart Marshall, came up with the name (some time back) of The Fierce and the Dead and then they went and produced this mindblower.
Now all we need is a full length album.

Best taken in a dark room. Please complete the course in full as sudden disconnection may cause confusion and blurred vision.
released 03 January 2010
Part 1 features
Matt Stevens: Guitars.
Kev Feazey: Bass & synths.
Stuart Marshall: Drums & percussion.

Part 1 composed by Matt Stevens and Kev Feazey.
Produced by The Fierce & The Dead.
Recorded & mixed by Kev Feazey
Recorded at Pinna Studios, London.
Mixed & Mastered at the Map Room, London.
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