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Warpaint recently released their first full length album called The Fool. Here's a couple of tracks from it which should encourage you to rush out and get it.


The first video from The Fool
Director: Shannyn Sossamon
DP: David Myrick
Producer: Mia Kirby
Editor: Ravi Dhar

This second track was actually performed prior to the completion of the album at "The Camp" in London, so is slightly different, but that's good. I love to hear different versions when bands perform live.

Warpaint playing an intimate warm-up gig before Reading & Leeds, in this 250-capacity venue on August 26.The band are halfway mixing their first full-length "The Fool" with Andrew Weatherall and Adam Samuels. The album - produced by Tom Biller - will be released by Rough Trade Records on October 26th.


Not sure how I found this. Starts of with some quirky guy dancing? and then .... well check it out, very cool.

Why Don't You

So I had to find out more. So I asked faithful Wikipedia........
Gramophonedzie, born Marko Miličević (pronounced "milichevich"), is a Serbian DJ from Belgrade. He started his career in the year 2000 as participant at the Irish RedBull Music Academy. Miličević is known for producing the theme songs for Balkan versions of the TV show Big Brother. He also already played at events alongside Tom Novy, Basement Jaxx, Junior Jack and Bob Sinclar to name a few. His debut single "Why Don't You" was released in the UK on 1 March 2010, the single entered the UK Singles Chart on 7 March 2010 at number 12.
According to his Myspace account, he is touring through 11 countries between June and September 2010. Stations are including the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Belgium, Portugal and Macedonia.

Check him out being interviewed for some deep house magazine.

And finally today, here's a live performance of the hit from Fort Revelin, Dubrovnik July 16, 2010


I mentioned in a previous post that Hooverphonic were looking for a new singer.
Well it seems they have found her in Noémie Wolfs, here she is singing the title track from their new album.
Great choice.

The Night Before

Noémie Wolfs, the new lead singer of Hooverphonic performing "The Night Before" in "De Laatste Show" on VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster.

You can also check out some of the other contenders here at : Embedding disabled by request

Here Noémie Wolfs sings the acoustic version of "Mad About You". Piano and vocals only. On Radio One.

Mad about you


Wow! Where are all these bands coming from? Must be the special Australian Wheaties.
This band Montpelier just blew me away. Take a listen to "Last Boat", great voices, harmonies, tune and lyrics. And that video, killer.
Here's a snippet from a press release:
In "Last Boat", Greg Chiapello's powerful and haunting vocal is layered with fellow front man, Dave Butler's harmonies. John Pickering's "Temper Trap-esque" (Bridie Connelian, The Brag) drum beats are combined with delayed guitar and atmospheric synths/keys, taking Last Boat to a new level for the band.

The song itself shows real growth in the band and was written by Greg about coming to terms with living with OCD as a teenager.

"When I was in my late teens I got diagnosed with OCD. I had lived with it since I was quite young but never knew exactly what it was. Around the time of writing Last Boat I was really getting on top of the OCD and really learning how to manage and live with it. This song for me does encapsulate the pretty extreme struggles experienced over those years, the isolation and helplessness an illness like that can make you feel, but it also reminds me of the wonderful liberation and strength I felt at the time knowing I could live with it, and knowing that it wasn't going to be debilitating for the rest of my life. At the end of the day I want people to find their own meaning in the songs I write, I think that's the great thing about music, freedom to find your self in a song. It can mean something for someone and something completely different for others. For me Last Boat is a song about hope. I know there are a lot of people going through similar experiences I went through so I guess I hope it may give some strength to those people to keep fighting."

Just amazing. Here you go, your chance to listen to it.

Last Boat

The track is the first to be lifted from a new EP due for release in April 2011, with the amazing video clip produced in paper stop-motion by Sydney filmmaker Paul Andrew Rhodes.

And you can get a copy from here.

Here's an earlier release that is up to the same standards, good vocals, harmonies, tune and video.
Plus a cute Sheila.
The Rafters

Here they are live at The Zoo for their EP release earlier this year.
Take a Picture

Now this is their previous release to keep you going while waiting for the new one.

Monday, November 29, 2010


A big thanks to my buddy Penz for introducing me to this great new band out of Tehran.

Comment was born after Kian (vocals + guitar) and Nima (lead guitar) met at Kook Studios in Tehran, and began practicing a number of songs written by Kian and recording them in a home studio setting. The joining of Maziar (Bass), his friend Bardia (drums) and Peyman (Keyboard) moved the band into a new phase of practice and soon-after, they started the recording of their first album titled 'Miram Balatar'. A number of strong influences on the band are: Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Peter Gabriel

My personal favorite of the three songs featured here is this first one. But i like the others too.

Hey To~


Miram Balatar


Elsinore are a band from Champaign Illinois.

They are made up of:
Ryan Groff: guitar/lead vocals
Dave Pride: drums/vocals
Mark Woolwine: piano/vocals
Chris Eitel: bass/vocals

They bill themselves as Visual / Alternative / Rock, and I say that just about sums them up.
They certainly are visual, check out the videos. And musically I guess it fits the alt/rock genre. In a nutshell I like them, thanks JC for the hint.

I really love this video, cool tune and fun video.

Breathing Light

Check out the Chemicals EP

PS: Can you work out which photos are regarding the group and which is about Kronborg Castle, Helsingør, Denmark?

House of The Rising Sun - Other

The "other versions" don't really fit into the traditional or the rock category, some of them feature ladies but all in all they are just a bit different.

Santa Esmeralda

This is a kind of club/dance version.  It was a Top 20 Disco hit in 1977.

John Otway

If you've been here before, you know I am a big fan of John's.  And I truly believe that this unique version ranks up there with the best of them.  Too cool for school.  Awesome.

Naomi Chiaki/ちあきなおみ

Naomi Chiaki (ちあき なおみ Chiaki Naomi, born September 17, 1947), is a Japanese singer and actress who worked from the late 1960s to the early 1990s.  This was the only foreign language version I found.
Very nice voice and a different arrangement.

Duran Duran

 at VooDoo Fest 2006 in New Orleans, LA  circa 2006

Amanda Palmer & Nervous Cabaret

at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY on November 14th, 2009.  It's Amanda Palmer, what else can I say.  Enjoy.

Deep River Quartet

The Deep River Quartet are a Dutch group, I had never heard of them before but they do a great sould version.   I have to wonder if they got the name from the Deep River Boys?  Maybe as a tribute?

Princess Playdate

Jolie O'Dell, Star St. Germain, Bexie Brown, Ben Mulholland, and Ryan Ochs tackle House of the Rising
Sun at their gig at the Gig in June 2007.

I thought I was all done and then somehow this version popped up an it just had to be included.
Robotic Orchestra

Robotic Orchestra hung from the Ceiling We have had the honor to have designed and built more thatn 18 of the instruments used in the Pat Metheny Orchestrion project on tour now. I have recently been interviewed by the New York Times and Jazz Times. CBS Sunday morning has called to come here from New York to interview and film RagtimeWest for there show airing in March, 2010.  [Kenquien]

House of The Rising Sun - The Ladies

Some of "The Ladies" could have been in the Traditional group, but I figured it would be nice to give them their own grouping.

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead's is a beautiful version from her 2002 album "Sean Nós Nua".

Joan Baez

This version by Joan and her beautiful voice is from around 1960.

Cat Power

House of the Rising Sun cover by Cat Power. from the Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP
Chan Marshall performing at the Frequenze Disturbate festival on August 5th, 2006 in Urbino, Italy
Updated 6.15.2013

Tori Amos

Strange Little Tour in Houston 2001, this version will give you chills.
Updated 6.15.2013

Siobhan Magnus

This is a great version by Siobhan, you can fast forward to about the 1 minute marker so you don't have to listen to Ryan Seacrest.  In my opinion Siobhan should not have been voted off.  In fact I believe she should have won it.  Best singer of the season, but a bit too quirky for the American taste.  And after Adam Lambert the previous season the timing was wrong.
Updated 6.15.2013

Ronnie Gilbert

Guitar, Fred Hellerman / Erik Darling
Ronnie Gilbert (born September 7, 1926) is an American folk-singer, one of the original members of The Weavers with Pete Seeger, Lee Hays and Fred Hellerman.

Dolly Parton

I don't think Dolly ever sang a bad song, and this is no exception.
In September 1981, Dolly Parton released a cover of the song as the third single from her 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs album. Parton's version reached # 14 on the U.S. country singles chart, and crossed over to the pop charts, where it reached # 77 on the Billboard Hot 100; it also reached # 30 on the U.S AC charts. Parton has occasionally performed the song live, perhaps most notably, on her 1987-88 television show, in an episode taped live in New Orleans.    [Wikipedia]

House of The Rising Sun - Traditional

When I say traditional versions, that does not mean they are all the same. It is more that they are sung in a folk/blues/jazz style that would appear to be traditional.
Since we don't even know who wrote it who can say whether it is a folk song, a blues song or even a jazz song.
So this is my group of "traditional" versions. And there are some gems here.

Woodie Guthrie

The Woodie Guthrie version was recorded in 1941.


I have no idea when Odetta first sang this song, but this version is from a 2005 tour.  And mighty fine stuff it is.


Lead Belly recorded two versions of the song in February 1944 and in October 1948 called "In New Orleans" and "The House of the Rising Sun" respectively, and the latter was recorded in the sessions that later became the album Lead Belly's Last Sessions (1994, Smithsonian Folkways).

Nina Simone

With a bonus of "Go to Hell" live at The Bitter End Cafe (1968)
That version disappeared, updated 6.15.2013

Buster Poindexter

This is from the inFAMOUS 2 trailer.

Waylon Jennings

It's Waylon, what else can I say.

Shawn Mullins

San Francisco KFOG Radio, Live from the Archives 2008

Roxy Perry

at BB King's Club, Memphis - Blues Foundation IBC 2006

Bob Dylan

Bob so loved the Animals version, but his version bordered back on the traditional.
Replaced video 6.15.2013 because of the Web Sheriff with no further comment because this is a family site.  But corporate money making BS is involved.

Thanks to Dwight (see comments below) I came back here to find that for whatever reason the Woodie Guthrie version was no more. So I had to replace it. And since his suggestion was along the "traditional" lines and I liked the version I figured to add it here.
So enjoy this "skiffle" version from 1984, live at the Isle of Wight.
Nervous Breakdown

House of The Rising Sun

"The House of the Rising Sun" is a folk song from the United States. Also called "House of the Rising Sun" or occasionally "Rising Sun Blues", it tells of a life gone wrong in New Orleans. The most successful commercial version was recorded by the English rock group The Animals in 1964, which was a number one hit in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and Canada.
Like many classic folk ballads, the authorship of "The House of the Rising Sun" is unknown. Some musicologists believe it is based on the tradition of broadside ballads such as the "Unfortunate Rake" of the 18th century which were taken to America by early settlers. Many of these had the theme of "if only" and after a period of evolution, they emerge as American songs like "Streets of Laredo".
Alan Price of The Animals has claimed that the song was originally a sixteenth-century English folk song about a Soho brothel, and that English emigrants took the song to America where it was adapted to its later New Orleans setting.
The oldest known existing recording is by Appalachian artists Clarence Ashley and Gwen Foster and was made in 1933. Ashley said he had learned it from his grandfather, Enoch Ashley. Alger "Texas"
Alexander's "The Risin' Sun," recorded in 1928, is sometimes mentioned as the first recording, but is a completely different song. .......more
I heard this on the radio today, not saying which version, and it started a train of thought.  There are just so many good and various versions around it would be hard to come up with a favorite.  I know in my youth I listened to the Leadbelly version, and later on Joan Baez.  But obviously the song hit big time when The Animals recorded it.   At the time a lot of people were affronted when Frijid Pink had the gall to record it.
But you know that is also a great version.   Because there are so many versions I am going to split this post over several, just to help out anyone on a slow interface.  The different versions are not sorted in any particular way, so juts because it appears first does not make a version anyones favorite.
So first up ...........

The Rock versions

The Animals

1964 - An interview with Eric Burdon revealed that he first heard the song in a club in Newcastle, England, where it was sung by a Northumbrian folk singer called Johnny Handle. The Animals were on tour with Chuck Berry and chose it because they wanted something distinctive to sing. This interview denies assertions that the inspiration for their arrangement came from Dylan. The band enjoyed a huge hit with the song, much to Dylan's chagrin when his version was referred to as a cover—the irony of which was not lost on Van Ronk, who went on record as saying that the whole issue was a "tempest in a teapot," and that Dylan stopped playing the song after The Animals' hit because fans accused Dylan of plagiarism. Dylan has said he first heard The Animals' version on his car radio and "jumped out of his car seat" because he liked it so much.  [Wikipedia]

Frijid Pink

In 1970, Detroit band Frijid Pink released a version, which was also a hit. Sometimes described as psychedelic, their rendition is more in line with the proto-punk sound of fellow Detroit acts MC5 and The Stooges. Their version is in 4/4 time (like Van Ronk's and most earlier versions, rather than the 6/8 used by The Animals), and was driven by Gary Ray Thompson's distorted guitar with fuzz and wah wah effects, set against the freneticdrumming of Richard Stevers.  Lead singer Tom Beaudry's vocal phrasing almost exactly matched Eric Burdon's.


The great Muse version is from around 2006, has never appeared on any of their albums, it was recorded for the NME charity album for War Child.

The Ventures

A typical together Ventures instrumental version is circa 1966.


I had never heard the BTO version before, if memory serves me well.  I guess it was recorded in the seventies, and it's a pretty decent version.

White Stripes

And finally the White Stripes really rock it out, strangely in the credits department for their 2005 tour it lists Bob Dylan as the composer.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

So you are sitting in the food court at the mall eating your burger and fries, or tacos, or dim sum, whatever. And someone bursts out with the Hallelujah Chorus. And a mob joins in. Awesome! And amazingly well done, now where does one find a flash mob of Oratorio standard singers? Only in Canada I guess.

On Nov.13 2010 unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch. Over 100 participants in this awesome Christmas Flash Mob. This is a must see!

This flash mob was organized by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Special thanks to Robert Cooper and Chorus Niagara, The Welland Seaway Mall, and Fagan Media Group.

Auto Defiance

With a signature sound of dark, lush instrumentation combined with pensive lyrics, a unique blend of art-rock has emerged. Hailing from East Nashville, Tennessee, The Auto Defiance is led by enigmatic songwriter Bradley Boyer and vocalist-pianist Angelika Scoggins. Joining to build this ornately complex wall of sound is a small collective of passionate musicians who share a love for playing heavy-yet-atmospheric songs, which take you on an adventure from high-energy anthems to melodramatic ballads. Based in the heart of 5-points in East Nashville, the band often features a Cellist or string duo alongside ambient vintage film footage flickering behind the band live.
..... more

I stumbled across this new promo single from Auto Defiance and was suitably impressed. Some really cool vibes here.

Heart Attack

East Nashville indie art collective, The Auto Defiance, is pleased to announce their new single "Heart Attack", which exposes the irony and wretched excess of the Hollywood glam, or any stereotype with a "rich and famous" mentality.

Scenes from the Golden Age of Film explores the roller coaster lifestyles of the Hollywood elite, with sinister bits of Film Noir telling the horrors that seem to amplify within their fame induced delusions.

It's much too good to last.
You're far too good to wait.
This time, I think I'll pass.
Get past the masquerade.

It's you with your face in the crowd.
It's you who's stabbed in the back.
Nothing new, You're a Heart Attack.
Nothing new. There's no way back, No way back.

Everyone's high class.
It's nothing new,
They're here to over act.
The highest crime to know that you've been had.
Wasted time, a life spent chasing fads.

It's you with your face in the crowd.
It's you who's stabbed in the back.
Nothing new, You're a Heart Attack.
Nothing new. There's no way back, No way back

And here is a live appearance earlier this year on Balcony TV.

Back to the future, see them in 2012


Isn't it a great time, the Brit singing birds are back. We had Duffy earlier this month releasing a great new album. Now we get this, Adele's Brand New Single 'Rolling In The Deep'.
Now all we want is for Amy to produce a new one.
The album 21 will be released on 24 January 2011, the first single released from the album "Rolling In The Deep" described by Adele as a "dark bluesy gospel disco tune" and co-written by the singer with Epworth will be released on 16 January 2011. Can you believe 19 was released in 2007/2008.

Rolling In The Deep

And here is a great live version of the tune from a Dutch TV show.
Rolling In The Deep - Live

Watch Adele perform "Rolling In The Deep" from her forthcoming album '21' live on the MaDiWoDoVrijdagShow.

What Adele said about her album '21':
"I'm very excited, nervous, eager, anxious but chuffed to announce my new album! It's taken a while and it knocked me for six when writing it. It's different from "19", it's about the same things but in a different light. I deal with things differently now. I'm more patient, more honest, more forgiving and more aware of my own flaws, habits and principles. Something that comes with age I think. So fittingly this record is called "21". The whole reason I called my first album "19" was about cataloging what happened to me then and who I was then, like a photo album you see the progression and changes in a person throughout the years".

The CD album "21" will be released on January 24, 2011.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ania Dąbrowska

Ania [ˈaɲa]; called also with her birthname: Ania Dąbrowska, [ˈaɲa dɔmˈbrɔvska]) is a Polish singer and composer, born January 7, 1981 in Chełm, Poland performing music that's a connection of pop and soul. Her inspiration is often retro music, especially Polish music of the 1960's.

The first song I heard from Ania was her version of the Cher hit "Bang Bang" and I think her version can be compared favorably.

Bang Bang

Another great cover she has done is of this Beatles tune.
Strawberry Fields Forever

And the final track brings back so many memories, thank you to whoever combined the footage with Ania's great version.
Suicide Is Painless

Oh by the way, all of these songs are on her most recent album "Ania Movie"

Track Listing
01 – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
02 – Everybody’s Talking
03 – Give Me Your Love
04 – Across 110Th Street
05 – Suicide Is Painless
06 – Silent Sigh
07 – Strawberry Fields Forever
08 – Deeper And Deeper
09 – Sound Of Silence
01 – Nigdy Nie Mow Nigdy
02 – Lalolot
03 – Johnny And Mary (Nouvelle Vague feat. Ania)
04 – Long Time Woman
05 – Driving All Around feat. Bogdan Kondracki (Edit Version)
06 – Everybody’s Talkin’ (Demo)
07 – Suicide Is Painless (Demo)
08 – L’ultimo
09 – Smutek Mam We Krwi (Live)

Abigail Peach Tree

So today I was browsing around on Bandcamp, found some new ways of searching. Didn't realize you could browse by genre. There is so much talent on this site. Nut normally I only visit with recommendations from friends. But today I just started by selecting "Blues". Still way to many to know how to make it through the mass. So I just picked an interesting looking album cover.
On my second pick I found Abigail Peach Tree. This young lady has an intriguing voice. She say's these are rough cut tracks, but give them a listen. There is an awful lot of potential here.
I really enjoyed these tracks.

In her own words:
This is a collection of assorted and rough cut takes. in the cases where the song was previously written, the melody is itself new. resisting consistency, each time its new, this is a small capture of an offer. .

released 29 December 2010
recorded mostly by meself on 4 track, though some are sliced from the sour house garage session in olympia wa by mike long (gracias!) and some are taken from scotty audio's allowance (leaving me alone in a lecture hall for 30 minutes to do the thing, perfect!) and some are taken way back to the deep realms of seattle wa, in assorted basements from collected favors. thanks to eryone whos suporting the cultural work of making music available and shared amongst us all!

And if you still want some more, check out an earlier free single.

do you want to go to the water, you were my i was your half birthday star. enough space to room wiggling along sideways with our tails leaving. you are what i am born a small arrival of the colossal prehistoric shuffle preamble lit to the glow, i am what is from your bones, sister falling at the same speed, your eyes first fall backwards to two brothers alike in their house, our skins are par to wander skimming the block in untold flushing we race the sun around and switch laughing. i am you, when first you are grandmother carrying the globe in your face child. we are to make each other and so goes to say you are my am me we break and find each other once at day.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sand River

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
And today on this beautiful Thanksgiving day I would like to introduce you to a new band.
They're a little band from Durham, UK, called Sand River, who make cool music.
They are a two-man, guitar (Si) and drums (Guy) band, but they don't sound like all the other White Stripes copycats out there. They've been playing together for a few years, gigging around the North-East of England, including supporting such acts as Jon Gomm and Canada’s Immaculate Machine.
They have recently recorded a self-funded, self-released EP, tracks from which have been played on independent internet radio, (Recharged Radio and Sweet Sound Studio) and podcasts from around the world (Is This Thing On [Nick Tann's masterpiece], Suffolk ‘n’ Cool, Erk FM and the Justin Wayne Show).


Sand River performing "Alba" at the Durham CAMRA festival 2010.

Having just listened to this great album I urge you to do yourself a favor, give it a listen I'm sure you will be as blown away as I was.

And guess what, you don't have to go too far.

All songs by Sand River.
Simon Robinson: Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Guy Siviour: Drums, Percussion, C# (Track 2)

Recorded at White Wolf Studios, February-March 2010
Produced by Ian Thompson and Sand River

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lilly Wood and The Prick

Lily Wood and The Prick, how did they ever come up with a name like that? And why did he agree to it?
Maybe it's just different in French.

Last FM is no real help here either, other than to find out neither is called Lilly Wood:
Lilly Wood & The Prick are Nili Hadida (lead vocals, piano, glockenspiel) and Benjamin Cotto (guitar and backing vocals). Formed in 2006 in Paris, their first self-titled EP is composed of 6 tracks among which there is a folk version of hit L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold. The song Water ran is featured on the compilation Folk and Proud.
The first album Invincible Friends was due, May 31, 2010.

But what's in a name, this is a wonderful duo with an awesome sound.
I for one am definitely going to get my hands on the album Invincible Friends.
Give them a listen, see if you don't agree.

Cover My Face

Down the drain

Hey it's OK


It's getting closer to release time for Duffy's new album, so time to hear some more tracks from it.
I read a release date of 11-29-2010, not sure if that is just the UK or also USA.
We can but hope.

Question, is it just me or is she getting more beautiful by the day? Just asking.


from Live At Home 11-2010

Keeping My Baby

My Boy

Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul.

Former strangers Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price, and Jeremy Styles were united in the great city of New York. Each had migrated there from a far corner of the nation with naught but food in their pockets and money in their bellies. Each had the same true love. Since then, the three have nested, and their unique brand of brightly melodic songcraft continues to blossom of its own accord.

And I have to say a big thank you to my friend JC for introducing them to me. What a beautiful sound they make. Their great tunes will make you want to dance, or at least to smile. Solid good music. They have a new EP that you can find at Family Records.

Black Vessel

That Will Smith, he's just everywhere.

Will Smith Medley

Douglas Douglass

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

John Otway

Someone to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.
John Otway a musical treasure.
Haven't had any since June so it's about time.
I really don't need any excuse to have some Otway music here, just something to fill the page (my words that is).  His music is never filler.
I figured to play a few of his classic ballads, some of his more tender writings.

We know what she's doing

Live somewhere in 2007

Poetry and Jazz

Live at Aldershot West End Centre 2008


What the hell am I doing in champagne Illinois?
When I want to be in Montréal.
I just phoned the agency in a mid west American city,
He said tomorrow youre in Chicago and the next day in quebec.
I said Dont bother tellin me that cos I aint interested.
I just wanna know how long it is until we cross the border.
So tell me when were playin in Montreal,
Cos theres friend I wanna see
And I hope she wants to see me
And its hard to think of anything else at all.

I had to update this today.  I got a message from Michael Heath pointing me to a poll on songwriters taken by The Independant that confirms my opinion of how good a songwriter John is.  [11.24.2010]

Elin Gaustad

Elin Gaustad is a singer/songwriter from Norway, she was discovered on the Norwegian version of X-Factor. Is there a country without X-Factor? Ohh yes, the USA, at least until 2011.
This young lady has a very pleasing voice so perhaps you may want to check out her album Whole New Beginning. Both videos featured here are tracks from that new album.

Confessional song

live @ Rådhusplassen, Oslo 2010

The Water is Wide (with Kurt Nilsen)

Juke Kartel

Here's a band with a singer with a big voice, Toby Rand is that singer.
Juke Kartel hails from Melbourne, Australia.
But their first official video for the new album was filmed here in California.
That amazing graphic above is from their web site
You can go there and listen to some more of the album. But check out these videos first.

After a massive year which has seen singles from their album "Levolution" hit radio around the world and their Australian tour with Slash cement their place as one of the country's most accomplished rock acts, Juke Kartel have launched their new single "If Only".

The video clip is the first from the "Levolution" album.

If Only

Juke Kartel If Only official video
"'If Only' was written in respect to growing up in an environment where your journey and emotions were put to the test. The message of the song is to live for the moment and trust in your path. Shooting the video was an incredible experience as we got to shoot in some amazing landscapes -- from skipping around rattle snakes in the desert, to amazing conversations with the homeless in downtown L.A., to the beauty of the California beaches. The concept of searching for our instruments during the video actually helped us rediscover the song, thinking back to when it was written as well as reliving our story up to this day. For us, music is the moment we live for.
-- Singer Toby Rand

Brightest Star

JK singing "Brightest Star" on Sirius Radio - Mansion Mayhem.

“Brightest Star” is currently this year’s official campaign song for the Susan G. Komen Foundation For the Cure. When you download this song from Itunes, you will be helping fund the cure for breast cancer, as well as provide specific communities of women the resources they need for early detection. Every download makes a difference!

Juke Kartel is:
Toby Rand - Vocals
Todd Burman - Guitars
Dale Winters - Guitars, Vocals
Tommy Kende - Bass, Vocals
Jason Pinfold - Drums

Monday, November 22, 2010


So today how about some Gothic rock from Slovakia? Sound pretty good to me, check it out.

Snovonne singer and songwriter living by turns in London, USA and Slovakia, currently residing in Hannover, Germany. She represents the temperament and unpredictability of Kate Bush, orchestral and theatrical monumentality of Meat Loaf and the playful bitterness of language used by Marilyn Manson.

Snovonne’s Music is a brave mix of temper and heavy riffs with fragile and heart-breaking melodies. Pure elegance in all the dark shades full of expression and emotion. Every word she writes and each note she sings is lived through to the bone. This authenticity makes the Sno-fans personally relate to her – they even translate the lyrics into different languages and present them on their profiles as something that defines their personality.
Rock and metal is where Sno feels at home but she usually mixes in elements from different genres. As she says: “it’s depending on what the song needs”.

It’s Sno, Baby - Not Sugar the new album was recorded by Sno at her home studio in London. She spent the last days of 2009 in Hannover, Germany with Jan Nemec (Magic Minds Music, worked with Celtic Frost, Grave Digger, Kreyson) producing the album, mixing and mastering. ...more

It's Sno, Baby - Not Sugar

Dressed In White (The Last Supper Song)

Live at Masters Of Rock, Vizovice, Czech Republic. 15-jul-2010