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Elin Lanto

Elin Lanto is a Swedish singer who has had several hits in her home country, including the number one "I Won't Cry." Lanto first came to prominence after her performance of her song "Money" in Melodifestivalen 2007. She also took part in Melodifestivalen 2010 with "Doctor Doctor".
In 2009 Elin made her US debut by releasing the single "Discotheque" on the American iTunes store, also featuring a new remix by Jonas von de Burg. On March 1 2009, "Discotheque" was featured on Showtime's The L Word.

Love Made Me Stupid


I Can Do It (Watch Me Now)

Brittany Flickinger

Here is an unsigned young lady with a good future. She can actually sing.
Despite winning the Paris Hilton My BFF competition Brittany Flickinger can go places with her singing.

Coffee Shop Soundtrack - with Ryan Leslie

Get A Hold Of Yourself

Piccadilly 1929

This is an extract from the movie Piccadilly made in 1929. This was before talkies so I am assuming the sound track music is a recent addition. But this is a fascinating slice of the time. Even though it is "movie" style it gives a glimpse into the night life of London, both in Piccadilly and in Chinatown (Limehouse).

With its stunning production design and photography, 'Piccadilly' depicts London through an otherworldly cocktail of influences, blending the debauchery of the rich West End set with the sleazy excitement of a Limehouse dive bar and the city's smoky Chinese quarter.

German émigré E.A. Dupont, who brought an international flair to late-'20s British cinema, also tackles the then risqué subject of inter-racial sex. As Shosho, who works her way from kitchen hand to star attraction at the eponymous nightclub, via a love tryst with its (attached) owner, Chinese-American star Anna May Wong represents the ultimate, and ultimately doomed, Deco diva. (Simon McCallum)

For more information about 'Piccadilly' see screenonline.

I Blame Coco

Eliot Pauline Sumner (born July 30, 1990, in Pisa, Italy), better known as Coco Sumner, is an English musician recording under the band name I Blame Coco. I Blame Coco's first album, The Constant, is due out in 2010, and the first single, "Caesar", was released in February 2010. Coco has also worked as an actress and model. She is the daughter of musician Sting and actress/producer Trudie Styler.
Coco began playing music at a young age and began working on an album at 15. Some of her earlier songs include "2B 2D or not 2B", "Bohemian Love", "Darkstar", "I Blame Coco", "Never Be", "No Smile", and "Silencio". At 17, Coco signed a multi-record deal with Island Records. Since then, she has spent time rewriting and recording The Constant in Sweden with one of her two producers, Klas Åhlund. I Blame Coco's debut single, "Caesar", featuring Robyn, was released in February 2010 along with a music video.
Coco has also worked with Fyfe Dangerfield on a cover of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", with Miike Snow, and with Sub Focus on "Splash" from his self-titled album. She has performed with Pete Doherty and Mr Hudson.    [Wikipedia]

The apple don't fall far from the tree.  Cool voice.


Please Rewind

DoBeDo film #007 - I Blame Coco 'Please Rewind' on Super 8. Shot early 2009 live for
Filmed by Tyrone Lebon

Message to you Rudy (with Natty)


Uffie (born Anna-Catherine Hartley on December 9, 1987) is an American-born, Hong Kong-raised, Paris-based rapper, vocalist, entertainer, songwriter and electro artist currently signed by French music label Ed Banger Records. She has been descibed as a muse for French DJs and incorporates the genres of synthpop, electronica, hip hop, rap and dance into her music and often works with her fellow label-mates, Feadz and Mr. Oizo. She is perhaps best known for her singles "Pop the Glock", "First Love" and "Hot Chick" and her collaboration with labelmates Justice on the single "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy." Her long awaited debut album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans will be released through Ed Banger Records on May 31, 2010. [Wikipedia]

Pop The Glock

Brand New Car

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lolene Everett (born March 12th 1985, also known simply as Lolene, is a British music artist, songwriter, record producer and performer from Bristol, England.
Lolene was raised by her mother and describes herself as "independent by default" for this reason. While in Bristol, Lolene began singing backing vocals for Martina Topley-Bird  (vocalist for Tricky) and also collaborated with local drum and bass pioneer Roni Size.
On relocating to London, Lolene signed a development deal with BMG Records to front their latest girl group. She wrote the group's material, but left shortly after to pursue a solo career and focus on her songwriting. Lolene created her alter ego, Miss Foo Foo, while involved in London's club scene. She describes her created character as "the spoilt, extravert, heightened part of my existence."
Lolene moved to Los Angeles and signed to Beluga Heights/Sony ATV after being discovered by record producer J.R. Rotem (Rihanna, Britney Spears) and his manager Zach Katz. Initially hired as a writer, Lolene began developing her personal sound with the help of Rotem and other producers.  [Wikipedia]
Her buzz club single is called "Sexy People" and you can hear a great remix here.
It's really really hot. Her actual material will be much more pop based, and her lead single "Rich" will be released soon!!!

Sexy People (Static Revenge Club Edit)


Jaya is the first British/Indian female artist signed by a major label. She is signed to Universal Music. She is well networked within the music industry and has already gone on tour with N-Dubz and Peter Andre.
She is releasing her debut single "DJ Do It Again" on February 22nd in the UK! The song sounds very similar to Beyoncé's "Radio" as well as some of Lady GaGa's tunes.
The official remix will be remixed by N-Dubz!
On her myspace, there are clips to two songs, one called "Thunder" and "Lights Go Out" which are R&B midtempos!

DJ Do it again

Backstage footage

Exclusive footage of rising star Jaya's recent performance at the Royal Holloway University.

Hamed Nikpay

This guy has a truly soulful voice. He also plays a mean guitar or Tar or Setar or Tanboor or Oud or Daf, since he is a master of all. Such an evocative sound.
I have no idea what he is singing, but it is amazing anyway. Love it.
Give him a listen. More at LastFM. Sadly I missed his concert tour last year.

At the forefront of experimental music, Hamed Nikpay’s passion for his innovative genre is embedded in his solid knowledge of fundamentals of Persian music, his ability to perform numerous Persian instruments masterfully, and his incisive interpretation and selection of Persian poetry for his songs. These artistic proclivities have enabled him to create musical paragons, which are gripping and much admired by enthusiasts of Persian and world music alike.

He learned to sing at a very young age, studying under the tutorship of some of the Masters of classical Persian music. His love of Persian Music motivated him to learn and play many musical instruments revered in the Persian culture -- Tar & Setar, Tanbour, Oud, and Daf, which he plays expertly and soulfully. He has recorded two albums in Iran, performing as a fusion vocalist, and has produced two albums” Solo Passage”, and “All Is Calm” in US.

Hamed has performed in numerous concerts before enthusiastic audiences throughout Iran, Asia, Europe and U.S. His mesmerizing voice has earned him the reputation of being 'One of Iran's Best Young Vocalists' among both American and Iranian audiences. He was one of the first and few artists who showed his solidarity with the Iranian men and women who have put their lives in the harms way for freedom and democracy. The song entitled “The Owner of this Land—Maaleke een Khaak” written and performed by him for this occasion, has received much popularity for its originality and its soulful rendition. [Biography from his web site]

Atashe Daroon (The Fire Within)

Fareeb (Deceit)

Hamed Nikpay and Friends Live In Los Angeles

Accompanying Hamed on this tour is a brilliant ensemble of some of the most distinguished musicians.
Greg Ellis-Percussionist
Daniel Fries- Flamenco Guitarist
Dimitris Mahlis- Multi Instrumentalist
and featuring Saxophonist, Farzin Farhadi.

Journey by a London Bus - 1950

Back in the days of the Commonwealth this is an interesting take on London Buses intended for overseas distribution. However when they state that riding on a London bus is comfortable, that is all relevant. This was in the pre-ticket machine days, when they carried a clip of pre-printed tickets and had to punch a hole in it to show it was issued.

British Government Public Information Films
Production Company: Colonial Film Unit
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Language: English
United Kingdom - UK

Uncle Earl

Uncle Earl is an American old-time music group, formed in 2000 by KC Groves and Jo Serrapere. They are an all-women-band and often they refer to themselves as the g'Earls. Their fans have also been nicknamed as g'Earlfriends.
By March of 2007, the release of Waterloo, Tennessee was the fifth record by the band, produced by the famed John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame. The number of albums created by the bandmates was an impressive accomplishment considering that the members all live in different parts of the United States.
more ....

This is a great video, first Uncle Earl sing the song, then the original version by Blind Willie Johnson is featured.

Uncle Earl - Blind Willie Johnson Titanic song God Moves On The Water, 2009 and 1929

Uncle Earl (2009) and Blind Willie Johnson (1929) God Moves On The Water, a song about the Titanic iceberg shipwreck disaster. 2 versions of the same song, a cover and the original. Music Video by Dgold.
Concert photography by Brian Kisida.

The Last Goodbye

In England at the BBC.

In studio in Australia

The Birdman of Lisbon

Not sure what genre you would file this music, but it is very entertaining.
Claudio Montuori performs in Lisbon, Portugal.

Then again sometimes he's in Rome.

Claudio Montuori is a street musician in Rome, Italy with a very special style of singing and playing influenced by African tribal music. Filmed here performing his 'drop out fantasy' on the streets of Trastevre, Rome november 2009.

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Lo'Jo are a group of France-based musicians, performing and recording a blend of world music with strong North African as well as French folk elements.

The band was founded in 1982 in Angers by singer/keyboardist Denis Péan and Richard Bourreau (violin/kora). These two have remained central to Lo'Jo throughout their history. For several years, with a rotating cast of members, they played events locally, working with acrobats, street theatre, mime, dancers and film as part of their overall presentation. They have subsequently maintained a communal lifestyle, based in Angers.

By the end of the 1980s, they were playing throughout Europe and had appeared in New York as part of an artists' collective. Including Nicholas 'Kham' Meslien (bass) and Matthieu Rousseau (drums) (later replaced by Franck Vaillant), they consolidated their line-up, and their first album, Fils de Zamal, was released in 1993. In 1995 the group added Berber singer/saxophonist Yamina Nid El Mourid and her sister, Nadia, who brought a strong North African influence to the music. In 1996, the new lineup recorded Sin Acabar, and 1997 saw them complete Mojo Radio, both with English producer Justin Adams. Upon the latter's release they found more acclaim in the world music community, getting them on the WOMAD circuit.
more ......

African Festival in the Sahara Desert - Lo'Jo and Django

Lo'Jo en concert à Montselgues Festival la Pleine Lune

Un extrait de l'excellent concert de ce groupe Angevin, en juillet 2009, en Ardèche


The Söndörgő Ensemble was established in Szentendre, Hungary, in 1995. It was on the basis of our family tradition and due to our attraction to Southern Slav folk music that we set the objective of cultivating this particularly rich and valuable tradition. It was during our secondary education years that we got to know each other and began playing music together. We strive to perform archaic folk music in a concert setup and to instrumentalise it in a way that is true to both reality and tradition. We are currently studying the folk music collected by great Hungarian researchers of music such as Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics, as well as the extant Southern Slav folk music tradition.
Our ensemble is classified as a tambur band occasionally complemented with accordeon and flute.
To perform melodies from the Balkans, we sound various wind instruments such as clarinet, kaval and saxophone, a variety of drums like tarabuka and tapan, as well as a wealth of string instruments, e.g. litarka. [Last FM]

I visited Novi Sad a couple of times, beautiful city. I stayed in a castle that had been converted to a hotel. Very nice. Learned to appreciate this style of music whilst I was there.

Bisernica Janika Balaza Novi Sad - Studio M


Duna Tv-Élő népzene
Recorded at Sargfabrik, Wien 2007.05.10. - Söndörgő plays live folkmusic

Thanks to Bluesmen's World

Narcotic Fields

Narcotic Fields is a Czech trip-hop group with female vocals. The music is quite ethereal and trippy most of the time, but sometimes strays into bouts of hard rock with guitar effects that make you feel like someone put something in your drink. The female vocals are rather soothing and add significantly to the trippiness. [WFLM]

Olomouc band Narcotic Fields was founded in 2007 by Tomáš Bayer and Tereza Kopecká. Later, the band expanded to its current six members: Tereza Kopecká: vocals, Tomáš Bayer: programming and keyboards, backing vocals, Mojmír Havlík: guitar, Zdeněk Pospíšil: guitar, Roman Vičík: bass, Ctirad Tomas: drums. The band’s sound is mainly influenced by Bristol trip hop, guitar indie scene and electronic music.
[Last FM]

Never Let Me Down


Live performance in the Czech television CT1 3-13-2008, programme Dobre rano (Good Morning).

Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo

Direct from Pilipinas Got Talent please welcome BM (Big Mouth).
If you find it a bit slow, and you want to liven it up move it up to one minute forty seconds and it comes alive.

Totally Awesome!!!

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Traffic Congestion in London 1903

Traffic congestion in Edwardian London.

Made over 100 years ago, this footage shows a number of scenes shot around central London, taking in locations such as Hyde Park Corner, Parliament Square and Charing Cross Station. We see crowds of people disembarking from a pleasure steamer at Victoria Embankment, pedestrians dodging horse-drawn carriages in Pall Mall and heavy traffic trotting down the Strand.

There are plenty of famous landmarks to spot here, including Big Ben, the National Gallery and the Bank of England, and it is fascinating to see the similarities between the customs of then and now - the dense traffic (mainly horse-drawn, with the occasional motor car) is highly reminiscent of today's London rush hour, while advertising on public transport is clearly no new phenomenon - in one scene, an advert for Nestlé's Milk seems to be plastered on every other vehicle.

Big Thank you to the London Screens Archive

Pirates in the sixties

The radio pirates offshore England in the 60's. The only way to listen to rock n roll since the Auntie Beeb really didn't play too much pop music at all.
Listening to historic recordings, the early programmes from Radio Caroline now sound bland, awkward and amateurish. But to the population, all day pop music radio was a revelation. No speeches, lectures, gardening tips or cookery suggestions. No 'Woman's Hour' or 'Listen With Mother.' No music shows where massed banjo bands murdered current pop hits. By the autumn of 1964 Caroline had more listeners than the three BBC networks combined.
The furious Alan Crawford put Radio Atlanta on air right next to Caroline's wavelength, but Caroline had the audience and a merger was inevitable. Crawford's ship stayed off Essex and became Caroline South, while the MV Caroline travelled to her original intended destination near the Isle Of Man and became Caroline North. Now O'Rahilly had almost all of the UK plus Southern Ireland and substantial parts of the continent in range of his transmitters. more ......

Also check out everything you ever wanted to know about Wonderful Radio London.

Caroline, London, City

Wonderful Radio London

Live on board, see John Peel, Mark Roman, Paul Kay and others. See the studios and mess room.

As much as I loved the pirate stations, I hated this song.
We love the pirates

Bettie Serveert

Bettie Serveert is an indie-rock band from The Netherlands. Their name, which translates to “Bettie serves,” is taken from a series of tennis instructional books by Dutch tennis player Betty Stove, who lost the Wimbledon Ladies singles final in 1977.

Comprising vocalist Carol Van Dijk (vocals), Peter Visser (guitar), Herman Bunskoeke (bass) and Berend Dubbe (drums) they originally formed in 1986 as a side-project of De Artsen. After De Artsen split up in 1990, Bettie Serveert became a full-time project. Bettie Serveert released their debut album “Palomine” in 1992, which, fifteen years after its release, is still a modern indie rock classic, wonderfully blending together influences of Velvet Underground and Neil Young with melancholic lyrics, catchy tunes and a lo-fi-feel. more ........


Pinkpop Festival, May 31, 1993 (Landgraaf, Netherlands)

Deny All

You've Changed

Friday, March 26, 2010


Because you can never get too much of a good thing, some DeVotchKa to take us into the weekend.

The Clockwise Witness

DeVotchKa performs 'The Clockwise Witness' at the Ottawa Bluesfest in 2009.

Ocean of Lust + Venus in Furs

DeVotchKa performs "Ocean of Lust " and "Venus in Furs" at their Valentine's Day show at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado.

Upcoming tour dates:

Apr 16 2010 Roseland Theater - Soul’d Out Music Festival Portland, Oregon
Apr 18 2010 Savoy Du Metropolis - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Montreal, Quebec
Apr 20 2010 Sound Academy - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Toronto, Ontario
Apr 21 2010 Royal Oak Music Theatre - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Royal Oak,MI M
Apr 23 2010 Congress Theatre - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Chicago, Illinois
Apr 24 2010 First Avenue - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Minneapolis, MN
Apr 25 2010 First Avenue - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Minneapolis, MN
Apr 28 2010 House of Blues Boston - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Boston, MA
Apr 29 2010 Rams Head Live! - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Baltimore, Maryland
Apr 30 2010 Rams Head Live! - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Baltimore, Maryland
May 1 2010 The Electric Factory - DeVotchKa w/ Gogol Bordello Philadelphia, PA
Jun 26 2010 Telluride Town Park - Telluride Wine Festival Telluride, Colorado

Rotherithe Tunnel

I can't think of a better tune to accompany this video of a trip through the Rotherithe Tunnel. Back in the early sixties I used to be a bus conductor and frequently worked the Rotherithe Tunnel route. We used to call it the Wall of Death. Saw some strange stuff in that tunnel.

Disappearing London

I could not resist this beautiful video made up of photographs by Terence Nunn.
We have to be thankful that there are people around like Mr Nunn who have preserved a past way of life, at least in image format.

On his web site Mr Nunn tells us: "I took my first black-and-white photographs in 1945. In the mid-1960s I began wandering the deserted Sunday streets of what was still a post-war London, taking colour photographs of the bomb sites, run-down backstreets, dusty antique shops and greasy-spoon cafés. Selections of my photographs are in the collections of the Museum of London, the international Bridgeman Art Library and Getty Images of New York.
I and my unique pictures have been featured in the award-winning ITV series Disappearing London, presented by pop star Suggs, screened a number of times in the UK and USA."
To which I say "Thank you very much, Mr. Nunn".

Looking at London through rose colored glasses

London in the Sixties. I think it is the old film stock that makes it all look so rosy. Because as good as a wallow in nostalgia can be it was never this pink.
But it has some great reminders of a softer gentler time. Which at the time everybody thought were the wild times. Go figure.

The Heavy

The Heavy are an English indie rock band from Noid, England.
The core of the group, guitarist Dan Taylor and vocalist Kelvin Swaby, became friends in 1990 when they bonded over vintage R&B and Jim Jarmusch films. The other members of the band are drummer Chris Ellul, bassist Spencer Page, and keyboardist Hannah Collins.
After releasing two singles in the fall of 2007, The Heavy released their first LP Great Vengeance and Furious Fire on 17 September, 2007 in the United Kingdom and 8 April, 2008 in the United States. "That Kind of Man," their first single from the album, was recorded and mixed by Corin Dingley the original drummer/member of The Heavy at Alpha's studio and released on record label Don't Touch Recordings before Ninja Tune heard it and promptly signed them.
On 26 March, 2008, The Heavy were the Artist of the Day in Spin Magazine. The band were also tipped in Rolling Stone's Hot List in May 2008. They played in the 2008 South By Southwest music festival on the 89.3 The Current stage and collected one of the Best Discovery awards in Spin Magazine's Best and Worst of SXSW '08.
They appeared on the 2009 LP, Johnny Cash Remixed, with the remixed version of "Doing My Time".
On October 2, 2009 their second album The House That Dirt Built was released by Ninja Tune. [Wikipedia]

The Heavy "How You Like Me Now?" promo. Shot in High Definition on Redcam, the video combines live action with Flash and traditional 2D hand drawn animation. Whilst bringing the Heavy graphic image to life, it tells the story of 2 ex-lovers and the chase by our lead "Wolf" of "Red" to see "How she likes me now". With reference to the classic 70's horror movie "Don't Look Now" there is a twist in the tale.

How You Like Me Now?

Produced and Directed by Tabitha O'Connell
Director of Photography - Simon Weekes
Filmed in Rocks East Woodlands , Bath.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tower Bridge Road Market - 1931

Another silent one, however did they exist without iPods etc?

This remarkable film showing working class London life was shot around 1931. The majority of the film concentrates on the major street market at the Bricklayer's Arms end of Tower Bridge Road. Although shot without sound, they capture the hustle and bustle of the busy streets wonderfully. We see numerous shops - housed greengrocers, butchers, a baker, a clothes dealer and even a colourman (paint seller). Watch out for a shot of Manzes Pie & Mash shop at number 87, established in 1902 and still open for business today.

Almost as fascinating as the people and traders is the range of vehicles captured. These include tradesmen's carts, a tricycle, horse-drawn carts, steam and motor lorries, and - surprisingly - what appears to be a private carriage with a liveried driver. (Chris Ellmers) [Another great BFI vid]

London After Dark - 1926

Back on the British history/nostalgia kick, here is some silent footage of London after dark from 1926. Including some footage from the Elephant and Castle.

We can date this footage of the Elephant and Castle in South East London precisely to 1926 from an advert for a whist drive at the Embassy Hall, Camberwell. The clip opens with a view of St. Paul's over the river and the lights of Piccadilly at night before crossing over to south London where we see the busy junction (no change there then!), near to the old Elephant Theatre. Here N. Carter Slaughter, better known later in his career as Tod Slaughter, is staging a production of 'The Flag Lieutenant', starring himself.

From the theatre we go to Newington Butts, Southwark, to see 'the Ritz of the needy', the Rowton hostel, one of a number of shelters for the poor funded by philanthropist Lord Rowton, much admired by George Orwell, who had stayed in several of these. The clip finishes abruptly with a title saying we are off to Camberwell, but sadly we arent! (Bryony Dixon) [Thanks BFI]

John Otway - Scientist

I was feeling that it was time for a John Otway fix, it's been since last December.
I'm still waiting for delivery from the UK of my Scraps CD, so I needed a fix.
And then I made the amazing discovery was that not only was he a great singer / songwriter but a quantum scientist as well.

Sound of science - part one

Sound of science - part two

Just amazing, simply amazing.

Can't have a John feature without at least one complete song.

Middle of Winter

The legendary singer/songwriter John Otway live at New Lodge.
Home of Billericay Town Football club

Some other John Otway spottings --- Dunkerque, Rumplestiltskin, June fix, Big Band, Tavistock, Bunsen Burner, Weyfest, September fix, heckling, beware of the flowers, viagra, crazy horses, bodytalk, Otway Thursday, House of the rising sun, and the first time in 2008.

Ludwig Bell

Ludwig Bell is a Swedish singer, and that's about as much as I could find out.
Maybe the Swedish Steve Irwin, check out all the cute animals in the video.
This is another great video by my buddy Matts Udd.

Jag är en idiot

"Jag är en idiot" (I am an Idiot) is the first single from Ludwig Bell´s solo debut album that will be released on august 18th 2010.
Maybe it is an answer to Green Day - American Idiot.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coffee Bars - London 50's to 60's

Starbucks! What's that? These are real coffee bars, the 2i's, Le Macabre, Heaven and Hell and Freight Train to name a few. This was Soho in the late 50's.
As they mention, I'm sure the reason they all went out of business was people like me who could make one coffee last all night and just sit around, listen to the juke box and chat with your mates.

Before Starbucks and Caffe Nero and all that cafeterias looking all the same, young Londoners of late 50's and early 60's met in places like these. Not swingin yet.

My favorite hang out was the 2i's.
The 2i’s Coffee Bar was a coffee bar in the basement at 59 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, England, between 1956 and 1967. The 2i's was owned by Paul Lincoln, an Australian wrestler and wrestling promoter. Legend has it that its name derived from earlier owners, two brothers named Irani.
The coffee bar had live music and several stars were discovered or performed at the coffee bar, such as: Rory Blackwell, Tommy Steele, The Vipers Skiffle Group, Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Terry Dene, Wee Willie Harris, Carlo Little, Joe Brown, Eden Kane, Screaming Lord Sutch, Jay Chance, Tony Sheridan, Johnny Kidd, Jet Harris, Paul Gadd (later to be known as Paul Raven and then Gary Glitter), Dene Lincoln, Ritchie Blackmore, Alex Wharton, Mickie Most and Big Jim Sullivan.
According to an article in Time, Skiffle was brand-new to the UK, and in particular at the 2i's and another coffee bar nearby, The Cat's Whisker where "Soho hipsters swelter and suffocate for it... and..."generally the musicians were paid with coffee and Cokes".
Led Zeppelin's manager, Peter Grant was a bouncer at the 2i's prior to his career in the music business.
On 18 September 2006, a Green Plaque was unveiled at the site of the 2i's coffee bar to commemorate its existence. Today it is known as the Boulevard Bar and Dining Room. The basement is now just a lobby area. [Wikipdia]

In the early 1950s, Soho became the center of the beatnik culture in London. Coffee bars such as Le Macabre (Wardour Street), which had coffin-shaped tables, fostered beat poetry, jive dance and political debate. The Goings On, located in Archer Street, was a Sunday afternoon club, organised by Liverpool beat poets Pete Brown, Johnny Byrne and Spike Hawkins, that opened in January 1966. For the rest of the week, it operated as an illegal gambling den. Other “beat” coffee bars in Soho included the French, Le Grande, Stockpot, Melbray, Universal, La Roca, Freight Train (Skiffle star Chas McDevitt’s place), El Toro, Picasso, Las Vegas, and the Moka Bar.
The 2 i’s Coffee Bar was probably the first rock club in Europe, opened in 1956 (59 Old Compton Street), and soon Soho was the centre of the fledgling rock scene in London. Clubs included the Flamingo Club ("which started in 1952 as Jazz at the Mapleton"), La Discothèque, Whiskey a Go Go, Ronan O'Rahilly's ("of pirate radio station, Radio Caroline fame") The Scene in 1962 (first mod club - near the Windmill Theatre in Ham Yard - formally The Piccadilly Club) and jazz clubs like Ronnie Scott's (opened in 1959 at 39 Gerrard Street and moved to 47 Frith Street in 1965 ) and the 100 Club.
Soho's Wardour Street was the home of the legendary Marquee Club (90 Wardour Street) which opened in 1958 and where the Rolling Stones first performed in July 1962. Eric Clapton and Brian Jones both lived for a time in Soho, sharing a flat with future rock publicist, Tony Brainsby. Later, the Sex Pistols lived above number 6 Denmark Sreet, and recorded their first demos there. more ......

Petticoat Lane (1903)

Still in a historical mood today, let's go back to 1903 and visit Petticoat Lane.
Real name Middlesex Street, but forever known as Petticoat Lane.
Petticoat Lane Market is a fashion and clothing market located on Wentworth Street and Middlesex Street in East London. It is one of a number of traditional markets, lying to the east of the City of London. A few hundred yards to the north is Old Spitalfields market, and across Commercial Street, to the east, lies Brick Lane Market. Nearby is the newly-refurbished Spitalfields Market, which houses a more upmarket selection of stalls. A half mile further east is the Columbia Road Flower market. Petticoat Lane Market was not formally recognised until an Act of Parliament in 1936, but its long history as an informal market makes it possibly one of the oldest surviving markets in Britain.
The market is open Monday to Friday on Wentworth Street alone, but on Sunday extends over many of the surrounding streets, with over a thousand stalls. It is closed on Saturday, and on Sunday closes at about 2 pm. The markets are well signed from local stations.
Despite its fame and history, Petticoat Lane market is not specifically designed as a tourist attraction.

This fascinating film provides an authentic view of London's East End from over a hundred years ago. Flat-capped men flow in a Sunday morning tide down Middlesex Street - better known by its unofficial name, Petticoat Lane - just as they have for generations.

This most Cockney of London markets caters to the second clothes trade: at the time when this film was made, the market was dominated by the East End street sellers and the Jewish rag trade. As the camera pans across the market, we see the traders raised above the general level, barking at the crowd. The few women in the picture are stall-holders, selling patched-up trousers and restored boots, while a nearby card sharp tempts the punters.

Festival of Britain 1951

This is one of the first "biggie" events I can remember. I was eight at the time and I remember the transformations they made in Chrisp Street market. All of the old time stall holders didn't want to move to the new area, they preferred to stay in the street. But eventually they got them all moved.
It's funny looking back on this it all looked so futuristic at the time. But if any of it has survived until now I'm sure it looks so 50's. I know Chrisp Street looks awful, or at least it did the last time I saw it in 2004.

Brides of Kong

"A kind of pychobilly, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster crossed with Clutch" - Black N Beard Radio (

"Brides of Kong is one of the seven wonders of the Psychobilly world. Their sound is like a twisted psychobilly symphony" - Moe Hillbilly (Twisted Hillbilly Magazine) Twisted Hillbilly mag Band Of The Week, 17th Sept

"Brides Of Kong produce a funky phat sound with a sleazy underbelly, that recalls a young Elvis rockin' out with Electric Six in a sweaty New York basement-yes it's that sexy" - The Von Pip Musical Express

"Skanking white boy reggae meets sleazy voodoo swampabilly within riffed up punkabilly." - Bugbear Promotions

Something to raise the spirits and get you moving.

Voodoo Rumble

The mighty Brides Of Kong playing Voodoo Rumble at the Underbelly, London, on 14th January 2010.

From the same concert............
Face Of A Motherfrunker / Evil Cologne

I Drew Skeletons

Monkey rocker, Brides of Kong rocking out. Filmed and edited by DZ Greene, the man the legend.

Moreland and Arbuckle

Here's some awesome blues harp!
Moreland & Arbuckle, a blues duo, were founded in Kansas, in 2002. The group, consisting of guitarist Aaron "Chainsaw" Moreland, and vocalist/blues harp player Dustin Arbuckle, are signed to Toronto's NorthernBlues Music. They are known for their combination of rural blues, Delta, and Mississippi Hill Country styles. more ......

In The Morning I'll Be Gone

Moreland and Arbuckle band: excellent harmonica, electric guitar. Interview, Video by Dgold, Honest FM. Live concert photography: Brian Kisida. HQ Slideshow
Moreland & Arbuckle played at the Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas, March 2010. This video is meant as a mini-documentary of Moreland & Arbuckle's visit to play Fayetteville for the first time.
I interviewed them in an old brick alleyway off North School Street near the intersection of Dickson Street behind the Walton Arts Center. Pictures in the vid are from the photoshoot in the alley and the concert later that night in the WAC.
Soundtrack song is "In The Morning I'll Be Gone".
Pick up the Moreland & Arbuckle new CD "Flood" (Telarc, 2010).
It is great rock'n'roll, intense roots rock blues music. [Thanks colbruce]

These next two recorded live at the Murdock Theatre in Wichita, KS
January 19, 2008 [Thanks LonnyQ]

Date With The Devil

Your Man Wont Never Know

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

East End Trolley Buses

I was having a wander down memory lane and came across this terrific video of old London Trolley Buses, pretty much all East End routes. And with some wonderfully nostalgic post wartime music.

The photo at the top is of Poplar Bus Garage around the time I worked there, which was a bit after they took of the trolleys.


David Jornet (born 1971) is an artist from Barcelona (Spain) who started his musical career in the middle of the 80s. His passion for electronics has brought him to play in a wide range of bands like Frame, Klockwork, Asphalt!, Tannhauser, Anorak, The Suicide Of Western Culture (this two last at the present time), until he decided to found his personal solo project six years ago. Strange2 is a compilation of the musical snippets that made David’s memory up; his view and particular summary of the music he has been listening to for years and has deeply touched his most intimate feelings –from Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk or Vangelis to technopop and the most experimental electronica-, updated to our time but keeping an obvious vintage taste. Strange2 wants to show an universal world of sounds in which are mixed the creative intensity of the IDM and the ambient-electronica music with complex atmospheres and cyclical piano sequences that give to this project a particular feeling of dark soundtrack. This is a feature that David tries to show in his flexible and intense live sets –sometimes just pure electronica sounds (with some industrial touch), some others sounding much more acoustic (drummer playing live)- surrounded by an atmosphere and progressive tempo that easily catches the audience. Strange2 produces an old-to-present-times images evoking music of subjective situations and circumstances, of blue hypnotic melodies that melt into worrying even unpleasant landscapes. more .........


Strange2 in concert at 2006 DeciBELIO Festival, 23-JUN-2006, Madrid, Spain.
Visuals by Oli.


Strange 2 performing in Portugal

Recording Sessions for "Ciclos"

Brother Dege

LAFAYETTE, LA - Get ready for some raw dirt, railroad pounding, swamp-fried, Louisiana Mekong Delta blues music. Like the mad lovechild of Robert Johnson and Jim Morrison, Dege Legg (aka Brother Dege), the Cajun-born and Louisiana-raised leader of the band Santeria, releases his highly anticipated “slide/Dobro record” entitled Folk Songs Of The American Longhair, produced by 4x Grammy-winner Tony Daigle (Dr. John, Sonny Landreth, Gatemouth Brown, Bobby Charles), Legg and Primo (also from Santeria). This is Delta Blues for the 21st Century, raging out of the swamplands of Louisiana. Dripping with atmosphere and backwoods noir. The real deal—death-obsessed, god-fearing, foot stomping acoustic blues steeped in the devilish myths and haunted ambience that permeates every inch of Louisiana. Factor in some Historic longhaired rock & roll influences – from Sabbath to Black Flag – and you’ve got an art project and anthropological study wrapped in one time traveling package.

Folk Songs of the American Longhair takes the listener on a mind-bending, soul-crushing slide guitar journey into the backroads of the Deep South. Legg composed ten original tunes in the Delta-slide tradition, paying tribute to the old masters while pushing into the apocalyptic future. Much like the field recordings of Alan Lomax, the record tunnels into the ancient mysteries of pre-war blues, recorded in sheds, old houses and open fields. It’s like Son House at a surrealist convention. Slide players from the U.S. to Europe are already covering the tunes - via a series of live Brother Dege YouTube videos which have garnered over 150,000 plays with no promotional hype or jive.

Dege Legg is one of the best-kept secrets in the Deep South: an award-winning writer & musician from Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1994, he founded the underground southern-psych rock band, Santeria, which toured and gigged for 10 years in relative obscurity, pounding out a strange variety of "southern rock" that relied less on chest-thumping and beer guzzling, and more with concentrating their creative energies on expressing the isolation and loneliness of the modern south - at times loud and overbearing and alternately quiet, subdued and withdrawn. Over the years, he’s explored nearly every corner of weirdness imaginable in the Deep South from jails to homeless camps to driving a taxicab to being a staff writer for the alt-weekly The Independent Weekly.

Dege will be kicking-off his U.S. tour with two record release shows in suppport of Folk Songs Of The American Longhair (April 7th in Lafayette and April 29th in New Orleans) before heading through the South, East and Midwest. Dates below.

Girl who wept stones

Samples from the CD

These are 1 min clips of songs from all the slide/Dobro CD - "Folk Songs of the American Longhair."
by Brother Dege OUT NOW!!!!!!
Ask for Primo - he is the main man at GolarWash Labs & Records will show you what to do to pre-order the CD.
Footage: Cajun Country - southern Louisiana.
10 Original Songs.
Delta Abstract Tradition.

05.01 ATHENS, GA
05.07 NEW YORK, NY
05.09 NEW YORK, NY
05.18 ST. LOUIS, MO

And if you still want some more here is a 30 minute Dobro slide guitar set.

Feel free to download Brother Dege's "The Girl Who Wept Stones" MP3 from his forthcoming album Folk Songs of the American Longhair :

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Dreadnoughts

The Dreadnoughts are Vancouver's biggest, baddest, drunkest, punkest Celtic band. One part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting Irish melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk.
This ragtag group of drunken misfits stays true to the ancient ballads and bawlers that once drove sailors around the world, all the while smashing out modern punk with a fury and intensity that is unmatched in their home city of Vancouver, BC.
Formed in 2006 over pints of cheap beer at East Vancouver’s notoriously violent Ivanhoe Hotel, the Dreadnoughts cut their teeth in the roughest dive bars in the city. They started by opening for (and earning the praise of) celtic-punk grandfathers The Real MacKenzies, and since then have never looked back. Hauling a fiddle, an accordion, a mandolin, a tin whistle, guitars and drums into every venue that would have them, they quickly became known for their powerful, chaotic live performances. In three short years they have slowly but surely joined the ranks of Vancouver’s punk rock heroes.

The Dread Pirate Druzil:    Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Banjo, Skin Flute
Seamus O'Flanahan:          Fiddle, Accordion
Uncle Touchy:                   Guitar, Shouting, Vomiting
Stupid Swedish Bastard:    Drums, Flatulence
Squid Vicious:                   Bass, Intimidation
Cockface:                         God, Merch, Sex

Old Maui and Katie, Bar The Door

The Dreadnoughts were in Edmonton on Halloween as part of the 2009 Stomp Records Tour with The Creepshow and The Hypnophonics. The Grind on was there to cover the event and bring back some treats!
Check this video for some segments from our interview, as well as some great live stuff (including an appearance by Sarah Sin of The Creepshow).

The West Country and Cider Road

The Dreadnoughts are nothing new to all of us in the Celtic Rock… but to many this band has remained underground until we started getting in requests for their music lately here from around the world. “Legends Never Die” is The Dreadnoughts first release, but this is not a CD made by amateurs… these musicians are by far more talented than some of their peers and other media give them credit for. To grasp the sound of this diverse group could be summed up as a mixture of Great Big Sea, Circle J, Finn’s Fury, Blaggards, and even some Flogging Molly mixed in between. “Legends Never Die” could have been in our Top CDs of the year for 2007… if only just they would have got it to us by then. Pick this one up today if you are looking for a little Sea Shanty, Celtic Trad Jigs, Celtic ROCK, and a little punk added to the mix. This is the next Celtic Rock band to watch for years to come! Tracks of interest: “Fire Marshall Willy”, “Mary the One Eyed Prostitute….”, “Sons of Murphy”, and “Roll the Woodpile Down”.
John B.

As always my thanks to Bluesman for the hint.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elkie Brooks

Always one of my favorite singers, check out Elkie Brooks.
British pop-jazz-blues crooner Elkie Brooks (born Elaine Bookbinder) dominated U.K. radio in the late '70s with a series of hit singles that established her as "the biggest-selling female album artist in the history of the British pop charts." The Manchester native, who grew up in an extremely musical family, left school at the age of 15 to join a dance band in London. She eventually mad the jump to radio, as well as numerous appearances with legendary jazz bandleader Humphrey Lyttelton, before embarking on a career in pop music. The early '60s saw the budding young singer releasing singles for Decca and EMI, as well as opening for everyone from Carl Perkins to the Beatles, but commercial success remained elusive. She joined the blues-rock band Dada in 1970, which would eventually find success through a name change (Vinegar Joe) and the arrival of a new vocalist, Robert Palmer. The popular group released three beloved records before disbanding in 1974, and after a brief stint with U.S. Southern rock band Wet Willie, Brooks decided to take another crack at a solo career. The resulting Rich Man's Woman, Two Days Away, Shooting Star, Live & Learn, Pearls, and Pearls II, as well as frequent sold-out tours and numerous silver, gold, and platinum recordings, would go on to cement her reputation well into the 21st century. ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

Fool if you think it's over

Proud To Be A Honky Woman - with Vinegar Joe

1974 Elkie Brooks vocals, Robert Palmer vocals & guitar,Pete Gage guitar, Mike Deacon keys, Steve York bass, Alan Powell drums.

Only love can break your heart

Love Potion Number 9

Great Bluesy live version by Elkie Brooks of this Leiber and Stoller Classic from 1977

A couple of her big hits here, "Pearls A Singer" and "Lilac Wine".