Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Volcano

So we go from Spain to Finland, and from rock/pop/dance music to some Shoegaze.
My friend JC is on form today.
On Volcano is a four-piece indie group from Tampere, Finland. Embracing modern indie-pop with shoegaze and post-rock.

You can download their new EP for free from their web page.

Big thanks to lapanaattori for uploading all these great videos.

The Explorer

On Volcanon The Explorer taltioitiin Ylen M1-studiossa 17.8.2010. Äänitys: Hannu Perälä. Kuvaus: Matti Pekkanen, Tero Pänkäläinen. Leikkaus: Matti Pekkanen.

Ride the Wolf

Finnish indie band On Volcano performing the song Ride the Wolf at Vadelmaklubi in Helsinki, Finland. Video by Kalle Kuisma.

Dying Embers

Finnish indie pop band On Volcano performing their song "Dying Embers" live at Telakka in Tampere, Finland.
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