Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Molly

Today some acoustic Americana. Meet Red Molly. They are a wonderful New York based female trio, with tremendous voices.

Short Bio:
The dynamic female trio that began as a happy accident around a campsite (at the 2004 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival) is now drawing invitations from renowned historic national events like Merlefest, and is winning over audiences around the country. Spurred onward by an ever-growing and devoted fanbase, and the desire to commit themselves to touring farther from home, Red Molly is at the start of a new and exciting musical chapter. After six years of touring, the band announced that guitarist/bassist Carolann Solebello will leave the group in August 2010 to spend more time with family and pursue solo opportunities. Remaining founding members Laurie MacAllister (bass, banjo) and Abbie Gardner (Dobro, guitar) welcome the newest "Molly", Austin-based singer/songwriter Molly Venter, to fill out their lush, distinctive three-part harmonies. Over the last month of rehearsals and impromptu live performances in Hamilton Park, near their rehearsal space in Jersey City, the three women quickly nailed the essence of the Red Molly sound, while hinting at inspiring new musical possibilities in the months of touring that lie ahead. "We are busily reinventing fan favorites from our current recordings, while adding new material and collaborating on songwriting for the first time," says Gardner. "This is an exciting time for the band; we're so thrilled that Molly has joined us," adds MacAllister.
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Now let's give a listen to some of their great musical harmonies.


Red Molly rocks the Music Fog loft in Okemah with "Jezebel."
Recorded during WoodyFest in Oklahoma, on 7/17/2010.

A gracious farewell to a former member of the band ...........

Red Molly is a class act, and the trio handled the departure of original member Carolann Solebello with grace. Carolann officially bowed out this summer at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival--where she first sang with Laurie MacAllister and Abbie Gardner six years earlier. In this video, Carolann explains why she quit the group just as it's taking off. There also are reactions from fans, and a flavor of the festival, held in the Berkshires. Video by Kevin Coughlin for, July 24, 2010

And hello to the new Molly.
Happier Now

The follow up video to introduce the band's new member, Molly Venter. The song is an original of hers, called "Happier Now." Red Molly is Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner & Molly Venter.
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