Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Non Tiq

Non Tiq's debut single "Quiet" (release 2010-08-09) from her upcoming album "Love Machine", to be released on Playground Music soon.
Yet another great video from Mats Udd, and a very cool song.


Regissör Mats Udd
Producent Kirke Rodwell
A-Foto & Grading Petrus Sjövik
B-Foto Olle Kirchmeier
Redigering Nils Moström
Producentassistent Dag Andersson
El Charlotte Lundström
Smink Izabell Colleen
Attributör Leo Thörn
Smink ass Elin Sunnert

And if you are liking Non Tiq as I am here is a preview of another song.
Golden One

Music is a weapon. A weapon against the darkness inside of me but also against the loneliness of being a human. Music turns the most boring days into ecstasy trips.

What am I fighting for?

I’m fighting to develop.

All this noise, all these people.

He who makes up his mind is the one who doesn’t care if he does. Change. Think in your own way. That is and will always be the right way.

The bad is the good is the bad.

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