Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sahara Surfers

Sahara Surfers started in November of 2007 in a well-known metropolis Schlitters in the Ziller Valley the band met to celebrate its passion for stoner rock. Huh!
From the beginning it was clear to everybody that this band is facing world wide success. It’s just all about being patient and getting stoned to make the time pass ‘til then.
As a prospectively world-wide known bunch of rock stars they had to move to a big city Innsbruck to underline these ambitions. That’s where they are now working on new stuff and where they are experimenting with news sounds and their bodies.
They have a new album, Spacetrip On A Paper Plane, and it just has to be heard.
Check out track 5.....................

Sister in Shade

Sister in Shade (live @ pmk Innsbruck, 12.19.09)

and then track one................

Colour Jam

Also live at pmk Innsbruck, same performance.

Oops!!  I got them mixed up with an IT group with the same name.  Sorry guys.

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