Monday, May 17, 2010

Cherry Lee Mewis

First up thanks to On Muddy Sava Riverbank (a great source for Blues information and album reviews) for introducing me to Cherry Lee Mewis. Obviously the first thing that grabs you is the name. One has to wonder is she using something that close to imply she's a rocker?
Or was she just lucky enough to be born with the name? Either way she is great.
She’s a 5ft nothing 24-year old white girl from North Wales who has helped turn roots ‘n’ blues music into a cool, swinging fusion that’s both classic and stylishly modern.
Cherry Lee Mewis is the real deal. She’s added her own fresh perspective to blues ‘n’ roots music with her album, ‘Little Girl Blue’, a mixture of ‘forgotten’, obscure blues tracks, adding a raw, unplugged feel teaming up with multi-faceted guitarist Max Milligan and producer and former Argent singer, John Verity.

All You Need

Join Cherry in the studio as she performs Koko Taylor's "All You Need" from her blues EP released Spring 2009.

Western Star

live for BBC Radio Cambridge October 2009

Cherry Wine

Shetland Blues Festival 2008

Wade in the Water

Another studio recording.

If you have any doubt she can sing I suggest you pull the cotton wool out of your ears. For further proof head on over to Last.FM and take a listen to "Cry Me a River".
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