Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiny Tim knew before Al Gore

Photograph © Paul Nicklen / National Geographic

Who knew? Tiny Tim was predicting global warming back in 1968.
And for those of you who were present at this taping, you'd be about 51 or so, then this may explain your disturbed outlook on life.

For more great Arctic photo's by Paul Nicklen check out this link.

Actually before people start telling me I'm wrong. I have to say that my headline may be misleading.
According to Wikipedia: In 1967 Al Gore took a course on climate science from Roger Revelle which made a strong impression on him, influencing him in the direction of environmental concerns. But it is possible Tiny Tim wrote this song in 1967.

One eye is brown,
The other eye is brown.
I am a fish,
I swim around.
You say I’m lost,
I disagree.
The map has changed,
And with it, me.

Gliding through the seaweed,
What strange things I see below.
Cars are waving,
Windshields wiping,
Nowhere left to go!

The ice caps are melting,
ho ho ho ho.
All the world is drowning,
ho ho ho ho ho.
The ice caps are melting,
The tide is rushing in.
All the world is drowning,
To wash away the sin.

The seagull flies,
In search of land.
The children hide,
Beneath the sand.
While floating toys,
Come floating down,
I play the fish,
I swim around.

Gliding through the seaweed,
what strange things I see below.
Cars are waving,
Windshields wiping,
Nowhere left to go!

The ice caps are melting,
ho ho ho ho.
All the world is drowning,
ho ho ho ho ho.
The ice caps are melting,
The tide is rushing in.
All the world is drowning,
To wash away the sin.


Now everybody sing!
I tell you, my dear friends
Oh how wonderful it is
To know that whoever you are
We can all be happy and singing!

No matter whether you’re out there parked in that car along the highway,
Or whether you’re at home, sitting by the radio
Or whether you’re having those meals,
Or whether you’re by the TV set,
Let everyone sing about those melting ice caps
how they’re coming down into the sea!
And let us all have a swimming time, as we sing!

The ice caps are melting,
ho ho ho ho.
All the world is drowning,
ho ho ho ho ho.
The ice caps are melting,
The tide is rushing in.
All the world is drowning,
To wash away the sin.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reverend Horton Heat - Paranoid

Reverend Horton Heat does a Black Sabbath number.
Live at Toad's Place N.H. CT

Special for my bro, who's a fan.

30 Second to Mars

Selling is a visual art. 
I saw this album cover, I liked it so much I checked out the band.
This video is also impressive, more like a small movie.

Kings and Queens

Wikipedia: 30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1998. The band features actor Jared Leto as vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter. Founded by Jared Leto's brother Shannon Leto, 30 Seconds to Mars began as a small family project. Matt Wachter later joined the band as bassist and keyboard player. After working with a number of guitarists (as the band's first two guitarists, Kevin Drake and Solon Bixler, left the band due to issues primarily related to touring), the three auditioned Tomo Miličević to round out the band's roster.

John Otway Invades Dunkerque

On the latest stage of his Round the World Domination Tour the inimitable John Otway hits Dunkerque. And a great time was had by all, so I hear. I would have loved to have been there,

Cheryls Going Home

You Ain't Seen Nothing yet

Best Dream

Big thanks to Otairwaves for posting these vids.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Duo Siqueira Lima - Tico Tico

Some amazing talent to be seen here. Four hands one guitar.
Can you imagine the concentration to know who is playing what?

The 2009 Brazilian Music Institute in Gainesville, Florida featuring Cecilia Siqueira (Uruguay) and Fernando Lima (Brasil) - Duo Siqueira Lima - performing Tico Tico no Fuba (Zequinha de Abreu).

The Institute has been active since 2001 and is organized by musician and professor WELSON TREMURA. Please, check some of our previous events and concerts by typing "Brazilian Music Institute" at the search engine. This particular performance took place at Santa Fe Community College, May 8 - 2009 which also involved Institute participants.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without visiting Alice's Restaurant.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

This is not the performance from the Music Awards on Sunday night that caused the usual expected shit storm of hand wringing and bitching from the networks and other media outlets looking for something to bitch about.
I'm assuming this is the "official" video for his new single release.
Suddenly because he offended the senses of the media, people are doubting his talent? The American networks and a lot of the media in general are pathetic in their eagerness to jump on a butt kicking bandwagon. Grow up I say.
There is room in this world for all people, and if we were all the same it would be like watching ABC on a Sunday night, Boring.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

San Francisco - 1905

Following on the heels of London in 1927, New York in 1930 and San Francisco in 1958 I had to add this great video of San Francisco in 1905 prior to the earthquake.
A seemingly pleasant journey down Market Street by tram.

Before the earthquake/fire of 1906 destroyed the area. Remarkable footage of the turn of the century lifestyles in California. Enhanced by addition of the first track from Airs' Moon Safari album,Made by cleaverb.
The video is CC no rights reserved. You can download video from the Internet Archive.

Wild Horses

Wild Horses is one of Mick Jagger's more mellow songs.
Didn't realize so many people had covered it until the recent hubbub regarding Susan Boyle covering it.
Check them out by order of my preference.

The Rolling Stones

The Sundays



Alicia Keys and Adam Levine

Emmylou Harris

Susan Boyle

Childhood living it's easy to do
The things that you wanted well I bought them for you
Graceless lady, you know who I am
You know I can't let you just slide through my hands

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you've decided to show me the same
But no sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away

I know I dreamt you a sin and a lie
And I have my freedom, but I don't have much time
Fate has been suffered and tears must be cried
So let's do some living after we die

Wild horses, couldn't drag me away
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away...away

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Gaga - then and now

A study in differences brought about by time and ambition.

Stefani Germanotta, now known as Lady Gaga, performing at Ultraviolet Live, NYU's annual talent show. She ended up coming in 3rd place. 2nd place was Funky Butter. 1st place was Tom Costello & Stephane Magloire. This was in 2005.

You can just hear the real talent here.

Footage owned by NYU's IRHC, the Inter-Residence Hall Council.

Compare that with a recent video for Bad Romance, ignoring the visuals the talent is still in evidence. She is attracting a load of haters, but then so do many other artists. My advice to her, ignore the haters! They probably hate themselves as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brandi Carlile

On December 12th, Brandi will be performing at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA as part of the KFOG Concert For Kids benefiting the Marines' Toys for Tots and the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco. Also on the bill is label-mate Mat Kearney. Tickets go on sale this Sunday, November 22nd.

Brandi plays a new song as she opens up for the Indigo Girls at the Secret House Vineyard, Veneta, OR 06.27.08
This video was replaced on April 7, 2012 (usual reasons) and so now we have "Brandi Carlile was a recent guest in Studio Q performing songs from her new album 'Give Up The Ghost'".  November 2009.

Closer to You

The Story

And finally a terrific version of Mad World, marred only slightly by the shaky camerawork and the screamers.
Brandi Carlile performs Mad World at The Melting Point in Athens, Georgia on 2-17-10. Brandi Carlile, vocals, piano Josh Neumann, cello Video by Freddie Eberlein.  No we are not really jumping into the future, this one was used to replace the missing one (for the usual reasons) on April 7, 2012.

                                                        5 Bears

Ahilea – Cafe Svetlana

Macedonian producer and DJ Ahilea has brought together a fantastic group of musicians for a wild ride along the Autoput. So fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves for a new and visionary take on Balkan music. This man is so hot that he gets daily requests for new tracks from DJs the world over. But Ahilea has taken his time on this one. Where others might cut corners, he has crafted his tracks with care, using his heart as well as his head to kit out the virtual juke-box of Café Svetlana. Café Svetlana? It is the stuff of legend – frequented by the great anarchist, poet and prominent Munich bohemian Erich Mühsam. Today, tucked away in a little side-street in Vienna, it can only be found by those who are humming the right tune as they turn the right corner… and when they do, they enter a whole new world. [Source]

Cafe Svetlana - AHILEA


Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs, is a young singer songwriter. She grew up in Colorado, where she often spent summers camping with her family, which gave her much of her song-writing inspiration. She recently transplanted to Portland, Oregon from Seattle, Washington.
Veirs has said that she didn’t seriously listen to music until she was in her 20s; instead, she just heard what was in her environment. She listened to folk, country, classical and pop music around the house and on the radio during her youth.
Listen to more at LastFM.

Here's a "making of" video about her new album "July Flame"

Get it here: Laura Veirs & Tucker Martine guide us through glimpses of crafting the record "July Flame" at Flora Studios in Portland. Due out January 12 2010.

Carol Kaye

Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames perform "Carol Kaye" at The Sound Studios in Charlottesville, Virginia for WNRN on September 24, 2009 before their show at The Charlottesville Pavilion. Song appears on their album "July Flame"

I can see your tracks

Friday, November 20, 2009

Allison Iraheta

I liked her a lot on American Idol, I thought she has a good voice. In fact I was hoping for an Allison vs Adam final, but it was not to be. Anyway I think her first album has to be on the horizon since they have released a video for the first single.

The music video for Allison Iraheta's first single "Friday I'll Be Over U."

David Rawlings

I've long been a fan of Gillian Welch, and I guess by definition David Rawlings since he is the eternal sidekick. But I guess I never caught the name. But now he has his own album, give it a listen.

It’s hard to believe A Friend of a Friend is David Rawlings’ first album under his own name. For more than 12 years, the Nashville-based musician has toured, written and recorded with Gillian Welch, exploring the well-worn byways of country, bluegrass and stringband music while making the old-timey sound new. As a hired gun, he’s played sideman to artists following in Welch’s wake or creating their own: Sara Watkins, Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes, Guy Clark, Mark Knopfler and Jay Farrar, among others. So his debut as Dave Rawlings Machine is either a case of him stepping up, or everyone else stepping back. Welch herself appears on almost all of these songs, either singing harmony or playing guitar, as do several other musician friends. But Rawlings takes the lead on every track, as a singer and picker. [Bolachas]

"Queen Jane Approximatley" - David Rawlings with Gillian Welch

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings performing I'll Fly Away live at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco, California on October 7, 2006.

Benjamin Biolay - La superbe

Another voice new to me, Benjamin Biolay. Very entertaining, check out his new release on Naive records.

Five LPs into his brilliant career, the Frenchman finally gets the first British release of what might just be his masterpiece. Fittingly, it’s a sprawling set that veers from apocalyptic techno to Gang of Four-style post-punk via melancholic chanson, with piano ballads (Night Shop), guitar-driven sounds (L’Espoir Fait Vive) and orchestral numbers (the title track) sharing space. For such a weighty package, however, it’s remarkably free of anything that should have been trimmed. Superbe, indeed. Bolachas

Benjamin Biolay - La superbe
Clip réalisé par Clarise Canteloube avec Marie Agnes Gillot
Sortie de l'album le 19 Octobre 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wire - best lines

Sadly off the air, but still the ultimate TV series ever. And available of course on DVD. Here are the "best" lines from The Wire.
It's great to have people around with talent and the time to make a terrific video like this.

Thanks hh1edits

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Godley and Creme

Godley and Creme were the innovative duo that wrote many of 10cc's hits before they went off on their own. Both Godley and Creme and 10cc seem to fall in the love 'em or hate 'em category of artists. You can definitely put me in the love 'em category.

Wikipedia says: Godley & Creme was an English pop music duo comprising Kevin Godley and Lol Creme. The pair began releasing albums as a duo after splitting from the pop band 10cc. In 1979 they directed their first Music Video for themselves "An Englishman in New York". After this, they became involved in directing videos for such artists as Ultravox, The Police, Duran Duran and Frankie Goes To Hollywood as well as directing the ground-breaking promo for their own "Cry" in 1985. The duo split at the end of the 1980's and have both been involved in Music Videos, TV Commercials and sporadic music projects since.
One of my all time favorites was Cry.

Not such a good video but check out Snack Attack, another great track. I think this is the re-mix version.

And finally how about An Englishman in New York

Malcolm MacLaren

Malcolm MacLaren has made his fair share of hits, many of them on the strange side.
Which is probably why I like him.
Hard to believe this is the guy who discovered the Sex Pistols, but there you go.
The eighties were his heyday for singles including:
1982: Buffalo Gals (Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team)
1983: Soweto (Malcolm McLaren & The Mclarenettes)
1983: Double Dutch (Malcolm McLaren & The Ebbonettes)
1983: Duck for the Oyster (Malcolm McLaren & The Main Hilltopper Man)
1984: Madam Butterfly (Un bel di vedremo)
1985: Carmen (Malcolm McLaren)
1985: Duck Rock Cheer (Malcolm McLaren)
1989: Waltz Darling (Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra)
1989: Something's Jumpin' in your Shirt (Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra feat. Lisa Marie)
1989: Deep In Vogue (Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra)

I'm not sure I had seen this one before.
House Of The Blue Danube

Lez Barstow was invited to direct this promo for Malcolm MacLaren in 1989, shortly after he directed the first of his Jive Bunny videos for Music Factory. It unfortunately sank without trace in the UK market.

One of his classics was Buffalo Gals

And of course his ultimate masterpiece Madame Butterfly

And just for luck, how about Deep In Vogue (extended version)

OK, just one more - Double Dutch

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke here's his latest video.
Why run it? So many others will. Why not?
Just watch it and you may see why I ran it.
The song is pretty good, but why do I keep thinking Prince?

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Robin Thicke | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, November 16, 2009

Martha Wainwright

I can't wait to hear this album. Martha Wainwright sings Edith Piaf.
I'm sure they were made for each other, they both share an amazing passion for music.
Here is Sir David Frost interviewing her regarding the project.

And here from her Piaf show at the Barbican in London, a non Piaf song but one with special meaning for Memorial Day  November 11, 2009.
Brother can you spare a dime

At the Plazey festival Brussels June 28,  2009
C'est toujours la meme histoire

From the Edit Piaf show, Pigalle, London, November 15, 2009
Marie Trottoir

Many thanks to LysWant for uploading all this great performance footage. And credit to AlJazeeraEnglish for the interview.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lisa Gerrard

Do you want to hear a truly beautiful voice? Then just give Lisa Gerrard another listen.
And keep a lookout for her new album "The Black Opal".

Lisa Gerrard (born April 12, 1961) is an Australian musician, singer and composer who rose to prominence as part of the music group Dead Can Dance with former music partner Brendan Perry.
Her career began in 1981 and she has been involved in a wide range of projects. Gerrard received a Golden Globe Award for the music score for film Gladiator, on which she collaborated with Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt. The movie also received an Academy Award nomination for best music score, but only Hans Zimmer was nominated. Both Gerrard and Badelt were deemed ineligible for the nomination. She also sings and is an instrumentalist for much of her work, most prolifically using the yangqin (a Chinese hammered dulcimer).


Now We Are Free - from Gladiator

Aria - featured in Layer Cake

Leonard Cohen in San Jose

A wonderful evening of Leonard Cohen. I'm sure other blogs will provide the complete set list, I was too busy listening and enjoying the music to list what was sung.
I can say he did both of the new ones, and also from what I understand reintroduced "Democracy" to the set list for the first time in a while.
The band as always were superb, as were the "backup" singers.  But I have to highlight Javier Mas, I think you could put a set of strings on anything and he would play the heck out of it. Just so talented.

Not sure it was all of them but among the encores Closing Time produced quiet a moment.

all the women tear their blouses off

"Closing Time"

Ah we're drinking and we're dancing
and the band is really happening
and the Johnny Walker wisdom running high
And my very sweet companion
she's the Angel of Compassion
she's rubbing half the world against her thigh
And every drinker every dancer
lifts a happy face to thank her
the fiddler fiddles something so sublime
all the women tear their blouses off
and the men they dance on the polka-dots
and it's partner found, it's partner lost
and it's hell to pay when the fiddler stops:
Yeah the women tear their blouses off
and the men they dance on the polka-dots
and it's partner found, it's partner lost
and it's hell to pay when the fiddler stops:

Ah we're lonely, we're romantic
and the cider's laced with acid
and the Holy Spirit's crying, "Where's the beef?"
And the moon is swimming naked
and the summer night is fragrant
with a mighty expectation of relief
So we struggle and we stagger
down the snakes and up the ladder
to the tower where the blessed hours chime
and I swear it happened just like this:
a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
the Gates of Love they budged an inch
I can't say much has happened since

I swear it happened just like this:
a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
the Gates of Love they budged an inch
I can't say much has happened since

I loved you for your beauty
but that doesn't make a fool of me:
you were in it for your beauty too
and I loved you for your body
there's a voice that sounds like God to me
declaring, declaring, declaring that your body's really you
And I loved you when our love was blessed
and I love you now there's nothing left
but sorrow and a sense of overtime
and I missed you since the place got wrecked
And I just don't care what happens next
looks like freedom but it feels like death
it's something in between, I guess

Yeah I missed you since the place got wrecked
By the winds of change and the weeds of sex
looks like freedom but it feels like death
it's something in between, I guess

Yeah we're drinking and we're dancing
but there's nothing really happening
and the place is dead as Heaven on a Saturday night
And my very close companion
gets me fumbling gets me laughing
she's a hundred but she's wearing
something tight
and I lift my glass to the Awful Truth
which you can't reveal to the Ears of Youth
except to say it isn't worth a dime
And the whole damn place goes crazy twice
and it's once for the devil and once for Christ
but the Boss don't like these dizzy heights
we're busted in the blinding lights,
busted in the blinding lights

The whole damn place goes crazy twice
and it's once for the devil and once for Christ
but the Boss don't like these dizzy heights
we're busted in the blinding lights,
busted in the blinding lights

Oh the women tear their blouses off
and the men they dance on the polka-dots
And it's partner found, it's partner lost
and it's hell to pay when the fiddler stops
I swear it happened just like this:
a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
The Gates of Love they budged an inch
I can't say much has happened since
I loved you when our love was blessed
I love you now there's nothing left
I miss you since the place got wrecked
By the winds of change and the weeds of sex.

Thanks: Heck of a guy and albertnoonan

Friday, November 13, 2009

Evolution vs Creation explained

Finally we can resolve the differences between the Evolutionists and the Creationists.
Watch the video and you can see what really happened.

My Goodness, My Guiness.

Will Stratton

Here's a young singer I stumbled across with a very nice voice, and I believe he writes all of his own songs.

Will Stratton is singer-songwriter and composer who was born in Northern California and raised in New Jersey and California. He is 22 years old. His songwriting style has been frequently compared to that of the late Nick Drake, and he has professed a love of Drake's music in interviews. [Wikipedia]

Give him a listen, you could be hearing the next big thing for the first time.


Who Will

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kim Hoorweg - Never Again

Quick post, Kim just posted this to You Tube. A wonderful live version of "Never Again" with her combo at a Dutch Radio Station. I think this was recorded yesterday.
If you want to see more visit an earlier post.

Never Again

And here's another minute of bits and pieces, but the wonderful voice wins out.

Anneke van Giersbergen

Anneke van Giersbergen (born March 8, 1973) is the former singer of the Dutch band The Gathering, now involved in a solo project called Agua de Annique. She has also worked with Lawn, Farmer Boys, Ayreon, Napalm Death, Moonspell, Giant Squid, Devin Townsend and Within Temptation.
Van Giersbergen was born in Sint Michielsgestel, Netherlands. At the age of 8, she participated in soundmix contests. When she was 12, she was in her school choir. Later on, she joined her first band. She joined a few more bands before becoming part of the duo Bad Breath who played a mix of blues, jazz, folk and funk.
She finally joined The Gathering in 1994.
In 1998, she sang on the Ayreon album Into the Electric Castle, a concept album telling the tale of an alien entity 'kidnapping' 8 human souls from different times. Anneke portrayed an Egyptian woman from the time of the pharaohs.
She appears on the album Rubicon from John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes on the tracks "To Catch a Thief" and "Tears of Joy".
She also appears on the 2006 album Smear Campaign by the grindcore/death metal band Napalm Death, on the tracks "Weltschmerz" and "In Deference" "... for good effect and relevance to the track."
On June 5, 2007 it was announced that Anneke would be leaving The Gathering in August 2007 to focus on a new project, Agua de Annique,[3] and spend more time with her family.
[Wikipedia] for more ....

As mentioned above she collaborated with quiet a few other artists, here are some of those collaborations. Enjoy.  I have to say my favorite is the "Blowers Daughter".

Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique
Hey Okay!

Anneke van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh
Blower's Daughter


Anneke van Giersbergen & Sharon den Adel

Dry River Yacht Club

“Sailing Musicians upon a yacht/upon the seas we sailed/When one day sailing on board our ship/through a storm we had to prevail/The storm took us and threw us/and tossed us around/It bumped us and blew us/It soaked us and shook us/It grabbed us until … The storm threw us into a dried river made of salt/And there we remain still.”
So goes the story of the Dry River Yacht Club, the Tempe-based eight-piece band. It might not be the real story of how the Yacht Club formed, but it’s certainly the more fanciful version. And the band is all about the whimsy.
It’s reflected in their sound – an artful mix of dark gypsy, bohemian, eastern European, Americana and world with a dash of early vocal blues, thanks to lead singer and squeeze box extraordinaire Garnet. The singer has drawn comparisons to Ani DiFranco, Zooey Deschanel and even Bjork.
The Yacht Club’s sound can be described as eclectic to say the least, but they didn’t necessarily set out to make it that way.
read more… [Bolachas]

Portland Patio Party

Yucca Tap Room

Jens Carelius

Jens Carelius, is from Sandvika just outside of Oslo, Norway.
Born in 1982 Jens is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and folk musician. With a background coming from different blues-rock bands, he started composing his own songs at the age of 18. Much of his music is built on classic blues and folk music.
His latest album is called "The Beat of The Travel", check it out.

I do like a video with a story, even if I don't understand the story. Actually sometimes that is even better, it makes you think more.
The Talent

And here's another from God Morgen Norge [TV2]
Faces leaving on a train

And one of his older pieces, but such terrific guitar picking.
Summer Skin

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fire - Thrill Me

FIRE is a hard rock band that has been rocking Maltese head bangers since its inception in 1998.
In 2006 FIRE released their first album titled " IGNITE".This was very well received by the local media and the band found themselves on several fm radio playlists.The success of the album led to FIRE being chosen as support band for KROKUS when the Swiss rockers played some gigs in Malta
In 2007 the band played gigs in Manchester and London.
In July 2009 FIRE released their second CD titled " Thrill me".This marked a turning point for the band as it led to extensive coverage on all local media.The album introduced the band to a much wider audience and the album topped local radio charts.
‘Thrill Me’, like the band’s 2006 debut album ‘Ignite’, is a collection of hard rock and metal tracks in the Whitesnake and Judas Priest mould. Read more at reverbnation.

Gotta admit it was the cover of the Cd that caught my attention, but once I took a listen I had to say the sound was something I could enjoy. Normally the phrase "head banging" turns me off, but I like this band.

Also check them out "live" at the Fashion Awards 2009

New York circa 1930

OK, so yesterday we had London circa 1927 (in color) so how about today we feature New York from around 1930. This one even has sound.

Thanks to TVdays

Let the bodies hit the floor - Soccer Style

You knew it had to happen, anything this brutal has to be put to music. My thanks to Badmelonscomedy for this addition of a great soundtrack.

New Mexico Junior defender Elizabeth Lambert vs BYU. These actions have gotten her suspended indefinitely from the team.
To see the original un-musical footage visit my other blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oppressed by the Line - Shinkansen

Check out the new album of Oppressed by the Line. This is track 5 Shinkansen, doesn't it make you feel like you are on the train.
Beyond running Drifting Falling Records, Jonathan Thompson – who records under the moniker Oppressed by the Line – is a prolific artist too. It’s been less than a year since he delivered Soft Focus and now returns with a set of new songs that comprise his third album ”Kiku”. And there is no doubt that this release is Thompson’s most uplifting and heart – warming work to date.

Thanks to Bolachas.

London circa 1927

I couldn't resist posting this one.
London around 1927 in colour, albeit silent.
But what do you expect for 1927.
Really cool, sit back and enjoy.

Thanks Presurfer

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rupa and The April Fishes

Rupa and The April Fishes have a new album just released at the end of October. Este Mundo.
I can't believe I live this close to San Francisco and keep missing them.
Oh well, one day.

Another great live performance.
This from the Mezzanine San Francisco on 10-29-2009.

This from Greece, Salonika maybe. Also in 2009.

And then back in July in Portugal

Reportagem da actuação do grupo Rupa & The April Fishes (EUA) no FMM Sines 2009 - Festival Músicas do Mundo, Portugal.

Ane Brun

Ane Brun is a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist originally from Norway. Since 2000 she has lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where she started her own independent record label DetErMine Records together with The Tiny´s leadsinger Ellekari Larsson in 2002.
Her debut album “Spending time with Morgan” was the first to be released on their label, and it got great reviews and was released all over Europe in 2003. It was nominated in the Swedish Independent music awards “Manifest” 2003.
Her second album “A Temporary dive” was released in Europe, the US and in Japan. The album got wonderful reviews all over the world, and it gave her a Norwegian Grammy for best Female Artist 2005. She was nominated as best Norwegian Act on European MTV Music Awards 2005, best Norwegian song of the century (Norwegian National Radio) and best Swedish Female Pop Artist at the Grammis.
[Read more here]

Love her voice, check out this clip from her new DVD "Live in Stockholm".

Ten Seconds

And here she is in performance was with Anna Ternheim which was broadcast on Popcirkus by SVT2, a Swedish TV channel.
Off the Road


From what I have been able to find on the net, given a single name.  Marjan is an Iranian singer who now lives outside of Iran.  But she is very much into a political life mainly concentrating on the women s' suffrage and Human Rights. She is a member of Iranian independent artists out of Iran and also a member of the National Council of resistance of Iran , which appears to be one of the main enemies of the Ayatollahs.
While I don't pretend to understand what she is singing, I am totally impressed by how she is singing.  Bravo!.

Bebin che por ghoroor



No, that's not a typo.
It is the name of a new country duo, Bomshel.
And I think they are worth a listen.
Here's some of what Wikipedia has to say: Bomshel (pronounced /ˈbɒmʃɛl/) is an American country music duo founded in 2004 by lead singer Buffy "Buf" Lawson and fiddle player Kristy Osmunson. Signed to Curb Records in 2004, Bomshel's original lineup charted four single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, and recorded an unreleased album called Bomshel Stomp. One of their songs, "The Power of One", was included in the soundtrack to the film Evan Almighty. Lawson departed in December 2007, and Kelley Shepard was chosen as her replacement. The new lineup of Shepard and Osmunson released has released four more singles, including "Fight Like a Girl" and "19 and Crazy," both of which reached the country Top 40. In October 2009, Bomshel released its debut album, also titled Fight Like a Girl.

Fight like a girl

Here is a live version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

W.Springfield, MA opening act for Trace Adkins. Watch for Kristy O climbing the rafters. These gals know how to rock!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Popbitch says:
Our newest pop crush? Hurts. They have a stern,
almost teutonic, arthouse look, but it's mixed
with pure Pet Shop Boys/Associates/Yazoo
pop. With a bit of Donnie Darko thrown in.

Hurts are Adam and Theo from Manchester. They met
outside a nighclub while people they were with
were involved in a punch up. Adam's grandad was
a wartime entertainer who played banjo for
the Queen. And the extra reason we know we're
going to like them? They insisted on a clause
in their record label contract that they could
go to Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

I have to concur, I think this song could take this group places.

Wonderful Life


Here are a couple of Europop songs to pass a little time. Queensberry is an all girl group from Germany. Keep an ear out for their new CD "On my own".
The four girls are Leonore Bartsch (Leo), Gabriella De Almeida Rinne (Gabby), Antonella Trapani (Anto), and Victoria Ulbrich (Vici).

Too Young

Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Landon Pigg - Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

I've been hearing this a lot lately, never put a face to it. So here is Landon Pigg from his new CD "The Boy Who Never". Pleasant voice, catchy tune.

7 days and counting

A week from today and we are off to San Jose.
Meanwhile yesterday in Nashville he performed his new song "Darkness" without the aid of the bell ringer in the finale.
He of course being Leonard Cohen.