Monday, March 30, 2009

Nina Conti Ventriloquist

Female ventriloquist Nina Conti and Monk her pet monkey perform live in Rotterdam for Dutch TV.
The monkey sounds a bit like Sean Connery, all that was missing is "My names Bond, Monk Bond".
Quiet a funny act from Tom Conti's little girl.
One of the more unique ventriloquist acts since Jeff Dunham.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Los Twang Marvels

Today let's have some great surf music. I remember when Duane Eddy invented this sound, The Twang's the Thang. But it wasn't called surf music then. But that's splitting hairs, now it is. And whatever you want to call it Los Twang! Marvels really know how to play it. From what I can gather they are a German band, despite all the other rumors around the web.

The fabulous Los Twang! Marvels live in the "Wild at heart" 1/25/09 in Berlin.
The song "Return of the Space Cossack" is an original that you can find it on their latest release "Jungle of twang!"
Get it!
Return of the Space Cossack

Video Clip from the great Argentine-Chilean** Surf Rock Band, at the mythical SO36 in Berlin!!!
El Fenderviche

** The band was formed in Summer 2002, in Leipzig, Germany after Yolanda..s and Alex..s call, joined by the incredible Kathrin on Drums and Giordano B. on Bass duties. They played many gigs and festivals in the East side of Germany, until 2004 where a change was to be made, since times and schedules where kind of not getting together anymore. Bisfer and Patrick joined then until today, playing even more concerts and gigs, gaining a very good reputation in whole Germany, getting labeled as the best Instrumental band of the last years around. The band toured Mexico City and surroundings last February with the invaluable help of the great Mexican surf-punk legends Lost Acapulco, and where received with much enthusiasm by the hot audiences there. Their last official release on El Toro Records was "Guitars in Orbit". Now they moved on to the greatest european label for surf-R&R-Beat-Punk: "Kamikaze Records", where their new release has found a new house. The Album, "Jungle of Twang" is just about to be released, end of April 2008 and will be supported with intensive touring, check out our dates !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three Best DJ Voices

When I first started listening to radio it was on the BBC Light Program, they didn't have DJ's in those days. Just variety shows, comedy shows and the news.
Later I started listening to Radio Luxembourg, but usually only on Sunday nights, they would have the current pop music with vague DJ's.
In fact DJ's in England were pretty much not there. When they first started in the 60's they were still not memorable. John Peel on Radio Caroline (pirate) and later on the beeb was probably the most notable, but for his knowledge not his voice.
Oops! I got that wrong, further proof one should not rely on their failing memory. Thanks to Mary Payne I can re-do it as "John Peel's 'Perfumed Garden' was on Radio London (BIg L)".
Thanks again Mary.

Probably the most distinctive DJ voice would have to be Wolfman Jack, but I have only seen him in movies. I never lived anywhere where he actually was on the radio. So here is my choice of the best three DJ's I have listened to. The sequence is not relevant to talent, but just to the sequence in which I listened to them.
Though I did actually hear "Big Daddy" first it doesn't really count in the sequence because I heard him on a trip to the Detroit area a few years before I emigrated here. But it does give lead to a funny story, this was my first trip to the States and I was fascinated by the whole radio scene here. I ended up making 3 or 4 cassette tape straight from the radio, with DJ patter and commercials, traffic, weather the whole bit. And I was playing one of them one time in my car going to work in Norway, and I friend who was getting a ride into work with us commented that "the car must have a great radio system to be able to pick up an American radio station".

Anyhow, lets start in Boston where I moved to in 1983, and my favorite DJ there was Charles Laquidara, I never met him but did win tickets from him to see Stevie Ray Vaughn in a small club on the Boston waterfront. At the time I didn't really know much about Stevie Ray, but liked what I had heard. The performance in this small club was electric, especially as I was standing so close, to a low stage, that I could have reached out and touched his guitar.

A really small club.
Charles Laquidara (born 1938) is an American radio disc jockey whose show, The Big Mattress was broadcast in the Boston, Massachusetts area for nearly 30 years (1969–1995) on WBCN. He spent four years doing The Charles Laquidara Radio Hour on WZLX.
In 1969, he was offered an airshift at WBCN in Boston, to replace DJ Peter Wolf, who was leaving to join the newly-formed J. Geils Band. In 1972, Laquidara took over the morning shift on WBCN — dubbed the show "The Big Mattress" — and stayed there for almost 25 years, before moving to WBCN sister station WZLX in 1995. He drew national attention in 1988 for leading anti-Apartheid protests and a boycott of Shell Oil. After his retirement in August of 2000, Laquidara moved to Hawaii. In 2003, Laquidara sold his home in upcountry Maui for over $2 million to Oprah Winfrey, whose magazine referred to it as a "fixer-upper".
During the first half of 2006, Laquidara did a show live from his home in Hawaii that aired on Boston radio station 92.9 WBOS called "WBOS Backspin". The show was short-lived, however. Laquidara resigned shortly after being chastised for playing Neil Young's song, "Impeach the President" during the height of the Iraq War.
Laquidara had a profane alter ego, Duane Ingalls Glasscock, who had a vulgar catchphrase. When he was told not to utter the phrase on the air any more, he "cleaned it up" into the similar-sounding "Have you even been phoned in Upton, Mass. for being a lucky wise guy?" Duane would begin his broadcasts with the phrase "Hello, Rangoon!"

I frequently visited the Detroit area when I lived in Fort Wayne, and eventually moved to Canton, Michigan and all of the time I would listen to the WRIF.
I did manage to meet Arthur Penhallow, we went out limo surfing down Eight Mile, a fun night indeed.

Arthur Penhallow (born 1943) is a radio presenter in Detroit, Michigan . He has hosted on radio station 101.1 (WRIF)in the same time slot since 1970.
Penhallow was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Before beginning his long tenure with WRIF, Art had toured with a band that played with the Mamas and the Papas, among others. Under the name "Cicero Grimes," he worked at WNRZ in Ann Arbor in 1970, and then moved to WRIF's predecessor, WXYZ-FM, which at the time was airing a syndicated progressive-rock format distributed by ABC called "Love." Penhallow was one of the "Love" format's local announcers and stayed on as WXYZ-FM transitioned to an all-local air staff and moved from progressive rock to the then-new "album oriented rock" format as WRIF.
Penhallow's trademark is the saying of his name as "Arthur Penhallow, BABY", and the cry is one of WRIF's most popular bumper sticker slogans. When Howard Stern was a D.J. briefly at Detroit station WWWW, he mocked Penhallow's "BABY!" by announcing, "This is WWWW in Detroit, MAMMY!"
Penhallow regularly refers to himself as "Big Daddy Arthur P" or simply, "Big Daddy" As do others on the station.

Since I have lived out here in California I have had my radio stuck on KFOG, and my favorite DJ with the great voice ran the morning show until recently. We will miss Dave, but the morning show goes on without him. And there is still Ten at Ten.
Dave Morey (born 1951?) is one of the best radio voices in the nation. Dave Morey was at the mic when KFOG went from an easy listening to a rock format in 1982, he was the one pushing the button that kicked off the change to play the Stray Cats’ “Rock this Town.” Fresh from a string of typical DJ jobs that had led him around the country from Grand Rapids, Mich., to Charleston, S.C., Morey had wound up in San Francisco two years earlier with a job at the now-defunct KSFX. Perhaps his most loved feature was the “10 at 10,” which packaged 10 songs from a certain year with news radio clips and an introduction by SNL announcer Don Pardo. The feature is a twice-daily (10 a.m. and 10 p.m.) music feature involving "10 great songs from one great year," with bits of newscasts woven throughout. Listeners vote on "best of set." Dave Morey retired on 19 December, 2008 his voice will be missed by many.

KFOG's Dave Morey retires after 26 years at 104.5. The Michigan native is returning home, but will continue producing the 10 at 10 show.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Antje Duvekot

Antje Duvekot (born 1976 in Heidelberg, Germany) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Somerville, Massachusetts. [Wikipedia]
Sadly she seems to concentrate on the east coast and the New England area. But maybe with the release of her new album The Near Demise of the Highwire Dancer she will get out more. A truly clear voice and some beautiful melodies make the album something to look for. I am thinking Antje Duvekot is a name you are going to be hearing a lot more of.


It's A Long Way

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura was formed in 1996 by Tracyanne Campbell, John Henderson, and Gavin Dunbar. The band's first releases were the singles "Park and Ride" and "Your Sound" in 1998. The Rare UK Bird EP followed in 1999.
Camera Obscura's first album, Biggest Bluest Hi Fi, was recorded in 2000 and released in 2001. The album was supported by John Peel and charted in several independent music charts.
The band's second album, Underachievers Please Try Harder, was released in 2003 and was followed by Camera Obscura's first full tour of Britain and Ireland and the band's first tour of the United States. Founding member John Henderson left Camera Obscura following this tour.
They recorded their third album, Let's Get Out of This Country, in 2005. It was released June 6, 2006. The first single, "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken", is a response to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' song "Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?"
They have completed recording the follow-up to Let's Get Out of This Country, and the new album, My Maudlin Career, will be released next month on the label 4AD.

The official video for Camera Obscura's new single French Navy from their forthcoming album My Maudlin Career.
French Navy

Lets get out of this country


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kalyi Jag

Here is some genuine authentic Gypsy music from Hungary.
The band is called Kalyi Jag. Gipsy Love (Cigányszerelem) is the third disc of the Kalyi Jag (Black Fire) Group. The group was formed in Budapest in 1978 from young Gypsies from Szatmár county. Since that time they have visited half the world: they have been welcomed not only in European cities but in remote countries as well.
What is the secret of the Kalyi Jag Group’s popularity? First of all their steadfastness and diligence by means of which they collected the Gypsy tunes of their narrower native land Szabolcs-Szatmár county first and then those of wider and wider regions. You can listen to some more at LastFM, as always.


The video portion is not so interesting, but the sound is tremendous. What a great voice the lady has.

Now here is a video of a live performance. But no indication of what the song is.

Kalyi Jag consists of:
Gusztáv Varga - voice, guitar
Ágnes Künstler - voice
József Balogh - voice, tambura, guitar, spoon
József Nagy - water can, oral bass


Extreme Shepherding

The location, the hills of Wales. The cast and crew consist of some humans, some really really smart dogs, some LEDs, a camera and a boat load of sheep.
Mix together with too much time on your hands and you come up with this masterpiece.
The "big sheep" sauntering across the hill has to be the funniest visual for a long long time. This is a movie to savor.

My thanks to BaaaStuds for sharing this with us, and I for one am looking forward to his next venture. That is in between more viewings of this. I notice something new on each viewing.

Rupa and the April Fishes

First I have to give a big shout out to my friend from Hungary who introduced me to this wonderful band, and many many other Gypsy bands, thanks so much Bluesmen. Although they are a local band I don't get into San Francisco all that much and so have not discovered them until now. I just love their DeVotchKa/Gogol Bordello vibe. I know this album is going to be on my player for a long time.

Rupa and the April Fishes is a musical group based in San Francisco, California and is fronted by Rupa Marya. Their songs are a mixture of international musical styles and the lyrics are sung in multiple languages, primarily French, Spanish and English.
According to Marya, the title of their 2008 CD release of eXtraOrdinary rendition was a reference to the United States policy of Extraordinary Rendition. "I actually wanted people to Google the expression and then read, oh the first thing that comes up is a Wikipedia article, you know, not an album," said Marya.
The group was featured on BBC World Service's and Public Radio Internationals The World.
The group has toured extensively in North America and Europe, including appearances at Central Park SummerStage in New York City and the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

Une americaine a Paris

Born to Indian parents in California, raised in the US, India and southern France, and leading a double life as a musician and a doctor, singer/guitarist/composer Rupa Marya and her polyglot band of musical renegades have taken the San Francisco Bay Area by storm and are poised to bring their music to the world with the international release of eXtraOrdinary rendition on Cumbancha. With their enchanting mix of chic French nouvelle vague, rousing Latin alternative grooves, energetic Gypsy swing, and dreamy Indian ragas, the trend-setting band is spearheading a multicultural movement that is redefining the sound of contemporary music. [jacobbogie]

San Francisco - live at Mona Caron's Mural Unveiling Party in Noe Valley

And if that is not enough for you, how about combining Rupa and the April Fishes and DeVotchKa in concert.

More DeVotchKa here, here, here and here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Russian Red

Since it is St Patrick's day we are supposed to have something Green or Irish. Well it's late in the day so lets go with Red and Spanish. I heard this young lady today for the first time. She is Russian Red. I am smitten, she has a great voice, and the songs are just so simple and timeless. Despite that fact that she is Spanish all her songs, that I have heard so far, are sung in English. I am listening to her new CD "I love your glasses" and really digging it. Check it out, all of the videos here are songs from the album.

Russian Red is the stage name for Lourdes Hernández, a singer-songwriter based in Madrid, Spain. Her beautifully crafted, minimal songs beam delicate folk harmonies and lustrous vocals. The band was originally formed in 2007, by Lourdes and Brian Hunt, with whom she had previously recorded some songs, and who will help her recording her first album. Before it was released, they split up. The moniker for Lourdes comes from a lipstick color she frequently uses. Hear more at LastFM.


Just Like A Wall

Nice Thick Feathers

Monday, March 16, 2009

Flanders and Swann

The British duo "Flanders and Swann" were the actor and singer Michael Flanders (1922–1975) and the composer, pianist and linguist Donald Swann (1923–1994) who collaborated in writing and performing comic songs.
Between 1956 and 1967 they performed some of their songs in their long-running two-man revues At the Drop of a Hat and At the Drop of Another Hat. Both revues were recorded in concert along with several studio-based tracks. [Wikipedia]

I stumbled across some of their albums today and it was amazing how much I remembered of them. Including the fact that every time I open a bottle of Madeira I automatically say in my mind "Have some Madeira M'Dear".

Here they are Live in 1967 on Broadway. They made it to the Great White Way.
Thanks to typesoontv and LeonPFB

Song of Patriotic Prejudice

Guaranteed to offend everyone else in the world except the English.

All Gaul / Horoscope / The Armadillo

Madeira M'Dear

A case of Horse Sense

No alcohol involved here, now way occifer! I just passed out, I mean dozed off.
And besides my horse knows the way home.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wii Bowling +2

wii_288, originally uploaded by sameasitev.

Wii rules. Still searching for the perfect score. Oh well 288 ain't bad is it?

It only took about three months the get the extra two points.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ex Norwegian

You know how it is when you used to live somewhere else and that places name comes up it perks an interest. I'm not ex-Norwegian, I'm ex-Norway. But I always notice items about Norway, and England, Saudi Arabia, Boston, Detroit, Indiana, etc. And I'm always on the look-out for interesting, unusual or new music. So check out the band Ex Norwegian. They are not ex-Norwegians either.

From their bio:
Indie-rock buzz band Ex Norwegian formed in 2008 and found themselves performing at the CMJ Music Marathon by October only months after their first gig and the release of their first single “Something Unreal.” Their debut full-length entitled Standby will be released March 17, 2009 on Dying Van Gogh Records - twelve tracks of true D.I.Y. indie rock and power-pop. Originally from the thriving melting pot scene brewing in Miami, it is nearly impossible to place the sound of the quartet geographically. On Standby the group’s love of classic power-pop mixed with British-invasion sensibility creates an irresistibly catchy and unique style.
EX NORWEGIAN’S choice of band name usually demands some explanation — its curious origin is from a Monty Python episode; as does their album title — Standby started off as an inside joke but soon found a deeper meaning in today’s political climate.

Something Unreal

Dance Trance Pants - the commercial

Dance Trance Pants - the song

Roger Houdaille (guitar/vocals)
Michelle Grand (vocals)
Carolina Souto (bass)
Arturo Garcia (drums)

Wanting more? Check out their version of the Cream classic "Anyone for Tennis?"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scorpions - Wind of Change

The acoustic version, live in Lisboa, Portugal a couple of years ago.
I don't think I ever heard them do an acoustic version before.
I like it, see what you think. Of course if you didn't like the original version you may not like this anyway. I always liked this song, it's something about how he pronounces "Gorky Park" I think.
When it comes down to it can you really say why one song appeals and another doesn't?

Scorpions are a heavy metal/hard rock band from Hanover, Germany, probably best known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and their singles "No One Like You", "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change". The band has sold over 75 million albums worldwide and were ranked #46 on VH1's Greatest Artists of Hard Rock program.
Current members:
Klaus Meine - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, tambourine, backing vocals (1970-present)
Matthias Jabs - lead & rhythm guitars (1978-present)
Rudolf Schenker - rhythm & lead guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Hey You" (1965-present)
Paweł Mąciwoda - bass, backing vocals (2003-present)
James Kottak - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1996-present)
And something like 19 former members.

Sand Storm

A sandy day,in Riyadh (الرياض‎) town,
It had me low,and It had me down
I viewed the morning,With much alarm,
The Burj Al Mamlakah (برج المملكة‎) , Had lost its charm
How long I wondered, Could this thing last,
But the age of miracles,It hasn't passed
And suddenly,I saw Al Faisaliyah Tower (برج الفيصلية‎) standing right there
And in sandy Riyadh town,
The sun was shining everywhere

There is actually two video's here, when the first ends a second will start.
This is the big sand storm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on March 10, 2009. Or 1430 AH.
See more great photo's and read more details at The Daily Mail.
A friend in Crete said that the red sand had landed in their pool, go figure.

With apologies to George Gershwin

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is a contestant on the eighth season of American Idol. He made it to the final round on the show, which is more than most aspiring singers can say.
This musician got started at an early age, as his father was a DJ that introduced him to various types of music. He sang Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody for his audition and has spent time in a production of the play Wicked.
For his semifinal audition, Lambert wowed viewers with his range on The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." He then received raves for his performance of "Black and White" on Michael Jackson night. [The Hollywood Gossip]

I think I have mentioned Idol in passing on this blog before, in fact I believe I tipped last years winner.
For my money this guy should be the winner of season eight. Enough said.

Ten Commandments - Is Anybody Listening?

From Ten Commandments the Musical starring Val Kilmer. The song is performed by Adam Lambert as Joshua.

The Zodiac Show - Crawl Thru Fire

Adam Lambert performs his original song "Crawl Thru Fire" at The Zodiac Show. Avalon Hollywood 9/9/08. Written by Adam Lambert and Monte Pittman. Choreographed by Nina McNeely. Fire Dancing choreographed and performed by Dusty Paik and Elijah Sound. The Zodiac Show Directed by Lee Cherry. Executive producers: Carmit Bachar & Lee Cherry
Musical Director: Ameenah Kaplan
DP: Brian Hogan
Editor: Lee Cherry
Pro Tools audio recorded by Peter McCabe and mixed by Quinn Messmer

American Idol - Black and White

Watch it while you can, I'm sure Fox, or Paula, will have it removed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Habanera from Carmen

Carmen is a French opéra comique by Georges Bizet. The libretto is by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, based on the novella of the same title by Prosper Mérimée, first published in 1845, itself influenced by the narrative poem "The Gypsies" (1824) by Pushkin. Mérimée had read the poem in Russian by 1840 and translated it into French in 1852.
The opera premiered at the Opéra Comique of Paris on 3 March 1875, but its opening run was denounced by the majority of critics. It was almost withdrawn after its fourth or fifth performance, and although this was avoided, ultimately having 48 performances in the first year, it did little to bolster sagging receipts at the Opéra Comique. Near the end of this run, the theatre was giving tickets away in order to stimulate attendance. Bizet died on 3 June 1875, never knowing how popular Carmen would become. In October 1875 it was produced in Vienna, to critical and popular success, which began its path to worldwide popularity. It was not staged again at the Opéra Comique until 1883.
Since the 1880s it has been one of the world's most performed operas and a staple of the operatic repertoire. Carmen appears as number four on Opera America's list of the 20 most-performed operas in North America.

The "Habanera" is an aria from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, adapted from the habanera "El Arreglito" originally composed by Sebastián Yradier. The song is also sometimes known by its first two lines, "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle que nul ne peut apprivoiser". Bizet used the melody in the belief that it was a folk song. When he was made aware it was not a folk song, but written by a composer who had died only ten years earlier, he added a note to the vocal score of Carmen, acknowledging its source.
Its melody, among the most famous in the Western musical tradition, is based on a descending chromatic scale followed by variants of the same phrase in first the minor and then the major key, corresponding with the vicissitudes of love expressed in the lyrics. In live performances, after singing the concluding words of the song (prends garde à toi!), Carmen tosses a flower to Don José. Later on, in the celebrated Flower Song, Don José tells how he treasured the flower while in prison.

So here are five wonderful versions, which is your favorite?

Katherine Jenkins

Angela Gheorghiu

Maria Callas (1962 back in the day you had to wait for your cue).

Rinat Shaham

Denyce Graves

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wonderland Avenue

Here's an interesting new band, got a link from a friend on LastFM this morning.
The band is called The Wonderland Avenue, and they are from Austin, Texas.
To quote LastFM: The Wonderland Avenue is a considered deliberation of musical philosophies come to fruition. The ‘Avenue’ emerged as a singular refinement of disparate pieces that have converged into a heroic example of sonic creativity outside the box of “scene”.
The Wonderland Avenue in its entirety consists of drummer Aric Garcia, key boardest Gerardo Larios, guitarist and primary vocalist Isaac Routh, lead guitarist and vocalist Michael Roy Kelley, acoustic guitarist Nick Meyerson and last but not least bassist, Ross Fife.

You can listen to some more tracks there, and even download a couple of free tracks.
I think the band has a good sound, there is even a touch of Pink Floyd in there somewhere. Give 'em a listen.

This song is Scappattio and it comes in two parts.

Operatic Destruction

Not much explanation needed, fire up the opera singer and then demolish a couple of bridges to the tune. OK so maybe it didn't quiet go like that, but it could have.

Yanni - Voices

I'm guessing Yanni is re-inventing himself. He has introduced four, count them four, great singers.
Watching this last night on PBS I was just amazed.
I thought that Nathan Pacheco was an Italian, he sings just so perfectly in Italian as far as I can tell.
But turns out he's from Washington, DC with a Brazilian heritage.
For some reason I thought Leslie Mills was English, don't ask me why. But wrong again she is from Kentucky.
Ender Thomas I was convinced was from Spain, close but no cigar. He is from Venezuela.
Amd last, but by no means least Chloe [Lowery], I wavered between Spanish, Italian and English maybe because she sings in all three languages. But nope, she's from Largo, Florida.
If you haven't seen the concert from Acupulco on PBS yet, watch it. You will enjoy it.
Simply amazing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Darude - Sandstorm

This track from Darude is one of my ultimate all time favorite techno tracks.
It just has so much going for it.
Bet you can't keep your feet still.

There has to be gazillion different mixes out there, and of course there is this one which has to be the ultimate "Men can't dance mix".

Ville Virtanen (born July 17, 1975), better known by his stage name Darude is a trance producer and DJ from Eura, Hinnerjoki, Finland. Debuting in 1995, he released in late 1999 the hit single "Sandstorm" and subsequent album Before the Storm. Darude is known worldwide for his progressive/uplifting style. [Wikipedia]


It's Friday, again. Seems to happen every week, but that's good right?
So how about we have a couple of classic performances today.
No more blabber, straight to the music.

Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman - Give me one good reason

Van Morrison - I Can't Stop Loving You

Sometimes they write themselves, thanks Kate.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marissa Nadler

I am listening to Marissa Nadler's new CD, Little Hells and it is beyond good, it is breathtaking.
I know there is not a bad track on there, not even one throw away one.
This is one hell of an album. She has such a distinctive and soulful voice.

River of Dirt

A really cool video too!
DIRECTED by Joana Linda
STYLING by Paulo Guimarães
MAKE-UP by Lúcia Luz
HAIR by Inês Pontes

FEATURING (in alphabetical order)
Ágata Pinho, Aya Koretzki, Carloto Cotta, Catarina Mascarenhas, César Ribeiro, Cristina Maurício, Dinis Cotta, Efthymis Angeloudis, Inês Pontes, Joana Linda, Lúcia Luz, Paulo Guimarães, Tiago Manaia.

SHOT in Viana do Alentejo, Portugal (on a very cold day)

And here is a live performance of Rosary, no information supplied about the location or date and time. But it is from the same new CD so must be recent.

For some of her other songs check out my earlier post.

Financial Advice

I don't normally get into serious subjects like the economy, but I couldn't resist this tremendous piece of financial advice. Are you confused with the current situation, not sure where to put your money? Well then this little clip will put you on the right road.

Lifetime Supply of Mangoes

Could you turn down this offer?
At what point would one accept the offer?

Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company - very funny - beyondabsurdity

Bell X1

I was driving in to work today, as always listening to KFOG. It was New Releases Thursday and they played a tune that I thought "Oh a new David Byrne or Talking Heads track". But no it was a group new to me called Bell X1. They are apparently pretty big in the UK already, just not hitting it in the USA yet. They will. You can listen to more of their tracks at LastFM.

The song I heard was "The Great Defector". The DJ's also mentioned a critic in Boston who had mentioned that their new album "Blue Lights on the Runway" was the best band by an Irish group released this week!
Didn't U2 release their album this week?

Anyway check out this introduction to Blue Lights on the Runway, I think you will be impressed.

This is a complete track from the album:
Light Catches Your Face

Monday, March 2, 2009

Julian Perretta

Julian Perretta is a new voice to me, I know he has done some stuff with Mark Ronson. He also was a supporting act for Colbie Caillat on a recent tour. I believe he has an album coming out in the spring. Keep a look out for him.

Here's the Wikipedia bit: Julian Perretta is a London born singer-songwriter signed to the Sony Music subsidiary label, Columbia Records.
At 16, he left St Columba's College, auditioning successfully for a course at the drama centre, RADA, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, intending to pursue a career as an actor.
When his course ended he began writing and producing material with the members of the band Jamiroquai. During that time he was introduced to Girls Aloud manager Hillary Shaw.
In March 2008, Sony Music executives signed him to a five album recording deal aged 19. Perretta went onto sign a publishing agreement as a songwriter, with Universal Music Publishing Group.
He joined Mark Ronson on a European Tour, where he sang The Smiths hit, "Stop Me."
In December 2008 he was tipped as one of MTV's Top New Artists of 2009, receiving high praise from the television network.
The track, "Wonder Why" debuted on radio, December 28th 2008 on 95.8 Capital FM.
Perretta gained a large internet following from notable blogging websites, such as Hollywood celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who is known to be a big supporter of the singer. The track Wonder Why saw a huge upsurge in plays and popularity on myspace and other social networking sites.
The singer is to support Girls Aloud on their upcoming, Out of Control Tour UK Arena Tour.
His debut album, Urgently Needed is to be released summer 2009.

Word to Love me - live at Bush Hall

Man, I hate when I mess up and turn the camera sideways and I'm shooting video, but it looks like I am not alone on that.

Like I Do

Video animation to ''Like I do'' by Blake Phillips.

Don't trust the Penguins

Maybe BART could use this agency to improve it's ads and thereby improve ridership.
That said, this is one funny commercial.