Thursday, June 19, 2008

PlanX - Monday Freakin Mornin

A tense subject, but a cool laid back song.
I really like this.

On their You Tube page they say ..........
We are a collective based in London and Bucks. We mostly have normal jobs and are not full time musicians.
We have been together for the past couple of years...
As individuals most of us have worked in different genres, which means when we get together as Plan X anything goes.
No single genre defines us! We are influenced by music from everything and everywhere.
Some of our songs, like 'Monday Freakin Mornin', lean towards R&B and Hip Hop,
while others may have a more Rock or Reggae vibe.
We are currently recording the rest of the songs for our debut album.

Their site at appears to be currently off-line, but I bet it will be back.

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