Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grace Jones

Some dismiss her as a blip on the radar. But I think for the disco period she was a talented, if scary, performer. Grace Jones was known for many controversies, among them.
In 1981, Jones slapped chat show host Russell Harty across the face live on air after he turned to interview other guests. This topped a 2006 BBC poll of the most shocking TV chat show moments. Russell Harty was a bit of a drip as an interviewer, he was also soundly embarrassed by Bette Midler and The Who.

She was featured in the September 1987 issue of Playboy magazine with Dolph Lundgren. In September 1998, Jones was banned from all Disney properties worldwide after baring her breasts in a concert at Walt Disney World. Ahead of her time a Janet.

In April 2005, Jones was accused of verbally abusing a Eurostar train manager in a quarrel over a ticket upgrade and was either escorted off the train or left of her own accord, later saying she was mistreated.

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