Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Laurie Anderson

The bare bones about Laurie Anderson, from Wikapedia: Laurie Anderson (born Laura Phillips Anderson, on June 5, 1947, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois) is an American experimental performance artist and musician. She is the inventor of the tape-bow violin, which has a tape head in place of strings, and a strip of magnetic tape in place of the hairs on a bow.
So now listen to something different in music, with artistic appeal. Something from the avant garde. If you have never heard Laurie Anderson, where have you been? This is one unique talent. Enjoy.

Laurie Anderson - O Superman

Laurie Anderson - Smoke Rings

Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's day

Laurie Anderson - Language is a virus from outer space

Laurie Anderson featuring Peter Gabriel - Excellent Birds
Updated 7-19-2012 for the usual reason. Bear

Halloween Music

This is what the kids will all be saying tonight, although it may come out as Trick or Treat. But this is what they will really be saying. This 1982 clip from the UK band Bow Wow Wow, fronted by Annabella Lwin. It was originally recorded by The Strangeloves in 1965, so this is a cover version. But it is one of the few where the cover is better than the original.

And of course you can't have Halloween music without "I put a spell on you" with Screaming Jay Hawkins. He definitely pre-dates 1965.

This is the original track, so very tame video.

5.6 Quake

So we were sitting watching Californication on DVR when the room started rolling, our rockers started shaking and the two cats flew into the spare bedroom under the bed. It was a 5.6 quake somewhere between Milpitas and San Jose. It was the strongest one I have felt in the 12 years we have lived in California. It was also the first one my wife had felt, she was shook up. We went outside and many neighbours were also outside, since we live in condos, we figured to wait in case there was an aftershock. But none occured, yet. Well that was our excitement of the night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am Legend

I Am Legend is a 1954 science fiction novel by Richard Matheson about the last man alive in Los Angeles, California. It has been filmed twice before, once as The Last Man on Earth in 1964 with Vincent Price. I think I saw it, I went to see most of Vincent Price's movies back in the day, but if I did it doesn't stand out among all his other stuff. The second movie was The Omega Man with Charlton Heston in 1971, it came out at a bad time since there had been a lot of apocalypse movies around that time. For me it also suffered because it had Charlton Heston, who for me even before he became the mouth of the NRA was always a loud, haughty, one shade movie star. Not an actor, but a star none the less. So I am looking forward to seeing hopefully the best take on this story, with Will Smith, even though they moved it from LA to NY.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Clocks - Coldplay

Here is the official description of this video. Remix video for "Clocks" by Coldplay. Edited by Tienpawa. Remix by Buena Vista Social Club. (From the albums "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" and "Rhythms Del Mundo"). My take, awesome.

Cliff Clavin on Jeopardy

A classic from the eighth series of Cheers, Cliff get's on Jeopardy. I don't remember how, probably wasn't salient anyway. But all of the categories were made for him, and see what happens. I wonder how we would have felt about this last weekend with the Red Sox sweeping the World Series again, the Patriots beating up on Washington 52-7 and Boston College at 8.0 and second in the BCS standings? Probably speechless.

Neocon Gold

Thanks to Blimp TV for making my Monday morning so much brighter, or is it bleaker when you think of the reality behind the fun. Well go ahead and enjoy it anyway, they have plenty more stuff at Blimp TV. So here is the commercial for the album Neocon Gold, love it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ian Dury

Friday night music time, some good stuff to tide you over the weekend.
One of my favorite artists.
Ian Dury (1942 - 2000)

Ian started of with / as Kilburn and The High Roads, named of course for Kilburn Highroad. Later after they disbanded he came back with Ian Dury and The Blockheads. Both bands were awesome, and Ian's songwriting should go into the songwriters hall of fame. The majority of his songs almost require you to be English, because of the slang and local idioms, but they are worth it. Check out some tunes like "Wake up and make love with me" and the clever rhythms of "Reasons to be cheerful, part 3" if you don't believe me. Check out this verse (or is it stanza?) from Billericay Dickie.

I had a love affair with Nina
In the back of my Cortina
A seasoned-up hyena
Could not have been more obscener
She took me to the cleaners
And other misdemeanours
But I got right up between her
Rum and her Ribena.


Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Sweet Gene Vincent

Clever Trevor
Brilliant song written by Ian Dury

Billericay Dickie

What a waste

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

If you still want more here's a live version of Reasons to be Cheerful part three, but no action on the video.

Serious Crime

Once before, paranoia ran rampant over the copyright issues and, at that time home videotaping.
Of course nowadays videotaping is dead, who has VHS anymore? Here is a skit with Johnny Carson and the Video Untouchables!
Seems very topical somehow.

12-01-2008: Don't you just hate it when You Tube drops the video?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis won the third series of X Factor a UK talent show overseen by Simon Cowell. For my money she is the best singer to emerge from any of these talent contests from either the UK or USA. And it's not because I'm originally an East Ender, she is just too good. I believe there is a good chance she can be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
The official video for Leona Lewis new single, taken from the debut album Spirit. Bleeding Love will be available to download from the 21st October and in the shops from the 22nd October. In the UK that is, I don't have the dates for USA release. Maybe they will announce on her web site.

While searching for more by Leona I found out that "This is your life" is still alive and well on British TV. And I found this clip on Simon Cowell's life where Leona joined IL Divo to serenade Simon. Now this is special.

I thought I had featured her singing before on this blog, but I was mistaken. So to make up for it, in case you never saw her winning the x-factor here is one of the lead up weeks and the final.


All By Myself

If that's not enough check out her version of Over the Rainbow, goosbumps!

Where is my Breakfast

I don't know if you really have to be a cat lover to appreciate the depth of this cartoon. I found it hilarious, but I am a cat lover. My cats wake me frequently, but thankfully not this way. 'Where is my Breakfast' is by an English animator called Simon Tofield and it is actually called 'Cat Man Do'. He works for an animation company called Tandem Films.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The George and Keith show

Keith Olbermann has George Carlin on Countdown. What a combination of smarts. I like where he laughs when reporting that Blogs4brownback wrote "Dumbledore was a 'Gay homosexual'", does that make him doubly gay? Also George's quote This country is finished, everybody has been bought of with Gizmo's and Toys. Love it George. The good George that is.

BTW: Only visit blogs4brownback if you are a staunch Republican, or you have a strong stomach, or you have a good cynical sense of humor.


Back in 2004 Zucchero made an album of duets, very topical at the time. Everybody was doing it. Here's some samples of tracks from that album and some that are not. Plus a mashup that may or may not be.

Zucchero with Paul Young - Senza Una Donna

Zucchero with John Lee Hooker - I lay down
(no real video but this is the best track on the album)

Zucchero with Andrea Bocelli - Miserere

Zucchero with Mark Knopfler - Who will the next fool be

Zucchero Vs. Tom Jones - Baila Morena Vs Sexbomb (Mashup)

When I'm Sixty-Four

I hate to say it, but I feel like an old Beatles tune today.

Just as I was feeling a bit down my friends at KFOG sent me an e-mail with a birthday wish from Chris Isaak which really made my day. So I would like to share it with you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Canon Rock

Wikipedia says
Pachelbel's Canon (also known as Canon in D major, or, more formally, Canon and Gigue in D major for three Violins and Basso Continuo (Kanon und Gigue in D-Dur für drei Violinen und Basso Continuo)) is the most famous piece of music by Johann Pachelbel. It was written in or around 1680, during the Baroque period, as a piece of chamber music for three violins and basso continuo, but has since been arranged for a wide variety of ensembles. The Canon was originally paired with a gigue in the same key, although this composition is rarely performed or recorded today. It is well known for its chord progression, which has become one of the most used in popular music.
Seems like everybody wants to create a rock version, I featured the dissected version some time back. So I figured we needed to feature the rock version. Enjoy. And if you really want to see all of the available versions, here's a link.


Jerry C

Funtwo (most viewed)

Ultimate Canon Rock
(all of the above and then some, a mashup)

Reefer Man

This comes courtesy of The Harlem Experiment, a nice take on a classic song. Anybody taking a swing at Dubyah can't be all bad.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The American Man

The American man has made great strides to improve his position in society.

The American Man: What of Him? from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

Socalled - You Are Never Alone

In my never ending search for different music, and video, please check out this offering. The music is different and the video is very strange, but hypnotic.

From Ghettoblaster
See more at
Directed by Benjamin Steiger Levine

Gali the alligator - not for kiddies

This is how a puppet show might be if produced by someone with a twisted mind. I like it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walk the walk

According to Relax the top most Googled words are: Jihad, Terrorism, Hangover, Burrito, Iraq, Taliban, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Homosexual, Love, Botox, Viagra, David Beckham, Kate Moss, Dolly Buster, Car bomb, Marijuana and IAEA. What! They don't want to see a model falling through a hole in the catwalk created by a ninja warrior?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The King

There will be no new posts for a while, it's vacation time. Not saying where but I'll leave you a subtle clue, or three.
Viva Las Vegas - The King in the movie Viva Las Vegas

Crime Story - Opening credits from when they moved to Las Vegas. If you never caught this series, rent the DVD's for some exciting entertainment.

Las Vegas - Opening credits for the TV series of the same name.

Days Go by - Dirty Vegas - one of my favorite songs from a few years back. A cool video, although for this post it is only part way.


Just a little tune to keep you happy while I'm away. Jingo by the two ultimate guitarists. Eric and Carlos.

408 kph

Good old Top Gear, still at it. Today we take a Bugatti up to 408 kph or 133.333333 meters per second (more than a football field per second). 248 mph!!!! That's Fast. - Watch more free videos
10-22-2007 After further checking via eForecourt I think it should be 254mph (253.53). This site converts MPH to KPH and vice versa.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's a movie that looks like it could be cool. Or not. I hope it pans out to be cool, and that the trailer is not the best of it. Here's what Fox had to say about it.
A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them. From the director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith -- Jumper hits theaters February 15, 2008 in the USA.

Take a deep breath.

Pure Blonde from Brewtopia

As if we need it, more proof that the best commercials are beer commercials.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Interactive LED Coffee Table

I would love one of these, but I'm afraid my cat would drive everybody crazy. He loves chasing lights now, a single laser pen light or the reflections from a chrystal hanging on a spiral outside. But this would drive him bananas. Find out more here.

Bonfire overkill

Just to prove you don't have to come from the south to be a redneck. This little display of excess power to light a bonfire, comes from Wisconsin. You don't think a can of kerosene and a match would have been just as effective?

You may be a redneck .....

To steal from Jeff Foxworthy. If your bedsheets have NASCAR printed on them, you may be a redneck. If your idea of the ideal honeymoon weekend is a NASCAR meet, you may be a redneck. If you take this video too seriously you just might be a redneck.

NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'

Monday, October 8, 2007

Three strikes you are whiffled

This guy has some serious heat when pitching whiffle ball. What could he do with a real ball? The strange thing I found was the ability to actually see the curve of the ball even though the ball is traveling so fast.

River Dance on Planet of the Apes

Move over Michael Flatly the apes are moving in on your realm. These are real "feet of flames" no fancy shoes here. I know, I know, they are chimpanzees but they are all a part of the ape family.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Skydive into Burning Man 2007

Giving a unique view of the Burning Man activities mack505 skydives down to the playa. Hey Patrick wheres your dome?
10-8-2007 So I asked the question, and of course Patrick answered.

White Rabbit - Star Trek Version

Take a great song from the sixties, add some Star Trek video and you have this little gem.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sports fun and games

Although this picture isn't featured check out the Top 10 perfectly timed sports pictures. They are really an homage to excellent timing, most of them have a humor about them. I must say though that the number one looks decidedly painful.
To find out more about the humor in rugby, check out Rugby Humor, which is where I borrowed the picture from. Very funny site.

Commercial Humor Time

Can you count the sexual metaphors in this commercial from New Zealand?

Then there's one of my all time favorite New Zealand commercials, this has been around a while but is still very funny.

And to end our commercial humor tour of New Zealand, it's always a safe bet to include a beer commercial.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Electric Light Orchestra

Check out this 'Metropolis' anime set to ELO from 'Time'. I'm not really big on anime, but anything with the Electric Light Orchestra is great by me.
The first three tracks are being featured
1) Prologue
2) Twilight
3) Yours Truly 2095

Christopher Walken

Any day is a good day to feature Christopher Walken. I don't matter how good or bad the movie is Christopher Walken will brighten it up just being there.
First up a 27-year old Christopher Walken who appeared on Hawaii 5-0. Predictably, Steve McGarrett is not impressed. This episode was from 1970 "Run, Johnny, Run" starring Chris as Walt Kramer. And I bet the last words were the same "Book him Dano"

The only good reason to watch Gigli! Give the man some pie.

And of course who can forget McBain where he shoots down a jet with a pistol. Without opening the window in his own plane and without a single window cracking in either planes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mike Oldfield not doing Tubular Bells

Mike Oldfield - Punkadiddle
This is from his tour in 1981 at Monreaux, don't know why he was topless I can only assume it was a warm night. I saw him in Oxford in 1979, he was touring with a band made up from players in the London Philharmonic Orchestra (If my memory serves me well) and they were all having a wonderful time exchanging instruments in-between songs. In Punkadiddle as I recall he had a back projection of an Escher building with a gorilla perpetually walking around the stairs. Very cool.

Mike Oldfield & Roger Chapman - Shadow On The Wal
There have been many others who have sung this on tour with Mike, but for me Roger Chapman is the voice for this song.

Mike Oldfield - Live at Knebworth
This would appear to be an un-released unknown piece. Mike could throw away more tunes than many other songwriters published in their lifetimes.

If you are still looking for Tubular Bells, there are dozens of versions here.

Everybody Knows

gopblows made a really cool video using a Leonard Cohen song. The sad point is everybody knows, but nobody is doing anything.

Farm Instrument Music? no CGI

On a daily basic one generally gets e-mails, the majority of which are spam. But I always look forward to "forwards' from friends. Some of them turn out to be gems like this video sent to me today in an e-mail. It allegedly is the work of a collaborative effort between the Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick School of Engineering at the University of Iowa. Amazingly, 97% of the machines components came from John Deere Industries and Irrigation Equipment of Bancroft Iowa, yes farm equipment! However a quick trip to the page and you will find it was created by Animusic. But that doesn't make it any the less entertaining. So today's unusual music is here.

Thanks Rod and Val.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Guitarists on French and Saunders

French and Saunders are a very funny duo on British TV. They are probably better known in the USA for Ab Fab which they wrote and Jennifer Saunders appears in.

Pretty much no one is safe from their jabs, seen here is their take on Abba.

Women, Don't Drive

This looks very much like a vintage 1940's Pathe Pictorial piece. In reality it is a Harry Enfield spoof.

However just in case you think it is not based on reality, check out this piece with instructions on How to handle women in the workplace from 1943. And in case you think this is just something from the past, how about this article from last month where women are challenging for the right to drive. And of course we have all seen pages like this on the web. For another eye view of how women were treated in the workplace at the end of the fifties and the first half of the sixties check out Mad Men on AMC. This is an excellent period piece, and makes it easy to appreciate how civilised the war of the sexes has become. While we may not all be perfect nowadays, we have certainly made vast strides since the 40' , 50's and 60's.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Four great sixties songs

They could be accused of being one-hit wonders, except for Marianne Faithful of course. But all of these songs came out in the sixties. Was it the drugs, the love, what was it that made for so many haunting songs back then?

Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely - 1969

Updated due to interference 12.29.2010

David McWilliams - Days Of Pearly Spencer - 1967

Simon Dupree and the Big Sound - Kites - 1967

There is a live version also on YouTube, but to me I found it too fast, and the Cantonese voice instead of being sultry is stupid.

Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By - 1965

I'm too sexy 07

Still on a musical kick today, I stumbled across this one. A remake from Right Said Fred of their 1991 hit. I hear them, but I don't see them. That's why I added the video.
Did you ever wonder where they got the group name Right Said Fred?