Friday, March 30, 2007

The Snow Leopard

An awesome clip from the fabulous "Planet Earth" series made by the BBC and showing in the US on Discovery. Apparently it took 7 years to make the series and 3 years to find this Snow Leopard to capture on film. You have to see the series on a HDTV screen to really appreciate how great it is.

What we call the news

Jib Jab strikes again. Very much on key as well. How shallow has the "news" become? Do we get what we deserve? Or is it a big government plot to hide all the sneaky stuff they are doing? Nero comes to mind.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What were the odds?

This falls under "Dumb human tricks", but what are the odds on the outcome?

Who is laughing?

It used to be you laughed at the President, or with the President. But here I feel the President is laughing at us. The worst President in history and he laughs at us.

Of course it has to be on the great truth teller network, Fox News!
But I guess we can be grateful nobody got shot, at least not at the dinner.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Once we had dreams

You don't have to be young to have dreams, and good thoughts. A very nice video by MadV. Props to him for his skill and insight. Enjoy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The other side of the seventies

Then there was the really good stuff, sadly missed Ian Dury.

And Ian sings a song for another sadly missed singer, miss you too Gene.

Back to the seventies

Does anyone else remember Demis Roussos? Probably not in the USA, I'm guessing he was a European phenomena. Saw him once at the Albert Hall, terrific concert. Dressed up as him for a costume party once, won 2nd prize up the pub, no photo's thankfully. But give him a listen.

Forever and Ever
Updated 1.8.2013 for the usual reasons. 

                                     The suits as usual claim it, it's all about the money

We shall dance

Gone Fishing

Not quiet what I was expecting from the fishing trip!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Amy Winehouse, dig it!

Check out Amy Winehouse, these videos are from her recent album "Back to Black". This to my ears is a great album. She has such a unique voice, and so good in this current day and age to find someone who can really sing.

Back to Black

You Know I'm No Good


All video's replaced 2.10.2013 for the usual reasons.  Bear

Friday, March 16, 2007

Facethoven .. the 5th as never before

Today we present Beethoven's 5th as presented by Eric Tate.
It's time to get some culture in our lives.

Nothing Political

And here is Bob Hope's take on it, with a classic Holywood line.......

Welcome to the Dark Side

Is the USPS moving to the dark side? Or are they all geeks? Could it be there will be 30th Anniversary celebrations? Can they keep these mailboxes chained down? be aware it is a Federal crime to steal a mailbox! Check out the (very) short movie at the USPS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Downtown Train ... you chose

Do you prefer the original by Tom Waits?

Or maybe Rod Stewart?

Or the Spring String Quartet?

Still no beatbox version.
But I have to give props to the site that started me on this comparison, go check out their 20 worst cover songs in pop music history. I disagree with their number one, I don't think there is any worse cover than their number 16.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Not like that, like that

It's Friday again, time for a smile. If Tommy Cooper can't make you smile, there is no hope for you. Funniest guy ever, sadly missed.

And of course the classic "Hats" sketch.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beat Boxing - no langauge barrier

I'm guessing some sort of Idol Francaise. But you don't need to understand the language, just enjoy the sounds. Talent indeed.

Just Hanging Out

Normally I'm not one for adolescent pranks, but this one just struck me as really, really funny. Ilmao !!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Reality TV - No such thing

Anybody who believes "Reality"TV is real, I've got some swampland in Florida I'm selling.
But I have to admit they are getting worse.
My top (or bottom) 10 hates right now.
1) Entertainment Tonight and The Insider
About as realistic as plastic gold coins. All Anna Nicole, all the time. RIP.
Everybody knows you paid HK Stern mega-millions, so you can only parrot his side of the story. The way you go on about "only on this program", sure because nobody else would pay him that much. Isn't reality supposed to provide a fair and balanced report? Sorry bad joke. See Network News.
Let her rest in peace, the burial is done, we don't want to still be watching "exclusive" coverage in a month's time.

2) Extra.
At least they cover some other news. They also show the other side, but that is
probably because they couldn't afford HKS so they opted for Larry Birkhead. Probably more reasonable. You know this is a bad story when MSNBC’s Rita Cosby was in the church.

3) Judge (put any name you want here) Show
This shows are to legal justice and truth as Jerry Springer is to the Nobel prize.
There was a guy on the radio a week or so ago that told how he got on one of those shows by making up a story that he wanted to sue his buddy for $700 because that is what he had given him to arrange for a stripper on another friends stag night. When it came to the moment of truth turns out the stripper was a guy. So he and his two buddies hawk this story around the "Judge" shows, and one of them bought it, paid for all three to go to New York, stay at a nice hotel, paid for all their food and even gave him his $700 when they "won" the case.

4) Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, etc
They must employ the best film editors in the entertainment business.

5) American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, So you think you can dance
Anything where the public votes is not a singing or dancing competition, it is a popularity contest. The cutest, the one with the biggest fan base, or the worst will continue regardless of talent.

6) The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Who wants to marry a millionaire, etc
Just how low do you want to go?

7) Trading Spouses, Wife Swap
I guess I just answered my question in 6.

8) The Apprentice
Doesn't he have enough money, though I do like his take on HK Stern.

9) The Surreal Life
So bad it's almost worth watching at least once per season, just so you can go "So that's where they went".

10) Makeover shows
Cloying or cringe inducing.