Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lily Allen USA release of debut album

This young ladies music has been around for a while, it was released in the UK back in July 2006, it's just made it here to the US. Maybe it's because you can't put sub-titles on a CD.
America and England two countries divided by a common language.
Anyway, I like her brand of alternative rock, with a little reggae thrown in for good luck. I wish her well on her US release, and here is a little taste to get you running to the music store. The video is of Lily Allen singing LDN from the new album "Alright Still"

Friday, January 26, 2007

Monkey Trial moves to Seattle !

Well not really, but it could. I'm sure you have heard about the Monkey Trial in Tennessee where the religious zealots of the day tried to stop the teaching of reality.
Now seems we have something similar on the West Coast, Frosty Hardison says he doesn't want his children to learn An Inconvenient Truth about the way the world is going. He believes that
a warming planet is "one of the signs" of Jesus Christ's imminent return for Judgment Day
. Yeah right.
It makes me wonder about a previous post of mine, maybe these folks went to the same skool of lernin that Frosty went to.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No money in the music business

Why the music business isn't making so much money anymore.
In the beginning they never made money, it was just some caveman banging a brontosaurus bone against a cave wall. Not too much audience appreciation.
Then music went through various phases where only the religious and pious got to hear or participate in musical entertainment (if that's what it was called).
Then we went through the various classical stages, where generally only the rich got to hear the music of the day. I doubt Joe Blow ever went to a concert by Mozart, et al.
So let's jump to the more recent times. I'm guessing the "music industry" as we know it evolved from the sheet music dealers that existed prior to the invention of the phonograph.
However for this summation I wish to start from just the days I actually remember.
Bearing in mind my first purchased music was on a second hand 78 rpm record, this record was "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley. Damn that ages me.

Anyhow, here's my theory. Back in the 78 days the music industry started to make money, then along came 45's and they really started to make money. This was the day's when teenagers, does anybody remember teenagers, had spending power. In reality the 45 singles were a lot cheaper, the releases were fast and furious, but generally we could afford to buy one single a week. I'm talking about the UK here, I'm sure it was more in the USA.
Then in the 60's and 70's music became more intricate. Albums (33.3 rpm) became the norm, and more importantly you listened to the complete album. Albums were a thing of beauty (or crap) where you had not just the record with the music but the cover with all of the weird and wonderful art. Remember this was the psychedelic era and excess was good.
At the same time a phenomenon occurred where in the small local record stores, music guru's appeared. These guys (or gals) knew the music they sold, they understood it, could recommend it, could listen to you the consumer and make recommendations, could play stuff that they knew you would like, and they were frequently right. I'm sure this was the golden period for the music industry.
Then in the 80's along came CD's, yet another big change. There were of course two sides to this on the one side you had the audiophiles who swore never to forsake vinyl, and other who were only too happy to have smaller, easier to store, good sound quality products. For me having already got rid of a wind-up phonograph, a few multi-changer record players, a reel-to-reel tape drive, a couple of cassette players, I was very happy to add a single CD player to my stereo system. I even went out and bought CD's of vinyl albums I already had, in fact he first CD I ever bought was "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. Now CD's have evolved and expanded into DVD music or 5.1 surround sound on CD. How many time do we need to buy the music.
But I digress, what is happening today? Music is not so important in everybody's life. Sure everyone has an iPod or MP3 player jammed in their ear, but are they listening to the music, really listening? No music today is just a background to life. Short attention span. Instant gratification. I like that track, don't need the album, just the track. Where should I get it? All the small record (music) stores have closed down, the big box stores are staffed by people who don't know (or don't care) anything about music. So where to buy it, over the internet. But why buy the album, just download the track (.99c or free depending on your conscience).
So Mr. Music Mogul, the ball is in your court, make us music lovers care again. How? I dunno I don't get paid the big bucks to work that one out.
My only comment might be who has/had the talent?
Elvis Presley vs. Justin Timberlake.
Janis Joplin vs. Christina Aguilera.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good singers and bands around today
I do listen to a lot of new stuff. I just don't think the talent is as good as it used to be, maybe we have to blame it on Simon.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Where's Jay Leno when you need him?

I'm not sure what this says? People don't think, they are too busy, they are messing with the camera crew, they flunked geography, they don't watch the news or read newspapers, whatever it is this is kind of sad.

Top Cat

So you think your cat is smart? Check out this sharp kitty.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nancy, the people have spoken

About 1,200 peace activists lie in the sand at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to spell out IMPEACH! in 100-foot letters on Saturday. Beach Impact Project photo by John Montgomery. This information from SFGATE.COM
An open plea to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, ignore his request for 21,000 more troops for the quagmire in Iraq, and listen to the people and impeach his ass.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ain't Nature bitchin'

This is the best nature documentary ever. So very interesting, didn't know spiders were that cool.
Not sure why but "The owner of this video does not allow video embedding", the code was there yesterday but...... Whatever, double click after you get the message and you will be correctly linked to You Tube and you can still see the vid.
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