Monday, November 16, 2015


The delightful Catself is back with one of the least scary vampires ever.

This really cool song was released on Friday the 13th and I missed its release.
Time to make up for that.


Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In

On this song, Saint Nicholas Orchestra play:
Anna Kołodziej: nyckelharpa
Agnieszka Kołczewska: percussion
Bogdan Bracha: bombard
Justyna Kazek: cello
Marcin Skrzypek: hammered dulcimer
 Recorded and mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski at Preisner Studio

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Another amazing voice from the land down under.
What do they add to their Wheaties?

Meet Dioni.
Compared to ’60s icons Dusty Springfield and Sandie Shaw, the Renaissance woman from Sydney has traveled extensively throughout Greece, performing in ancient theatres and stadiums in support of bands such as Faithless, Soft Cell, and The Chemical Brothers. Dioni has performed as a solo artist in Australia, France, Germany, Greece, and Qatar. She has a multilingual repertoire (including seven languages) and the ability to sing in multiple genres.
Well enough verbiage, you are here for the sounds.
And what beautiful sounds they are.
Prepare to be overwhelmed.

The latest video from Dioni's self-titled E.P.
It's a kinda quirky video which highlights the beautiful voice of Dioni.

Shades of Melancholy ~ (George Priniotakis Chillout Remix)

Here's another great track from aforementioned EP.

Don't Let Me Down

I just cam't get enough of this young lady's amazingly soulful sound.

It's A Blue World -

Friday, November 6, 2015


What else can one say.

It's Adele.

Adele's First-Ever 'Hello' Live Performance