Monday, October 20, 2014

Aubergine Machine

Welcome to the wonderful voice of Shanti and Ian.
A truly talented duo.

Shanti with the amazingly beautiful voice and Ian the techno whiz.

Aubergine Machine or Aubergine MACHINE? Nor sure which is correct.
So I'll just use either as the spirit goes.
Aubergine MACHINE is a collaboration between world renowned multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and new-comer to the scene Shanti Ellis. They formed the band in late 2012 after realizing their unique capability to create genre-blending electronic music with pop/mainstream appeal. Having both travelled the world in their own right while picking up many influences along the way, their mental catalog of music includes everything from pre-EDM electronica to the uber-current sounds of post-dubstep and future garage.
Ian who is very established in the international House Music scene and has visited more than 60 countries on tour sites influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Black Flag and DJ Premier, while Shanti sites influences such as Santigold, Vampire Weekend, and No Doubt. Ian's production, while cutting edge but not alienating to new listeners, combines with Shanti's brand of indie-pop laced vocals to build a foundation of melodies that range from youthful to emotive and haunting. Shanti and Ian like to sum up what they do in their mantra: we make music, love life and laugh sometimes. we are Aubergine MACHINE.
I've been listening to this new single for a couple of days now, and I'm really diggin' it.

The video is pretty cool too, shot in the wilds of Florida.


Video produced, directed and edited by Aubergine MACHINE (Ian Carey and Shanti Ellis)

Here's an earlier track, ASMR. What is ASMR?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial,[1] with a considerable cult following and strong anecdotal evidence to support the phenomenon but little or no scientific explanation or verified data. [Wikipedia]
Maybe, but it's a damn good track and maybe does give some "pleasurable tingling sensations in the head".


This is Not an ASMR video, but a visual to go with the song written about the subject.
Music video by Aubergine MACHINE performing ASMR.
(c) 2014 Muzik Liberated.

Next up check out this terrific cover of The Strokes with Shanti in fine voice.
They transform CIFCIK from lo-fi, black and white romanticism into mod meets revolutionary nostalgia.

Call it Fate, Call it Karma

I'm not sure why, but this might just be my favorite Aubergine Machine track.
Intriguing lyrics, great beats and amazingly beautiful vocals.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Federico Parra

Here's some great sounds for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Very different and deeply distinguished.
Experimental singer/songwriter Federico Parra has served as director of the music program at Samadhi Integral (Massachusetts, US), where he regularly offered concerts, courses, and workshops on harmonic singing, drumming and his integrative approach to singing that he calls "Sacred Voice". He has also taught at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.
Federico is releasing his new album "Descending" on November 1, 2014.

I've been listening to an advance copy, and I'm truly impressed and moved by it.

Just as a sampler check out his cover of the Peter Gabriel classic.

San Jacinto

This is not from the album, but just a sample of this mans talent.

If ever a track lived up to it's title this one does, this is a collaboration with Duduk from a few years back. Totally awesome.
This is a spontaneous, "one take" improvisation, with Duduk and vocals, over "Yans - Sahara (Original Mix)"


Finally today let Federico give you the inside dope on himself as only he can. Very, very interesting guy.

Hopefully I've given you a taste of the talent of Federico Parra, you can follow the link below to get even more.
Federico has created his own multimedia page as his preferred method for people to experience the album here.  I strongly recommend a visit to this very well crafted presentation of the complete album.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Miley Cyrus

I'm sure most of my regular readers, if I have any, will be surprised to see a post on Miley Cyrus.
She is the first artist I think I've covered with around 50 million "likes" on their FB page.

Back in her Hannah Montana Disney days sure I dismissed her as sugar pop.

But Wrecking Ball made me sit up and take notice that this young lady has one serious set of pipes. 

Recently Miley made a cover of a Led Zepplin classic and that brought out the haters some more.
But I think she gets props for her version. I'm looking forward to hear her rumoured version of a Leonard Cohen classic, "I'm Your Man".

First up is I guess the "studio" version, a more acoustic version.
But a real powerful version.
I for one am really digging this version.

Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You

Finally a live version from her show in Monterrey on 16 September this year.
I don't know if she closed the show with this, but it would be hard to follow.
Bravo Miley.

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Thanks to Ady Steph for making/uploading the video.
It's nice to know that talent will out.

Consider me a fan now.

Some other great covers you should check out if you are unfamiliar with Miley Cyrus' talent.

Dolly Parton classic - Jolene

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Bob Dylan - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

Hold the presses, I just found this awesome cover of one of my all time favorites.
This ranks right up there with the Elkie Brooks version.

Lilac Wine