Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You remember Héllena, she was on here before but the spelling of her name has changed since then. 

Well the good news is that her new album is due out any day now, I just had a sneak peek at the first single. And very cool it is. If the remainder of the album is as good as the first single it's gonna be a doozey.

Sadly I can't share it with you. BUT I do have a live version for you to hear, and see.

So check out this cool Under The Radar Live Session from Héllena.

Dream Big

Under The Radar Live Sessions said about this session:
This week we are privileged to welcome to the Under The Radar Live Sessions studios fabulous Greek chanteuse living in London Hellena, who comes accompanied by two members from her band on piano, acoustic bass and the most delicious Spanish Guitar.
Hellena came to London two years ago in pursuit of her dream to become a successful singer song-writer and performer and she is already well on her way to fulfilling her dream with her forthcoming debut album in the making.

While we are in the sessions let's check out another song from the wonderful Héllena.


We'll end up today with another new song performed live.
This time I don't know the venue, but this is a full goup version.
Personally I think the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired, but you will get the essense of a Héllena performance.


Sanna Nielsen

I can't believe it's been five and a half years since I featured Sanna Nielsen, wow time flies when you are having fun.

Well it's time for an update and what better than a new video directed by our old friend Mats Udd

Sanna Nielsen recorded her last video-clip six years ago, but this time the occasion's worth it.

Undo is not only her latest single but, as the winner of Melodifestivalen 2014, it's also the entry of Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

Check out this awesome new song from Sanna.


Production Company: Bob Film Commercials AB,  
Director: Mats Udd
Producer: Andreas Emanuelsson
DoP: Niklas Panthell
Production Manager: Joel Burman

I really like this song, and it's chances for Eurovision, but having said that this year is prime for a political result.
Just saying.
So that said, check out Sanna's beautiful live version on her way to winning the Melodifestivalen 2014.


Friday, April 18, 2014


Today we get to meet some "out there" British pop babes.

They are the_sp@ce_girls Venus, Mercury and Moon.

All 22, and students at the University of Outer Space in West London.

They do not do albums.
They do not even do EP's.
They do singles.
And here for your edification are their four singles.

Time to bring back the seventies, could this be the summer song of 2014?
It sounds so good.
Maybe it's nostalgia for sunny days in Spain, but I'm really digging this.
This is their latest single.  There's some pretty good harmonies going here.

Soley Soley

In case you think this sounds familiar, this was a big hit in Europe in the early seventies for a Scottish band called "Middle of the Road".

This was their first single, it was created as a tribute to the British involvement in the film GRAVITY - made in Britain, special effects, producer and music all British.

I Am An Astronaut

Here's their third single and their Eurovision Song Contest entry.
For which country? The World!
It was turned down by two countries who thought it was "too political" - they don't think it's political at all; just a song about celebrities.
Cute and catchy, and George Clooney can take a joke.

I'm Over You

Finally today their second single, a piece of pure pop confection.

Shoorah! Shoorah!

The singles order of release was jumbled to protect the innocent.