Sunday, February 14, 2016


A real find today, meet Leah.
She is a singer / songwriter of Folk Metal, Celtic Metal, Symphonic Rock music.
She hails from Canada.

Leah has a truly beautiful voice.You just have to experience it, to fall in love with her.
Did I mention she is cute.

Here's a partial quote from her bio. Click the link to read the rest, after you have listened to her music.
Leah has always possessed a firm sense of her identity and avoided any cliché that would define her by society’s expectations. She began singing during her early teenage years, and experimented until she found her unique voice. Upon discovering Celtic music and European symphonic metal, Leah realized she was home; these were the genres that resonated with her soul. Songwriting followed thereafter as Leah found comfort and strength in her musical self-expression. Leah’s hypnotizing voice has drawn comparisons to Enya, Delain, and Loreena McKennitt as she can elegantly slip between the soothingly ethereal, the grippingly powerful, and lyrical folk styles with fluid ease. Her music is equally diverse. Braiding a hypnotising fusion of celestial vocals and sparkling strings, rippling piano, galloping drums and sharp guitar work, she leads her listeners on a passionate journey through haunting sonic landscapes. Her poetic lyrics draw from the inkwells of fantasy, passion, tragedy, and folklore, telling stories that are as arrestingly beautiful as the music. It is not by mere fancy or chance that Leah’s music has a medieval flavor and Celtic overtones: Leah has Irish and Scottish blood in her veins and her heritage can be traced back to the ancient highlands of the British Isles. Innovating with her creative imagination, experience, and her Gaelic ancestry, Leah crafted songs that would eventually be recorded for her first album, Of Earth and Angels.
So enough of the verbiage, let's get to the music.

As I shiver here in Florida check out this amazing tune by Eric Peterson and Leah.  

Winter Sun

Another beautiful song from the awesome voice of Leah.  

Celtic Battle Song

By it's title this sounds a bit gloomy, not at all.
Everybody knows the Celtic people love a good wake.
Another truly beautiful performance by Leah and her amazing voice.

Celtic Theme Funeral Song - Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fiona Boyes

It's kinda like a bluesy Saturday afternoon.

So check out this cool Aussie blues chick, Fiona Boyes.

She is totally the real deal, voice, guitar slinging and song writing.
Australian Blues guitarist and singer, Fiona Boyes, has been variously described by reviewers as a ‘musical anomaly’, ‘Bonnie Raitt’s evil twin’, or simply as ‘scaring the hell out of me’. She writes, sings and plays just about anything in the Blues realm with passion and authenticity. It is also her immersion in the wide musical and historical traditions that make up the Blues and her deep love of the art-form itself.Equally at home on acoustic or electric guitars, her repertoire is like a Blues travelogue. You’ll hear pre-war Delta slide, wailing laments, single chord Mississippi Hills grooves, intricate and beautiful Piedmont finger picking, rollicking New Orleans barrelhouse, greasy Memphis soul, driving classic Chicago sounds, the country stylings of Texas swing, and the uptown sounds of he West Coast.
Let's get to the music, first up a rollicking blues about a place in Florida.

Fiona Boyes plays cigar box guitar at Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival 2014.
Wangaratta home town of Nick Cave, just love the way Nick say's Wangaratta.  

Juke Joint on Moses Lane

Here she is joined by Russell Morris for a rousing Howlin' Wolf classic. Rockin' is an understatement.

Smokestack Lightning


This track we find Fiona hooked up with the Kyla Brox Band and playing a lap cigar box guitar. They are doing awesome justice to the Willie Dixon gem.  

Wang Dang Doodle

Finally today something completely different, Fiona sings her self penned country swing classic.  

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Friday, February 12, 2016


Another wonderful find today, meet Saramai.

Saramai is a singer-songwriter from Navan, County Meath, Ireland.
She has an achingly beautiful voice.

Chosen as one of Guinness Amplify’s emerging artists this year she played a showcase gig in Galway’s famous Roisin Dubh venue and Guinness tweeted ‘The crowd are loving Saramai’s sound. A true original!’. Her debut EP was recorded live by Tommy McLaughlin at Attica Studios.

Them's the facts as I know them, so let's get to the music.

You are gonna love this EP and will just have to add it to your collection.  

Red Moon