Saturday, July 25, 2015

Riders on the Storm

 19 and Moog, NPR

It was a day of non-stop rain for most of the Bay area yesterday.
And we had more overnight, and this morning.
Pasco County, where I live, has seen the worst of it, particularly in Holiday where reports of over 8 inches of rain had fallen in 12 hours yesterday.
I believe the count is now up to 10 inches plus.

So to cheer me up, at least, and hopefully anyone else in the path of the storm here's some topical songs.

This one has been on my mind for the last few days.
This is a live version from earlier this year.  
Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks

 19 and 54 NPR

The question on the mind of everyone in the bay area today.  

Who'll Stop the Rain by CCR

 Texan having fun in Florida, NPR

Just because its a great song, something to cheer us up in the rain.

Here Comes the Rain Again - Eurythmics

Time to get indoors, St Pete

Can't have a storm post without this classic from the 1943 film of the same name, the great Lena Horne delivers a sizzling performance of her signature song.  

Stormy Weather

 Moog NPR

The divine Ms M expresses our thoughts as we get up each morning.
A great version from her recent tour @ Staples Center, Los Angeles CA on May 28 2015.

I think It's Gonna Rain Today - Bette Midler

 Seven Springs Area, NPR

Gotta end with the ultimate all time greatest storm song. No debate.  

Riders on the Storm - The Doors

 Sponge Docks, Tarpon Springs

All Photos: BayNews9

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mississippi Jones

You remember Mississippi Jones, of course you do.

Well here's a brief update.

They just released the second installment of a series of four EP's to be released in 2015 and 2016.
And to be completely honest it's bloody marvelous.

You have to hear it for yourself.
Miss Mississippi has never been in better voice, just brilliant.
Which track is my favorite? Ummm, ALL of them.

Just listen to it, trust me.  

 Recourse: Elemental II

Released 20 July 2015.
Mastering and Post Production: Kevin Kearney
Album Artwork: Laura D. Graves
(c) all rights reserved

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Awesome amazingly talented young lady, What a voice.

It's been a while since I have been so blown away by a singer such as Cloves.

But she is a girl of mystery. She hails from Melbourne, Australia. And I believe she is 19.

But you have to hear the voice.
Keep an eye on Cloves, she is going far.

If this song doesn't grab you, check your pulse.  

Don't You Wait

So I went looking for more tracks by Cloves, thinking that "Dont you wait" might be a one off fluke. No way, this girl is awesome. Goose bumps.  

Frail Love