Friday, November 21, 2014

Mississippi Jones

Someone new to us today.

Meet Mississippi Jones.

Mississippi Jones is a duo made up of Mississippi Jones and J@$, one long name and one short one.

Together they are making some cool vibes.

 Let them tell you about their selves.
Brave, true, and arrestingly beautiful, Mississippi Jones is a genre bending electronic duo capturing something more encompassing than can be expected. Together Mississippi and J@$ work to create authentic original songs that celebrate revolution, love, independence, and connection.
Pulling from a vibrant array of sources and winning over lovers of all genres, their music is influenced by a broad range of artists from Stevie Wonder to Nina Simone to KRS One.
Their entertainment through music is described as a power blues soul hybrid with pop sensibilities. The duo’s expansive, fiercely creative performances are adaptive spectacles which must be experienced for listeners to get the whole picture of their creation. They can most often be seen emerging around several burgeoning music scenes. Their 13 track debut “Unreleased” is a blend of electronic, rock, pop, and soul brought together in a succinct collection that could only have been made in the 21st century. From hope to despondency, comfort to rebellion, the pain of leaving a true love behind and the celebration of finalizing a break from the negative, the album brings you all of the engaging involvement one could hope for, and opens up for the listener to find or create their own specific interpretation or experience within the music. Mississippi Jones would like to thank their fans and all supporters of their music past, present, and future. We always strive to bring people together, celebrate the global experience, and validate the unique way in which our music reaches each and every one of our fans. Thank you so much.
So enough of the verbiage, let's get to the music.
 It's What we are here for.

These videos are Mississippi solo, it's tough being an indie group.
Costs are high so these simple videos are the way to go until you can get the following up.

A beautiful song sung wonderfully by the talented Ms Jones.
Nice ivory tickling too.  

Not Today

What's Now you may ask, well this is Mississippi's latest upload.

A paean to the current season.
I little bit different and somewhat pensive, but another outstanding song from Ms Jones.  

What's Now

My final selection for today from her extensive catalog of songs is this little gem.
When I say extensive catalog, that is relative to a young aspiring singer/songwriter.

You can check out the rest of her catalog on her YouTube page.

For now just enjoy this piano backed song of angst.  

Need to See

You knew I couldn't leave you hanging without hearing the album.
Well here it is, make sure to buy your own copy.  



It's been a while since we had Ormonde (Anna-Lynne Williams and Robert Gomez) or Trespassers William or Lotte Kestner grace these pages.

But I could not resist the new single from Ormonde.

Neither will you.

It's taken from the album 'Cartographer/Explorer' which was released earlier this month so I'm guessing you already have your copies by now.

Never the less you can't keep a good track down, and this dreamy hypnotic piece is just plain beautiful.  


Ormonde are Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William/Lotte Kestner) and Robert Gomez, and Cartographer/Explorer is the Seattle band’s second album, following on from 2012’s Machine which garnered keen praise on both sides of the Atlantic for its delicate acoustic songwriting. Individually, the two members of Ormonde have impressive CVs: Williams toured with Damien Rice, Feist, Broken Social Scene and Explosions in the Sky during her time in Trespassers William (Nettwerk Records) and also co-wrote and sang Hold Tight London on Chemical Brothers’ Push the Button album. Gomez is a respected producer/multi-instrumentalist who has worked with John Grant, Centro-matic and Sarah Jaffe and was previously signed to Bella Union. Ormonde, however, is where the two locate their shared vision, and it’s a spellbinding place to spend some time.
In contrast to the debut album, Cartographer/Explorer is a much more ambitious affair. Primarily written and recorded in an immersive two week period, the songs have a late-night, narcotic quality. They frequently centre themselves around repeating guitar or organ/synth phrases and passages, slowly spinning out captivating webs of sound. Williams concentrates on her words and singing, whereas Gomez provides the lion’s share of the instrumentation, incorporating beats and processed drums into the mix, submerging them under liberal reverb and effects. Gomez himself takes lead vocals on four of the album’s ten songs - with the purity of Williams’ voice winding around his slurred, somewhat sinister tones - with A Grand Design being a perfect example of how the combination of their voices, together and separate, is one of the album’s strongest features.
It perhaps comes as little surprise that Ormonde spent time watching the second series of Twin Peaks during recording. There’s a similar fascination with the undercurrents of love, death, and trust, and the anxiety of whether our interactions with others are harmonious or destructive. The small moments that come to define us over time, a story unravelling: “After you go, I rest my eyes, it’s like they’ve been walking out in storms“ as Williams sings in Paintings, against a backdrop of Gomez’s Morricone-style twanging guitar and reverberant percussion. An entire world barely hinted at in just a few words. Ultimately, Cartographer/Explorer is a wonderful album, compelling in its subtle moves, finding its own sweet way as only the best records do.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lily Elise

It's not the first time I've heard Lily Elise, but her new EP begs for attention.

Make way for Lily Elise, the vivacious, young singer who’s been making a splash since America first met her three years ago. The Bay Area native has announced plans to release a new, five-song EP, Taken. "Its first single, “Generator,” is a satisfyingly hypnotic blend of Pop and R&B with a dark, alternative twist, and holds its place as an expressive chapter in Elise’s larger coming-of-age tale.

It's time to enjoy the beautiful voice of the beautiful Lily Elise, November's Artist of the Month

Check out the awesome sounds of her latest single, great voice.
This single deserves a high chart placing.


Video Directed by Gil Marsden
Edited by Ciaran Michael Vejby
Colored by Andrew Jeric
Music video by Lily Elise performing Generator. (C) 2014 Lily Elise Music

Here's a beautiful cover of a beautiful John Legend song. Very tastefully done.

All of Me

Back to the originals, this is a meaningful song performed live for the Sessions For Innocence. Saving Innocence is a local non-profit that rescues and restores children from sex trafficking in the United States.


Finally today another beautiful, albeit really different, cover.
This time the best song from TLC.


Shot & Directed by Emma Sheffe

OK, one more. Sort of. I don't like commercials. But I'll make an exception for this one.

This is Lily singing the classic of classics.
I'm hoping if enough people clamour for it she will release a full version of this song, or at least put it on her album that will surely come.

Feelin' Good