Friday, July 25, 2014

Night Club

Los Angeles-based Night Club, comprised of vocalist Emily Kavanaugh and producer Mark Brooks, have recently caught the attention of fans and critics with their brand of dark, sexually charged synth pop.

You can say that again, this is some darkly delicious sounds.

They just recently made this announcement: "we're REALLY excited to announce that we've been writing music for Comedy Central's new animated series, Moonbeam City (starring Rob Lowe & Will Forte), which will premiere in 2015."
I'm guessing not a kiddie animated series.

Night Club recently finished their new EP Black Leather Heart, which will be released in September 2014. Keep an eye out for that.

Well, let's get to the music, and boy what music it is.

With Marks dark heavy beats and Emily's sultry perfect vocals you are in for a treat.
First up check out their latest release.
Wow! This INXS cover really, really changes my concepts of this song.
Hearing it sung by a young lady, and a sexy one at that just makes it all so very different.
I love it, and I'm gonna be listening to this a whole lot more.

Need You Tonight

The band shot the video for "Need You Tonight" by themselves in one night.
The goal was to “capture the lonely desolation of street life – and there is no better place to explore that theme than the streets of Hollywood.”
Brooks calls the video “a love story to the streets of L.A. Not necessarily what INXS had in mind, but entirely appropriate.”

Here's an original song by Night Club.
Full of delicious dark decadent goodness.

Strobe Light

Now this is another original, written by Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks.
They have this dark deep rumbling sound down to an art form, and with Emily's sultry vocals it just perfect. Enjoy.


Check out some remixes, free download.

Not responsible for any sado-masochistic thoughts this one unleashes, blame that on Night Club.

A brilliantly made video switching between musical performance and acting performance.
All good decadent fun. Oh yes, and a great song.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk

I've got a great new single to share today, from a terrific UK band.

Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk are from Manchester, the group consists of Mary Joanna (vocals) and she is backed by Rikki Turner (Paris Angels) on keys, Steven Tatji (Paris Angels, Rude Club) on bass, Spencer Birtwhistle (Interstella, The Fall) on drums, Stephen Evans (Twisted Wheel) on guitar and newcomer Zack Davies also on guitar.

They are a unique blend of dark synths, biting guitars and gritty bass lines interlaced with Mary’s soft yet irresistibly sinister vocals.

Although the band have performed just a handful of gigs in their home city, they’ve already been invited to appear at venues across the UK, thanks to their effortlessly cool blend of Post Punk, Psychedelia, Electronica, Dream Pop and Krautrock.

Wasted, their debut single, will be available as a digital download from 22nd September, but you can hear it here right now. You won't be wasting your time listening to this, a great barrage of jangly guitars, some fuzz and the beautiful voice of Mary Joanna. Just sublime. Like dark chocolate.


Filmed, edited and directed by Stephen Evans.
Band shots filmed by Elspeth Moore.
A special thanks to Peri Scope.
Dedicated to Barri Jill Zahn. 

Here's another great track from them, this one's so new there isn't a video yet.
But we're here for the sounds right?
Another great vocal with a truly tight band behind her.

You Knew, You Knew

If you want to hear just how pure Mary Joanna's voice is check out this classic Skeeter Davis song. Mary Joanna Coogan and Stephen Evans performing a couple of months ago. Pure as a bell.

The End Of The World

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Sunday Reeds

Another treat for you all today, a great band from the land down under.

The Sunday Reeds skillfully combine the most exciting elements of rock ‘n’ roll to create lyrically rich, infectiously melodic songs with a sound distinctly their own.

The obvious comparisons are to Debbie Harry, Cher and Chrissie Hynde but Romana Ashton is her own woman with an amazing voice.

The Sunday Reeds are more like the Ramones with an awesome female vocalist.

The Sunday Reeds, named after Melbourne’s celebrated patron of the arts Sunday Reed, are Romana Ashton (vocals, bass) and Drew Jones (guitar). Though forming in 2009 as a duo, they soon started playing live as a three-piece and are regularly joined on stage by drummer Jeremy Russell.

Enough of the blather, let's get to the music. Get ready to rock.

First up their soon to be released single, the second from their upcoming EP 'Amour Tragique' is something to wrap your head around.
Sounding more like the The Pretenders than the Pretenders this is a truly epic tune.

Rock n Roll Fantasy

 Check out this all too brief "Amour Tragique" EP Promo, this is rock n roll at it's finest.


Live at the Melting Pot about a year ago.
A couple of songs to give a taste of the great night you could have catching them in concert.
Romana in great voice and giving a touch of the Jack Bruce on bass.
This is one truly tight band.

The Sunday Reeds - June 14, 2013 from hollowpress on Vimeo.

Here we go with a great throwback video and lots of reverb and feedback for a classic rockin' doom punk song.
This is from an earlier album "Drowning In History"

Handgun To My Heart

This is from the Album "Dark Rainbows", the video is a cool mix of 60's innocence and 21st century decadence. And of course a brilliant track.

Kiss Me Kill Me

We'll finish up today with another reverb and fuzz classic along with the ever present awesome vocals.

Shiver Up My Vein

Are you still here?
Want some more?
Of course you do, they are too good.
Well here's a little playlist I threw together of some of their great sounds