Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lola de Hanna

You remember Lola, who could forget Lola.
She was the hot half of Chordslinger n Lola.

It looks like Lola is going in a different direction nowadays, but what a cool direction.
She has just released this new video of a great song and, dare I say it, she's hotter than ever.

I am really digging this song, check it out I'm sure you'll agree.

A knack for these...

Directed by William Murray and Lola de Hanna
Shot by William Murray
Edited by Lola de Hanna
Song written by Lola de Hanna
Song produced by Pascal Perrin

Bartender: AfroNick
Bar Guests: Erena Washington, Freddie Kuguru, TakisM, Matt Muerte, Cynthia Marie O Brien
Bar: Front Toward Enemy Astoria

OK, gonna end on a high note, here's another great track from Lola.

You're alive

Friday, August 29, 2014

Vyce Vursa

Time for some hip hop. so to that end meet Vyce Vursa aka Jarrell J-Bird Ramsey.

He hails from Monroe, MI whose only previous claim to fame was that my buddy Don lives there.
Vyce Vursa is a seasoned artist from the medium sized town of Monroe, MI,caught between Toledo, OH and Detroit, MI. Vyce's roots in music span all the way back to 1999 when he began to write. Vyce has dabbled in quite a few different styles and genres in Hip Hop. One can only wonder what's next...Keep an eye out for the "Reinvention Mixtape"....
The obvious comparisons are to Slim Shady, but that's to be expected.
Two white guys from the Detroit area, similar accents.

But Vyce is no Slim Shady wannabe, he has his own words and style.

Enough of my wordz, let's get to the words of Vyce Vursa.

I can relate to this track, last night was tough sleepin' woke around 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. I dropped of eventually and then woke up at 9:50 am.

Forget that, back to the tunez.

This is pretty cool, shades of slim, get it.

Need Sum Sleep

Promotional track by Vyce Vursa!
No paint, juss personal thoughts...
#keepitwicked ENT

Now this one makes me homesick for the mid-west (not), with all the snow and stuff.
Vyce throws down some wicked rhymes on some knarly beats.
Another tune to the glory of Monroe.

Mic Murda

Video Submission For Don't Funk Up Our Beats (Funk Volume Contest).
Also Debut music video from Michigan Artist Vyce Vursa. (Produced By DJ Hoppa)

This time Vyce is joined by Greedy Boy for a remix.
Not sure if this video is Monroe or Detroit, too close to call.

Polo & Shell Tops Remix by Greedy N Vyce

We don't own the beat for this.
It's a promo track for our upcoming project.
"Polo & Shell Tops Remix" by Greedy N Vyce. 2014
#keepitwicked Entertainment #keepitwicked Threads

  Check out more tunez by Vyce Vursa on Soundcloud 

We'll close with one of my favorites from there.


Big thanx to Sleepy for the tip.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Acre Tarn

Who are Acre Tarn?

They are makers of magnificent music.

Acre Tarn hail from the UK and for some reaspn I'm guessing from the north of England.

They describe themselves thusly.
We are a sum of two halves, founded by chance and brought together to realise our musical craft. We're not afraid of anything when we unleash our imagination, we love beauty and we want to create something beautiful. We're explorers.
Acre Tarn are Anna-Louisa Etherington and Adam Morris Cowan Taylor.
Anna-Louisa has been here before under the guise of Letters To Fiesta.
And her voice is still nothing short of magnificent.

Acre Tarn will self release their debut EP "Clasp & Shake" on the 15th of September.
I've heard it and it can only be described as brilliant.
An awesome amazing tour de force.
I've got two of the tracks here to whet your whistle, so to speak.

The other two tracks "Circles" and "Skeleton Key" are absolutely gorgeous, this is one totally "must have" EP.

First up a beautifully evocative song, with the haunting voices of Acre Tarn.
I get the distinct feeling this duo could really go places.

This Once

Video by Sarah Hill
Released by Tri-Tone Marketing
Distribution by Tri-Tone/PIASUK

Here's another from their upcoming EP. This is definitely a winner.
I'm not really sure where this is going, there are so many layers in this track alone. 
Celtic influence. String quartet intro. Breathy electronic whispers. Beautiful voice.
This has it all. I'm loving this track.

Wishing Bone

Lyrics: A.L Etherington
Music: Acre Tarn
Produced & Mixed by Acre Tarn