Monday, September 1, 2014


OK, today we have a real treat for you, September's Artist of the Month is Kawehi.

Kawehi is an amazing young singer/sonwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii who is currently residing in LA or maybe Lawrence, KS.
She has mad crazy looping and mixing skills and a voice that goes on forever.

I love her bio, crisp and to the point:
"I love music. I love wine. I love to laugh. I love the road less traveled. Other than that - what you don't know won't kill you."
OK, so we've covered the basics, lets get to the music.

This was the first video I saw, again on FB, and what could be cuter.
A young lady sitting on her bed, beautiful voice, great mixing skills and two dogs who are totally un-impressed. Love the dogs. Love the voice.

The Way You Make Me Feel

Technical details from Kawehi: "I had tons of fun learning how to use my new BOSS RC-300 and BOSS FS-6 Switch Pedal with MJ's The Way You Make Me Feel. With an added channel to record, Undo/Redo switch pedal (alas, with a 2 second delay), and an FX pedal (pitch down effect for bass) I could pretty much have as much fun as I wanted! Say Wasabi:"
Recorded at The Bedroom
Video Shot by Paul Wight
Video Edited by Paul Wight
'The Way You Make Me Feel' is originally by Michael Jackson
Written by: Michael Jackson

Lets get to an original, and boy what an original.
This is a beautiful example of Kawehi's songwriting skills.
An amazing job on mixing the multiple tracks of her voice, after the video is Kawehi's technical description of what happened.
All that and an awesome video.


HAPPY MONDAY MOFOS!!!! As promised, here is a new music video for ANTHEM, the first single off of my latest release, Robot Heart. Every sound you hear on ANTHEM was created solely with my vocals - hence Paul's idea behind the video:) I realized after we finished recording the EP that all of the songs were about a Robot stealing peoples hearts and about questioning the worth of the human race as a whole. It was fucking depressing...which doesn't usually bother me, but this time, I was thirsty for something positive. And thus came the idea of ANTHEM - as a reminder that yeah, we can be assholes at times – but as a race, we are in charge of our own lives – and ultimately we can make a difference in the lives of others through generosity and compassion. I believe in you – you are the answer, you are the truth – so whatcha gonna do?

Another original, this is a tribute to Neda the young woman killed by Iranian Government thugs in the 2009 election protests.
A very mature subject choice and not just another pop song.
I applaud Kawehi for her subject matter, an event mostly ignored by western networks.
Again I have included Kawehi's "explanation" after the video.
I really like this song.


First up off of VOX: NEDA. Neda Agha-Soltan was a 26 year old woman who died by a fatal shot to the chest by Iranian authorities during the 2009 election protests. Her death was captured on video by bystanders, put on the internet, and went viral around the world. 
Neda became the face of Iran's democracy movement - and the voice of women in Iran. 
An anonymous Kickstarter song pledger gave me free reigns to write about whatever I wanted - and after hours of research on NEDA, I didn't feel right about writing another silly love song. There are more important voices that need to be heard - and this time, I choose for it to belong to one woman: Neda. Everything about this video and song were done by Paul and I. The entire track is all vocals - everything you hear was a sound made by me. I wanted VOX to be simple - one instrument, one me. And the video - was shot with no money, no crew - just Paul and his one camera. We did the best we could - with the little we had - and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Who says you can't accomplish anything DIY? I chose to include real footage in the video - and although it is very sensitive material, I thought it was important for everyone to witness. She is an inspiration to me and to us all as a human race. As always, say Wasabi

This is not your Nat King Cole's Mona Lisa.
Here's an earlier piece with Kawehi showing off her songwriting skills.
I'm betting this one was shot in Hawaii, cool car.
I'm liking this one too.

Mona Lisa

We'll finish up today in the middle of a cornfield in Kansas, with another cool Kawehi original.
Enjoy, and have a great Labor Day.


Ohhh, one more thing. Check out the album, you can get a physical CD from Bandcamp

Robot Heart


Thanks Sleepy

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Susana Silva

It's a new dawn, and a new day. And today's featured artist will make you be feelin' good.
I was lucky enough to see this first video on FB. And I was totally blown away.
This young lady can flat out sang. She be a sanger.
And she plays a mean guitar.

'Some vocalists sing the sweet melodies of folk in haunting melodic tones. Some singers belt the blues with gravel and rage, and some cascade fountains of smooth jazz onto their audience. Susana Silva comes under an entirely different set of performers, in that her style is totally indefinable. Why? Because when she raises the microphone stand and opens her mouth, everybody is too distracted by the sheer scale of her talent to really notice what “box” she fits into. I can think of only one catergory, which can be described as “that goose-bump, hair-standing-one-end type of singer”.'

Susana arrived in London (from Portugal) under tough circumstances. She had nothing but a bridge for a roof. Miraculously, the gift of a two string guitar, along with her extraordinary talent, saved her life. She began to perform on the South bank, which quickly built her a fan base and provided her with the funds to invest in better and better equipment (as well as a six string guitar). She has now found her home in this city, and is rapidly becoming a recognised name in the music scene.

Enough of the verbiage, you came here for the music, so let's get to it.
Prepare to be blown away with the amazing voice of Susana Silva.

This is probably one of the best versions of the Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse song we have ever been privileged to hear, of course Nina Simone was the primo performer of this song.
This awesome version gives a new meaning to the term "slap-bass", although it's a guitar of course.

And such a vocal performance. wow!!

Feeling Good

Susana sure likes the classics, and we love the way she performs them.
What a treat on a summer day to be walking down the south bank and stumble actoss Susana giving a performance.


Great music alert, you know I'm a big fan of Fado.
Well prepare yourself for some amazing Fado.

This example of the beautiful art of Fado gives a clue to the background of Susana Silva.
If this does not bring a tear to your eye with its pure feeling, then you are not listening.
I'm thinking this is a tribute to Mariza.
Susana performs pure Fado on the south bank, somehow when you start of with "Feelin' Good" you don't expect Fado.
But once you hear her you appreciate it as a natural experience.

I don't know where this is being performed, but this is one of Susana's original songs. And despite the rude audience member who insists on talking all the way through we get another beautiful performance from Susana.

Be You

We finish up today with another performance from who knows where.
Suffice to say it's another sample of the pure talent that is Susana Silva.
This time she is joined by Luy Drumhead on percussion.
A live jam for our enjoyment.

Shine On Me & Cleaning Out My Closet

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lola de Hanna

You remember Lola, who could forget Lola.
She was the hot half of Chordslinger n Lola.

It looks like Lola is going in a different direction nowadays, but what a cool direction.
She has just released this new video of a great song and, dare I say it, she's hotter than ever.

I am really digging this song, check it out I'm sure you'll agree.

A knack for these...

Directed by William Murray and Lola de Hanna
Shot by William Murray
Edited by Lola de Hanna
Song written by Lola de Hanna
Song produced by Pascal Perrin

Bartender: AfroNick
Bar Guests: Erena Washington, Freddie Kuguru, TakisM, Matt Muerte, Cynthia Marie O Brien
Bar: Front Toward Enemy Astoria

OK, gonna end on a high note, here's another great track from Lola.

You're alive