Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Josephine & The Artizans

If you were around here earlier in the year you may remember the piece I did on the great Hip-Hopera band Josephine & The Artizans.

Well great news, hence this little update, they are releasing their Debut EP 'Dies Irae' on Monday 2nd June.

I've been listening to an advance copy and it is amazing.
This should be their springboard to conquer the world.

As a teaser check out this cool video for the first track.
Loving this classical hip hop crossover.

Dies Irae

A Window Cake Production.

 Following the release, Josephine & The Artizans have a flurry of tour dates around the UK including playing with Happy Mondays, Buzzcocks and Toploader. Last summer was amazing for them. They performed on the mainstages at Galtres and Brownstock supporting The Fratellis, Mark Ronson, Maximo Park, The Stranglers and The Pigeon Detectives among others. This year is also turning out to be going very well as they sold out at some of their shows already at O2 Islington, Bush Hall, Jazz Cafe and Hootananny Brixton.

Anda Volley

Today we meet avant-rock chanteuse Anda Volley from Boston, MA.

Anda has just released her debut album "Inside the Ghost Machine".
The album is marked by Anda's edgy sound and poetic lyrics.
This is some album!!!
Full of dark rumbling guitar, awesome vocals and darkly delicious songs.
Anda was born in Humboldt County, Northern California. Her first home was a camper hitched to the back of a pickup truck, traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest. She spent much of her childhood on a farm in Oregon, catching lizards and pinning notes to trees. She could climb any juniper, and kick your ass at tetherball. There's a bunch of cities and forests she's called home.
Although the doll creeps me out this is an awesome song.
And somehow the creepy doll does work for it.

Laura Inside the Ghost Machine

Music & Lyrics - Anda Volley
Music Video Director - Rune Ness

You have to give this one a listen, I think this is my favorite track on the album.
But then again I don't think there's a bad track on the album.
But this track is darkly, deliciously decadent.
Like dark chocolate.

If I turn into a Black Rose

This next one is actually a French band Mirage FR but Anda is the featured vocals, and amazing vocals they are.

Mirage FR - Midnight Car Chase feat Anda Volley (Vocal Version)

Finally today here's your chance to listen to this really cool, albeit a bit dark, album.
But then we love dark don't we.

Inside the Ghost Machine

Kitty likes it

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Salut Salon

This is a quartet who are gonna blow your mind.

I would love to attend one of their performances.

Salut Salon are a women's chamber music quartet from Hamburg, instrumentally made up of piano, cello and two violins.

They were founded in 2000 by the violinist Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried.

The current line up of Salut Salon is:
Angelika Bachmann: violin (founder of the quartet)
Iris Siegfried: violin, vocals (founder of the quartet)
Sonja Lena Schmid: Cello (since 2008)
Anne von Twardowski: piano (since 2008)

Their repertoire includes re-arranged classical pieces, borrowed from folk and film music, chansons, tango, pop, jazz, puppetry and instrumental acrobatics.

The name Salut Salon derives from the favorite piece of the original quartet lineup: Edward Elgar's "Salut d'amour".

Having said all that the music and the performance is what you need to see.
Be prepared to be amazed.

This awesome first piece loosely translates as "Four in competition", but in reality it's four in unison they are so good.

Wettstreit zu viert

Antonio Vivaldi's "Sommer" wird zum Schauplatz eines musikalischen Wettkampfs. Salut Salon fechten ihn akrobatisch aus, und mit viel Humor -- ein Klassiker des Hamburger Quartetts.

If like me you were wondering where the puppetry came in, wonder no more.
Check out their rendition of this Vera Lynn classic.

We'll meet again

"We'll meet again" von Ross Parker & Hughie Charles -- der Abschiedssong fürs Publikum im 2011er Programm von Salut Salon -- in dieser Version mit für das Quartett typischen Lachanfällen (auch zu sehen auf der DVD "Salut Salon Der Film" von 2012)

Check out this beautiful tango Astor Piazzolla wrote in October 1959 in New York, a few days after the death of his father, Vicente "Nonino" Piazzolla. 
This tango is an integral part of their repertoire. Awesome.

Adios Nonino

Take four young ladies whose primary language is German, throw at them a Finnish folk song ("Eva's Polka") with tongue-twisting lyrics by Eino Kettunen that was written in the early 30s and what do you get?

Hilarity and the perfection that is Salut Salon.

levan Polokka

Over 20 years ago the two violinists of Salut Salon, Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried, founded a children and youth orchestra, the "Cool Strings".
Children 5-17 play in the ensemble - always by heart and always without a conductor.
Here's a chance to hear and see the "Cool Strings" playing at a benefit concert of Salut Salon. This was in December 2012 at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg.
There the children from Hamburg played for the children in Chile. For the Escuela Popular de Artes, a music school in Achupallas in Vina del Mar, whose godparents are Salut Salon, the quartet has already collected over 450 000 euros for the charity.
Enjoy the faces of the children as they play an integral part of this concert.

Die "Coolen Streicher" mit "La Cumparsita"

I'm not sure if this is how they end their performance, but it would certainly be fitting.
It's all in here, including Mairzy Dotes and The Entertainer.

La dispute